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It's the month of May! How are ya'll coping up with being at home? Or even tackling this everyday routine and boredom? Hope ya'll are staying safe and taking care of yourselves!

We have used the journal feature using eclipse for the first time so apologies for mistakes and if ever you're not tagged or not mentioned, we don't exactly know how to do so in this new mode DA is having us move on to... Still trying to figure out how this works...
To those who wish to join next month's feature, simply comment below the link of the art you wish to be added</u>. Non members may join and share theirs as well. :3
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Check out these wonderful artz by our equally wondahful deviants~ on the journal entitled February 2020 Feature ;)

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R7: Chase HimselfR7: Chase HimselfThe wind blew against his face and his eyes opened, blinking them. Getting up onto his feet, Cikro looked around for a bit wondering where he was. Trees were behind him. The leaves were rustling in the winds, holding onto the branches of the treetops hoping that they would not get blown off. Those that do were slowly hovering in the air descending into the grounds below them. Far away from him was the densed fog covering up the horizon, preventing him from being able to see what lies ahead of him. He frowned before opening his mouth; cupping it with his paws he shouted out into the void hoping that anyone would hear him. It was just himself. Cikro took a step forward then another until he was a good distance away from the trees behind him. He still looked about; seeing nothing but himself. Wondering where he was, he decided to shout again. Nothing came.Cikro walked far. He does not know where he was. Looking onto the ground below him was the plain yellow grass. It shifted around, going in the direction of where the wind was blowing. Cikro shook his head, then continued onward in the same direction. He raised his eyes upward to the horizon and glanced at it while he walked; moving far away from anything and his mind raced with questions upon his head. So much that it was giving him a headache. He growled to himself; raising his paw up onto his forehead in an attempt to soothed it easing it up. But it did nothing and he ignored it moving onward. Cikro does not know how far he had went; nor does he know where he was right now. As he stopped, he glanced behind him. The trees were gone from his sights or that they were smaller in size. The yellow patch of grass that he saw earlier were gone. And someone was standing in the plains, staring back onto him. Blinking, Cikro rubbed his eyes a bit and glanced again. In the same place of where he had just met up with that stranger, he realized it was just an illusion. Something made up by that magician freak that he had met earlier on.Remembering that recent event had made Cikro angry and his paws gripped tightly among itself while his eyes narrowed as his mind replayed how it had happened. A dark room with only the light shined down onto him. Isolated and alone, Cikro looked about still shouting into the dark. For his voice carried out into the shattering darken silence while his eyes shifted from one end to another. Then, he heard footsteps and something whirred into action. Hearing that sound, he looked up and spotted a metal bridge above him moving into view. It came halfway through and stopped as a click was heard afterwards. Footsteps came forth; two of them. Emerging into Cikro's vision, he gasped in shocked surprise to see Akino and that magician fox standing side by side among one another. However, only Akino grinned widely while he lowered his head down staring into the eyes of Cikro. Cikro and Akino talked for a while, having a conversation about their separated lives from one another ever since that incident. How Akino was adopted afterwards and taken into a home in the unnamed city before meeting up with the strange group called the R7 when his phone was missing. For so far, Akino had debated whether or not to join them. But was forced to secretly fight with them becoming a spy despite him being part of Jadira's group whom he had loathed when they met. Both Jadira and Gyan met their fates leaving him the victor of that final challenge before the retirement of both leaders, giving him the ultimate freedom to do as he wished as part of the group. Instead, he threw that all away and became leader with a lust of vengeance against his father.Reconciling with himself, Cikro had hated how he had treated him when he first arrived into the realm. Abandoned, hungry and tortured by others teasing him about being homeless. He frowned, a single tear emerged from his eye as he pondered how he would change it all for him. Though with the thoughts in his head, his ears were stretched and raised up while he turned his attention behind him. He had thought hearing about someone moving towards him due to the grass being squashed underneath some foot. Looking behind, he noticed the stalker was gone. But movement was about. Ignoring his thoughts again, he quickly scanned his surroundings wondering where that footsteps were. Eventually he