Team Ninja Bug: Cactus Field Task, Chapter 5

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“Oh, wow. Just… just, wow. Really?” Sokudo grumbles, crossing his arms as he glares at the small group of Pokemon in front of him. “You guys are the ONLY ones volunteering to help? REALLY?!” Many of the Pokemon flinch, the Ninjask shrill voice ringing in their ears. “I mean, what the FUCK are the others doing that’s so goddamn important?!”

After all, what’s more important than making Reuben’s life miserable?! Moreso, what’s more important than helping HIM make life for Reuben miserable?! Oh well, he supposed he just had to make do with what he had, and really it’s not a bad collection of teams he has here. His eyes scan over the volunteers; a Ralts and a couple of Ghost-types in the form of a Misdreavus and a Honedge. There’s also a Klink, a weird walking chunk of ice he’s never seen before, and…

His eyes narrow when he sees a Dewott amongst the crowd. Fuckin’ samurai, is the first thing to cross the ninja’s mind. He remembered what his mother told him; about how their clan held no allegiance to anyone and that the samurai working for the surrounding Lords are major enemies to deal with. So although this particular Dewott calmly nods at him, he only snorts and glares.

Hopefully, the otter’s no-doubt high sense of morals and honor won’t get in the way of his plans regarding Reuben…

“Alright, so we need to organize, figure out where everyone’s going to go and shit,” Sokudo automatically takes charge, the Honedge of the group narrowing his single eye. “I’m gonna fuck Reuben’s shit up, so whoever wants to come with me, be my guest. As for the rest of you, I guess you can go ahead and stand guard of the suite. I’ll join you guys when I’m done.”

“And who exactly put you in charge?” the Honedge grumbles, the Ninjask catching these words and glaring at him.

“I did, motherfucker,” our bug retorts. “You got a problem with that?”

“As a matter of fact-” The Honedge starts, a confrontation obviously about to happen before his Ralts companion speaks up softly.

“Ragnarok, please don’t,” the little Psychic-type says. “We don’t mind if the Ninjask wants to be leader.”

“I mind.” The ghostly sword grumbles before relenting to his companion and backing off the confrontation. The Ralts offers our Ninjask a soft, nervous smile.

“Sorry, he gets cranky sometimes…”

Sokudo huffs, glaring at the sword before turning his attention back to more important matters. After all, it’s best not to waste his time antagonizing his allies and getting into a fight with a possessed knife. Reuben’s what he should be saving such hostilities for… In fact, maybe he can use said possessed knife ON Reuben… Nah, as tempting as that is, he’s sure that’d only lead to trouble, no matter how kickass the scenario playing in his head may be.

His eyes scan over the crowd and he points at the weird chunk of ice. “You… um… iceberg… thing…”

“I’m a Bergmite.” The icecube mutters tonelessly.

“I knew that,” he grunts. “You wanna come with me?”

The Bergmite doesn’t say anything, just slowly shuffles forward. The Klink hurries after him and although Sokudo says nothing to object to this, as he did leave the offer open for everyone, he can’t help but roll his eyes. Turning towards Reuben’s tent as the others start entering the giant cactus that is the Thirsty Cacturne, Sokudo is about to go with his new comrades when a flash of blue catches his attention. Glancing back, he feels a growl snag in his throat.

It’s the Dewott.

“The fuck you want?”

“You’re coming back to guard the suite, right?” the Dewott asks.

“Yeah.” Sokudo grunts shortly.

“Well, then, I wanna come with you guys.” The otter states calmly, although Sokudo can’t help but feel this calm demeanor is nothing more than a charade. He keeps his guard up as he narrows his eyes and huffs.

“What makes you think I want to work with a samurai, with your twisted, holier-than-thou sense of ‘honor’? I don’t need that shit.”

The Dewott hesitates in confusion, adjusting his hat a bit before shaking his head. “Oh, no, you got it all wrong. I’m not a samurai.” He reassures. “I don’t even carry my scalchops around, see?” He does a quick 360 turnaround, showing the lack of his kind’s usual weapons. “I’m just looking to have a good time, honest.”

Sokudo grunts, not really believing the younger Pokemon. His upbringing to distrust and avoid samurai was just too strong for him to gratefully accept the otter’s presence, but… He is an ally, a member of his new clan, and could prove valuable to him somehow. For the good of the Guild, he should probably put his prejudice aside for now… although he’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the mustelid.

“Sure, whatever,” he mutters. “Just stay out of my way and do what I say, got it?”

The Dewott nods, watching as Sokudo flew off. Good thing that reassurance worked well although it might be best to leave the Ninjask be. He's obviously not the nice-guy type if he was so quick to judge and act like that.

Hurrying to catch up with the others, it wasn't long before they arrived to Reuben’s tent. A distance away is a small group of Pokemon sitting around a cauldron, with a Sableye and Joltik mixing some sort of brew in there, and a young Aron serving the stuff. There’s no sign of Reuben among them, and not being seen should be easy as the small group looked sick to their stomachs from the Sableye’s less-than-appetizing cooking…

In fact, was that Roselia dead…?

