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Turquoise, ruby and topaz mosaic
AA: An Aura of Colourful Suits
Tranquil Night
Comma, Commissar Kirlia
[SRA SS] Taste Test with Tea
[ToA] Drawcember
YCH #5 - Elysia Flores
Five o'clock tea
Two lives and one soul
2020 Favs: Soul
Lady Dimitrescu
Azure Hinterland
Flower Boy
Tracey Photoshoot 006 - Posing In The Spotlight
Doe eyed Dinkley
Sonic Fighters- Fiona Fox
4182 In the heart of autumn
Time Stands Still
Balance / WoW / Chen Stormstout Cosplay
Yuities - Alien Sea Snails
Fantasy Scenery Plate
AX 09-01 - Rock Lee
The Sea is Calling / AC: Valhalla / Eivor Cosplay
I also want ya'll to have a Happy Hearts Month!! This is not only for couples or pairs out there but to all them single people out there! (including me XD ). Don't forget to keep distance lol. One seat apart p-lease~ Not being bitter but just to be safe with the new "normal" as they say.

HAPPY VALENTINES!! HAPPY HEARTS MONTH!! <3 (accompanied with safety 1st! X3)

Happy Valentine's
''Happy Valentine Kanon-kun''
[OUTLAP] Stray Cat Also Need Love
.:Happy Valentines Day : Optimus and Elita-1:.
Happy Valentine Day~!
The Smiles Squad
To those who wish to join next month's feature, simply comment below the link of the art you wish to be added. Non members may join and share theirs as well. :3
Artz to ownerz
Balance: Happy New Year 2021!
Mew smoke gif
CM - Munraito
Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger in magical winter colors
Ifrit / Arknights
Seraphine x mas poros
KDA Kai'Sa
Christmas Art
Naruto Vs Sasuke
Fairy Jareth
Good morning, I am your pilot today
Winter Chickens
|Don't Let Me Set the World on Fire|
Jackle: Winter Solstice(2020)
Teaser For Upcoming Judo Story Featuring Tracey
Make Every Day An Adventure
Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie)
Watching lanterns
Year of the phoenix
Die, Autobot!
It's a new year yet the same usual routine. Spice up your life this year and try something new! I don't know... Maybe try some crazy things whilst staying safe. Probably some weird activity would even do for you, your friends and your family. Make the most of it! As long as you're happy, they're happy, everyone is happy. ^w^
Happy New Year
New Year's card2021
Happy New Year Everycreature!!!
2021 New Year's card
To those who wish to join next month's feature, simply comment below the link of the art you wish to be added. Non members may join and share theirs as well. :3
Artz to ownerz
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Monthly Art Feature (February 2020)

Status: Posted
Check out these wonderful artz by our equally wondahful deviants~ on the journal entitled February 2020 Feature ;)

(For March 2020 feature, comment the link of your art on the journal below ;P One art per deviant only Anyone may also suggest a friend's deviation to be featured!)

March 2020 Feature
**Comin' Soon :3 **

Support us through commissions by our co founders or simply donate points to Jhazallia. Points will be for the group's contests and raffles!! =D (It's also to buy a supply of spuds for fries ;P ) Any point is appreciated! =)
and will get ya glitters of fun! :3

***Check Out These Awesome Deviants!!!***
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Anyone can join! Be it Demons, Angels, Spirits, Monsters, Creatures, Superhuman, Beasts, even Aliens!! Any art is accepted!

'Laws' to abide <3~

~Arts should be placed in proper folders (Deviations placed in the wrong category/folder will be removed)
~Mature art must be in the Mature folder
~Have fun. Share and make friends :3
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Commission: A Maiden Out of Time page 15 by Alex-kellar
10-28-20 Main Issue 136 MIRROR by UtopiaNext
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BubbleMac avatar by shadesmaclean
Happy Dance by IrisBlue16
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Rocket (2019) (NF2U) by IrisBlue16
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YCH AUCTION OPEN by Daytonvira
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Elf-gopnik [CLOSED] by Galinasa
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Flame (2018) by IrisBlue16
Phoenix (2018) by IrisBlue16
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Wrestling Muscle Belle vs Jasmine by Jose-Ramiro
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Fantasy landscape by Atanata
Teke Teke Cosplay 4 by AlexisYoko
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Hinata Hyuga by DiegoRT
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Lia (Gift) by CynthiaLyn
Japan (Jhazallia Drawing Situation Day 2) by Callia-Sapphira
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portrait in graphite by Neivan-IV
Trad'l Artz FULL
Nanabozo 2019 by Muertos
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A Orca by Topflygon
Digital Artz FULL
Ghoul girls3 by mysterywhiteflame
Digital Artz FULL
The Wily Beast by Eliestia
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Welcome To The Carnival by big-bad-cake-bitch
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Gold And Diamonds Are All What She Need by White-Viper
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Zero Two by StarriLune


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