found it. More like him. In the far distance beyond him was some pup tied to the brown telephone pole adjacent to the street. There were no cars driving about which was a good thing. While Cikro smiled faintly to himself and moved forward, he hears the shouting and the wailing. An small arm was stretched outward from the pole, Cikro knew immediately who it was and grunted before heading onward. He ran through the fields and onto the streets he does. Quickly, he reaches the pup and the pole stopping afterwards before untying the knots that were tied to him. The pup looked at him; the eyes were big. Perhaps though he was in excitement or something? Regardless, Cikro quickly undid everything and released the pup from its prison hold. He grabbed the pup's paw and raced to the forest to their right where the darkness reaches upon their eyes. Silence had fallen over and Cikro smiled faintly to himself; feeling a bit accomplished as Cikro leads him down into the deeper part of the forest. Though it seems a bit too easy, do you not think?Reaching deeper; the two stopped as Cikro looked back. His ears resulted in nothing; his nose sniffed but no scent other than himself and the pup. Wondering if he had successfully escaped, he suddenly crouched down grabbing a piece of long stick. Threw it across the air into an arc as it sails far hitting the ground thirty or so meters ahead, it resulted in silence though the sound echoed into his ears. Cikro knew no one was about and he sighed turning around before meeting face to face with himself. Upon this, he was startled that he forced his feet to stepped back and held the pup behind him while he growled. The stranger stared at him then the pup before narrowing his eyes and spoke a word. Then he raised a paw upward attempting to punch Cikro. He dodged the attack; his paw reached out for the pup and grabbed his paw. They raced underneath the arm of the stranger running far away from him while he turned around staring at them. Cikro ran far; bypassing every tree that came across his way. Until they stopped breathing heavily. Cikro looked back through the woods behind him, pondering if the stranger was still coming after him still. Behind them was empty as the silence fell upon their deaf ears. Cikro smiled faintly then glanced upon the pup he was holding; he was crying. Tears were streaming down its eyes while sniffles and snorts emerged from its nose. The eyes were closed and the other arm was raised to wipe away the tears. Seeing this, Cikro was sad.But it was no time to wipe away the tears. As Cikro grabbed his paw; he ran dragging the pup along with him from behind. They raced into another part of the woods; trees looked dead here where the leaves all became sticky and wet from the recent rain that came rolling through. Some of them were leaching in onto Cikro and the pup. Still they moved forward through the woods. Cikro looked back behind him wondering where he had gone to as it was gone upon departure. Surprisingly, he stopped in his tracks and forced the pup to stop dead turning to Cikro wondering why he had stopped. There was an eerie silence that fell upon them. It made the pup shivered nervously and anxiously while his heart raced. But never Cikro as he kept staring up ahead; gulping with every breath that he had taken before turning around and walked. The pup followed occasionally looking back in fear. Cikro had wondered where that stranger had gone too as it had disappeared when they ran far from him. His mind was constantly running as his sweat fell from his chin leaving a wet fresh trail upon the ground while he walked. The leaves crunched underneath their feet as they moved. Their eyes staring ahead except for times when they hear a sound erupting upon their ears. Cikro was tempted to run. Even more so than to run off into a single direction where perhaps they would be safe. Would they? Cikro often asked himself.Still they kept moving in one direction; anxiously waiting for the stranger to come up while Cikro scanned often his surroundings. Worried that he might show himself to him out upon the trees or bushes. At times, he stopped and so did the pup. Whenever they stopped, Cikro had to make sure of something as often times than not, he always see a shadow erupting upon the corner of his eye. His visions indicated always that it was the stranger, although his mind counter argued that it was just an inanimate object or a friendly. Quickly reminding himself that he was isolated and alone with a stalker among their horizon, Cikro resumed his pace and continued. Seeing the end just inches away from them, Cikro's heart beat faster upon his ears as his bones tensed. His mind raced again, wondering by just shear chance that they would make it out. Getting closer, both felt the wind picking up. It blew against their faces, freeing their fur as they reached the end of the woods.Returning to the plains again, Cikro released his paws from the pup breathing a sigh of relief as he allowed all tension from his bones to break freeing him from the binds of anxiety and nervousness upon his shoulders. He walked; the pup followed. Calming towards the entrance gates of the town, they entered in. The place was abandoned. No one was about. Nothing