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In case any of you were wondering why I haven't updated my Emerald Nuzlocke... well, this is it! The storyline hit me really hard as I was doing a run-through of Pokemon Black, and it just wouldn't let me be! On the bright side, I have the entire thing scripted down to every line, name, and moral, and the comic probably won't be in full color.
So far I've decided that the first and last page of every chapter will be in color, but the limited lighting is highly important in this comic, as you will all soon discover, so monochromatic scenes are to be expected.

1) If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. Release or permanently box it.
2) Every Pokemon must be named.
3) Only the first Pokemon on each Route may be caught.
3a) No duplicates, including evolutionary forms
3b) Event based Pokemon, such as in-game eggs or legendaries, are exempt from this rule.
4) Only Moo-Moo milks can be bought. Everything else (including Pokeballs) must be found.

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Whoa..... I just finished reading through this and I love it! .3. It's that much cooler with the Black/White ending theme playing on repeat while you read it xD