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There are my favorite models - my cats.

First is Petrovich.

Someday, several years ago, this cat, Petrovich, just came to our doors. And his eyes sayed "Take me to your refrigerator... please". Since then he live with us... and our refrigerator, of course. =)

Pony!? For me!? Challenge accepted! by Teaminds Little Rusty by Teaminds Sandglass by Teaminds Exorcist by Teaminds Dinner flying away by Teaminds Don't worry, Tweety, I'll pick you up! by Teaminds Spy by Teaminds

Second and third are Vasia and Mikusia.
They are brothers. Then i buy my first photo-camera they was 17 years old. One year later they leave us. And this portraits very important for our family.

Amber by Teaminds The jagged axe by Teaminds Still sleeping? I've already eaten all the sweets! by Teaminds Vasiliy, machoman! by Teaminds  The last fairy dragon by Teaminds Mom! Just one more minute! by Teaminds
Friends, there was an amazing event for me. One guy wrote me that he wanted to publish one of my photos in a magazine. In the photo-magazine! Paper! I agreed, of course. And I received a message that the magazine is out!
This is a big step for me. It is inspiring!

Gem by Teaminds

Caprice Magazine -
Photography -…
Preview few pages of the magazine (my picture there on page 6-7) -…
Good news everyone i received 10 Points points. For my donation pool! It's my first "money" that i earned by my photos. This event very important for me.
Woo-Hoo! Woohooooo!
Hello everyone. I moved all good photo from my Flickr account to DeviantArt. Now I plan to submit about 3 photos every week. It's not that much as I used to but photography is just an expensive hobby for me. Your comments and favs are a very good motivation for me. Thank you for them and for WATCHing me.
Hello everyone. Right now i move all my photos (almost all) to the DeviantArt from Flickr. Becase this i upload many pictures in a row. It will continue about a weak, after that i come back to my normal schedule - 3 pictures at week.

Thank you.