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Errand #2: Poisonous Souls



Errand: Paint some eggs or make an egg-based recipe for the Festival
Client: Sundance

Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

Did this in a hurry, but it still gets the point across!!

CandleJack has absolutely no interest in wasting his time with this errand, so it's up to Shadow to do it! But he can't make a fire by himself and when his 'guardian' refuses to help, he contemplates asking :iconiloveriolu:'s character, Kiari for help when he gets a Flamethrower to the face. At least he finally lit that fire! 

As some of you might know, CandleJack DESPISES Kiari and it's now a running gag that he Flamethrowers anyone who even mentions her in his presence (or Shadow Balls them depending on type)! :D

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Aww.... that Gastly is adorable.... :meow:
And Candlejack is strangely funny. :lol: