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Hello! James here, working hard on some ideas on Mimiru's presentation. It often happens that characters will undergo certain design changes along the way, and Mimiru is no different. While I liked what I had before for various reasons, I actually ended up simplifying the designs just a bit more. It was all part of a process I'm currently in to make it as easy as possible for me to push things through, and I felt that for Mimiru, simpler worked even better.

You can see the before and after images above. I took out the shadows, and left flat colors instead. I also ended up giving each character own colored outline, and have that same color be present throughout the line work. It's a colorful way to give each character its own unique flavor, and can even be used to reinforce the characters' personality. I also increased the overall saturation of the color palettes. Perhaps I was a little inspired by the art style in the anime "No Game No Life," but even then I think I kept it a bit more reasonable here LOL. Lastly, I threw away the sprites done in Illustrator in favor of good old fashioned line art for the sprites. Mostly.

YOu may have noticed some other character design changes, but I'll get to that later. Until then, Please feel free to leave comments, and I hope to see you around next time!
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I know you may have answered this. But when will you announce the audition results?