was there. It was as if everyone had decided to move out of town. Despite it being deserted, Cikro quickly grabbed the pup racing towards the fountain that lies at the center. Stopping adjacent to the fountain, Cikro and the pup stared at their surroundings; glancing onto every door that they skim passed through hoping that they would be able to find the right one. All the doors were numbered in black; they had wooden surfaces and were struck against the holes of the homes. The doors looked uniformed together and plain. Only the homes that they occupied were unique. Cikro continued scanning the doors before stopping upon one that was familiar to him. For he smiled and nudged the pup raising his paw upward towards the door ahead of them. As resulted, the pup smiled back and ran straight for the door numbered six zero six. The pup reached it and grabbed its knob. Entering in, the door closes behind him.Cikro had accomplished his task. That one task that Akino had asked him about. While feeling proud about himself, he waited to be whisked away from the dream he was having. Hoping to wake up upon the metal cold grounds that awaits for him. Opening his eyes, Cikro blinked for the moment. He stared at his paws. Still solid. Then his feet. They too were solid. As realization came to him, Cikro raised his paws upward and smacked the side of his face shocked. He was stuck in his dream. He mentally panicked and frowned, starting to pace in a small line that he had created upon the flooring wondering why he was not waking up. In his pondered and pacing, his ears raised up upon hearing a set of footsteps coming to the entrance of the town. For Cikro turned his attention towards it and waited; wondering who was out there. As his eyes stares, he noticed a shadow casted upon the ground walking. The footsteps were loud and clear that it echoed into his ears. Cikro had noticed that the sounds were almost like drum beating.Panicking, he stepped back three paces before turning around and ran. He ran into a random direction and entered in onto a door. It opened and Cikro raced inside shutting the door behind him, locking it in hopes that he would not come in. Cikro waited. Pressing his ear against the door, he listened as the footsteps stopped momentarily. He had guessed that whoever was there was scanning its options trying to guess which of them were they hiding in. However, it did not take long before the footsteps came again for a short duration then stopped. Cikro had wondered what door had he chosen as he reeled his head back from the door looking for a window to his right and left sides of the door. But there were not any. Cikro turned around and stared upon the single room he was in, hoping to find a stairs that would lead him upstairs. But there were not any. Faced with limited options, Cikro turned his attention towards the door again. His mind urged him to opened exposing himself to the danger that lies outside. His body froze in protest though he manages to get in a few steps closer towards the door. Reaching for it, he grabbed the knob. His paws were moist and hot upon touching it as his fears were raised within his body. Tilting it, a click was the response. Cikro opened the door slowly and just a crack. Looking out into the opened wondering where the stranger had gone into.But to his surprise, his environment was not the same. For instead of seeing the fountain in front of him, he spotted a single blue door standing before him. A sign was above the knob, imprinted upon the surface of the door as Cikro opened the door wide and let himself out. Walking two steps in, the door shuts behind him startling him as he jumped and looked back. He spotted a green cobra behind him hissing at him, but never hurting him. Cikro stared at the cobra for a moment then tilted he head to one side. They stared at one another for a moment; time froze around them. Before a door opened behind the cobra, breaking their staring contest between the dog and the cobra as Cikro looked upward to the opened door. Out came a wolf wearing some special high tech gear upon his head whom stared back onto Cikro then smiled faintly. Digging into its pockets, he wondered where the key was. It was not until that the cobra literally cough it up from its throat as it continued to hackle vomiting onto the ground. Both Cikro and the wolf looked; but the wolf waved its paw and grunted for a bit before departing away. The cobra followed behind leaving the dog with a strange looking picker.Cikro stared at it then held his breath. Crouching down, he grabbed the picker and held it in his paw grossed out. The picker was drenched in cobra spit. Purple ooze emerged from the bottom of it. Cikro had wondered if the purple stuff were venomous due to it coming from the cobra itself. Sticking out his tongue, he turned his attention towards the blue door before him. He kneeled down on one knee and raised his other foot upward; looking for the knob of the door. A hole replaced where the knob would be. Having located it, Cikro shoved the picker inside of the hole and tilted it around hearing a click moments later. However, the picker breaks and a psychotic laugh echoed among the halls.
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