Eh, who cares?

Turning to the Dewott, Klink, and Bergmite, Sokudo puts on a firm face. “Alright, you guys hang around here for a moment. Don’t look suspicious. I’m gonna scout the tent real quick to make sure nobody’s home, got it?”

He receives a nod from Naali and what he supposed passes for nods from the Bergmite and Klink. He then appears to vanish into thin air, flying at high-speeds around Reuben’s tent and briefly swooping inside. A mere second later, he returns to the group, almost as if he’s never left at all.

“Alright, it’s all clear.” Sokudo states before he leads the way for them to sneak inside unseen and once they’re entered the tent, Sokudo breaks into an evil smirk. Looking to the Bergmite, he lands in front of the silent hunk of ice. “Alright, um…”

“Nunatak.” The Bergmite states his name, his tone still rather cold and emotionless.

“Nunatak,” Sokudo repeats. “Alright, so what I want you to do is to start freezing over some of Reuben’s shit, like his clothes and bags. If you find anything valuable, let me know.” Might as well do some good ol’ fashion thievery while he’s here. The Bergmite doesn’t say anything and only goes off to do as he’s told. The Ninjask’s eyes dart to the other two. “I had no intention of you two coming along, so… whatever. Just mess shit up or something, I don’t care. But like I told the Bergmite, if you see any valuables, bring them to me.”

“What do I get to do?” a voice out of nowhere replies and Sokudo blinks as the Misdreavus appears from the shadows.

“Myy!” the Dewott pipes up. “Weren’t you supposed to be guarding the suite?”

“Aww, but that’s not exciting at all,” the young Misdreavus responds in her defense. “Plus, the Honedge was getting kinda grumpy…”

“Fine, whatever,” Sokudo interjects. “Same thing to what I said to the others applies to you. Now let’s do this quick before Reuben gets back.”

As the Klink and Misdreavus float off to start trouble, Naali approaches the Ninjask as the bug pulls out some purple thorny object. Toxic Spikes. Leftovers from when he built his pit trap for that Krookodile. Snickering as he goes about hiding these spikes in Reuben’s bed, chair, anywhere the weasel might sit upon, the Ninjask barely glances at Naali as he speaks up.

“Um...?” the otter starts. “Are you sure using Toxic Spikes is a good idea? I’m sure I heard Robin say cactus thorns or something…”

“That was just a suggestion,” Sokudo grumbles. “Not an actual rule. And it’s not like these things will kill that asshat weasel, or anything… well… They probably won’t anyway…” He isn’t sure of how toxic these spikes are, but he inwardly hopes it's enough for at least an emergency room visit…  Glancing at the Dewott, still standing there questioning his authority, the Ninjask waves him off. "Anyway, didn't I tell you to go do something? Fuck off."

His ear giving a flick as his only show of anger, Naali turns off to go help Myy with whatever she's doing.

Left in peace once more, Sokudo resumes his sabotage with a particularly triumphant snicker...


“Any sign of trouble while we were gone?” Sokudo asks the others as he returns with Nunatak, the Klink, Naali, and Myy. The Ralts and Honedge shook their heads as the group reunited, Sokudo landing to give his thorax a much needed break. It’s really starting to itch and hurt, and he tries to avoid scratching his back against the wall behind them.

The group was largely silent, conversing amongst their teammates as they waited for something suspicious to happen. Sokudo notices that Naali was avoiding eye contact with him, which suited him just fine. The less interaction he had with the otter, the better.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, a Garchomp and a couple of Cacturne approach the group, their eyes locked on the door. Just as the Garchomp reaches a claw to the door, Ragnarok gets between them, his eye sharp.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the Honedge barks, the land shark dragon narrowing his own eyes dangerously.

“This is MY room, ghost,” he claims, shoving the sword aside. “Back off.”

At once, the group surrounds the trio, the Honedge repositioning himself between the intruders and the door as Sokudo pipes up with a hiss.  “Bullshit, this is your room. Don’t try to pull that fuckin’ charade, ‘cause we know you’re working with that punkass Reuben. You three sure as hell ain’t getting in here, so fuck off before things get ugly.”

The dragon and cacti glares at the group around them; they’re outnumbered, but these Pokemon are small and unevolved for the most part. So although one of the Cacturne makes a move to leave, the Garchomp stops him with a claw. “Last warning,” he snarls, his sharp eyes boring into cicada. “YOU all need to back off, or I’ll squash ya all like the insects you are.”

Silence as a stand-off commences, neither side giving ground before the Garchomp snorts and gives a sharp-toothed smirk. “Very well, then.”

With little warning, he lunges for Ragnarok with jaws wide open, no doubt looking to shatter the Steel-type under his powerful jaws. Thankfully, the Honedge throws himself out of the way, a dark chilling shadow emerging from the sword to strike the dragon with a Night Slash. At once, one of the Cacturne jumps in with a bright green ball of light, the Energy Ball surging for the Honedge before it’s intercepted by a Dazzling Gleam from Myy, the Misdreavus seeming eager to be in the excitement of battle.

And exciting it is, as the area pretty much becomes a battle field, attacks flying everywhere as Pokemon on both sides of the conflict do their best to evade their opponent’s attack whilst trying to land their own.

Sokudo has taken advantage of his speed and has rendered himself invisible, circling the fight and swooping in to strike the Cacturne at every opportunity with Fury Cutter. His ears are deafened by the sound of the chaos, and his own racing heart. His fighting spirit is overflowing, now let loose without the usual hindrance of his stupid brother. It’s a rare occurrence that he simply has to revel and savor.

Although this changes when he makes for one final strike for the weakest cactus and an intense pain in his thorax causes him to stop in the middle of the brawl, crying out in pain. At first he thinks that he’s been struck by a stray attack from behind, but no. It’s coming from under his bandages, now stained with more red than usual. The itching of the spores has also intensified alongside the pain, not helping in the slightest and he wonders how far these spores have reached into his skin, for them to be triggering his pain receptors…

This is interrupted when he feels a powerful claw strike down on him and he winces as he crashes to the floor with a grunt. Before he can even conceive to open his eyes, he feels a heavy weight on his back, pressing in into the floor. Looking up, he sees the Garchomp has planted a foot on him, steadily beginning to crush him with a wicked grin on his snout. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to breathe, the air being forced out of his lungs even as he glares at the massive dragon.

Luckily, before any real damage can be done, the Garchomp is struck with an intense gust of icy wind. Sokudo gasps for breath as the dragon is forced off of him, the land shark roaring in pain as the gust of icy wind still engulfs him. Righting himself quickly, Sokudo looks over at the source of the Blizzard to see Naali…

Soon another gust of wind joins Naali’s attack, coming from Nunatak’s Icy Wind attack, forcing the Garchomp even further from the Ninjask. Opening his wings, Sokudo decides to give this last Fury Cutter to this dumbass dragon and as soon as the Ice attacks ended, the dragon feels a brutal swipe upper-cutting his chin.

Collapsing, the dragon groans as he shakily tries to get back up. Seeing his Cacturne friends retreat without him, and seeing the others turn their attention on him, his confidence isn’t as strong as it was at the beginning of this battle. Eventually succeeding in getting up, the giant dragon limps off after his comrades…

“Yeah!” Myy exclaims triumphantly with a twirl, earning an equally enthusiastic cheer from the others, even Ragnarok and Nunatak. Feeling a chuckle rise in his throat, Sokudo allows himself to land and lay down on the floor, his wings drooping. As the others congratulated each other, he glances at his bandages, feeling the pain still stabbing through his muscles. Hopefully, it’ll fade with some rest, although-

His thoughts are cut off when he catches sight of Naali, celebrating with Myy. He can't help but feel something... strange welling up in his chest. Was it guilt...? Gratefulness...? Whatever it was, it certainly worked as he realized that maybe he was.... wrong... Taking a breath, he gets up and starts walking to the Dewott.

"Hey," he starts, getting the duo's attention. Feeling his eyes flicker down a bit, Sokudo feels quite... strange with what came out of his mouth. "Thanks for saving me back there..." And the next phrase only made him feel even weirder, considering how rarely he had to say the words, at least with sincerity.

"...I'm sorry..."
Got this done just in time before the deadline tomorrow! +1 Merit and +1 Swindler Coin for helping Robin. Now that the Task is officially over, I'll be posting the epilogue soon!

I decided to use one of my cameos in a starring role to help with Sokudo's development a bit. Naali the Dewott and his Partner Myy the Misdreavus belong to Tapio-of-Puujoki 's Team Revontuli. :D

EDITED: Reduced Naali's appearance and speaking roles. Hopefully it's better now.

Other Cameos

Nunatak the Bergmite and R2R2 the Klink of :iconconfusedkangaroo: 's Team Bitter Cold

Ragnarok the Honedge and Crona the Ralts of :iconblue-cornflower: 's Team Black Blood

And as a brief description of background activity, Cobalt, Clanker, and Popcorn in this picture by :iconstarslug:


Written APP
© 2015 - 2023 TeamNinjaBug
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(OK, I realize that this is like super-late, I've been busy with stuff and didn't have time to really read any of your stories. Though now I've caught up :D)

I just wanted to say, that you should really ask people if you are planning an extra large cameo like this, with their characters. When you mentioned a speaking cameo request, I thought you meant something short. This is almost a full on collab, except that I didn't write my characters' dialogue. Myy is completely fine when it comes to personality. Since we only see her a little. But Naali.........yeah not gonna lie, this is pretty OOC for him.

Naali's usual appearance is more of a bland and cold, not really cheerful. He rarely smiles in public, unless it's something he finds amusing. He wouldn't really act so friendly towards Sokudo, since the Ninjask is being kind of an ass. Naali would certainly help the cicada on the job, but wouldn't really talk to him seeing how he acts.

I realize that the task was really really close to ending, (my own stories were way too close) but if you want to write a story with someone else's characters having a larger role, you should really talk about their dialogue and behavior with the owner.