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For those of you who follow me on here only, I've basically moved 100% to and tumblr, my name is GreysonSkye on both!
I shall revive soon don't u worry

Also, happy Easter, everyone!
Just realized my plot got so intense in volume 2, and will in volume 3, that it'll be hard to write a proper climax :^(
What's your biggest fear?
No guarantees I'll be super active, but I've been posting a lot of my thoughts and scraps to Tumblr recently.

Here's the link!
Ask away on that most recent post : D
I just realized none of my last chapters have been posted to here I'm like a month behind yikes

I'll start uploading them here but they are on currently!

Expect new art soon maybe!?
Spellthief Lux is now Azure's canon appearance (other than the clothes, of course) lol

Lux Splash 2 by TeamGRAE
Ask me anything about my series, my life, etc. I'll answer just about anything you send!
What I imagine playing last chapter, when Raven and Azure realize they're surrounded by strange hooded figures: 
(If you've seen Re:Zero, I'm sure this sounds familiar)
Happy New Year! Thanks to, 2017 was the biggest year for my series yet! I pledge to deliver even better content in 2018!
  • Listening to: Talking Heads- "Once in a Lifetime"
  • Watching: The Seahawks lose their last bit of hope :(
  • Listening to: "No One's Gonna Love You" -Band of Horses
  • Playing: Doki Doki Literature Club!
This next chapter is going to be one of the hardest I've written. 
Oh, how I don't want to do this 
First of all, Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Second, I wish there was a way to encode music with my fic. I want this to play whenever the Phantom appears: [link]
Just imagine, the part at 1:41 that kicks in playing when the Phantom looks out over the Great Canyon Dam in volume 1, cloak blowing in the breeze as a low-angle shot makes him look terrifying. Face-Melting if I say so myself

Oh yeah, new chapter soon :^)
The night of the Winter solstice approaches...
I just realized I'm 83 chapters into my series, and it will probably run for about 120 total, unless I decide to make it longer to end whenever RWBY does.
This is like, the most dedicated I've ever been to anything ever
...They say from that day forward, Kita never entered a room without knocking again.
Alright, so while I die studying for finals and can't really upload, have this! It's all the voice actors for Twilight Crusade I would choose if I could choose any actor, along with actors for Pierce and Vladimir!

Greyson: Jason Liebrecht. I’ve always imagined Greyson’s voice as “kind of monotone but not completely devoid of life.” The black-haired guy here is a close match to how Greyson sounds. And, apart from the anime character’s long middle bang, is a pretty close match to how Greyson looks.

Rusty: Max Mittleman. I’ve been playing Persona, and I imagine Rusty’s voice as a slightly-less angry Ryuji now.…

Azure: Caitlyn Glass. Watching Fullmetal Alchemist, I definitely saw parallels between Winry and Azure, and the voice has stuck since.…

Ember: Brina Palencia. I don’t know how to describe how perfect her Touka voice is for Ember. (Even though the rest of the Tokyo Ghoul dub is kiiiinda bad)…

This site can be a bit sketchy at times, but around minute 5 and 10:30 are good examples of the voice. Touka is the purple-haired one.

Pierce: Matthew Mercer. He can voice any character ever, but his Levi voice is perfect for Pierce. Definitely not because Pierce was just Levi in the RWBY universe shhhhhhhh…

Take this as a bonus (AoT spoilers!)…

Raven: Brianna Knickerbocker…

100% certified cinnamon roll protect

Ezelia: Ashly Burch.

I, uh... I don’t know what’s going on in this clip. But it sounds like stuff she would say, and the strange voices she would say it in.

Kita: Ideally, Kita would be voiced by an actual Japanese person with an accent. I don’t know any names though, and Laura Bailey is a really good voice actor so I choose her. She’ll sound like this,… but of course with her usual accent.

Bonus: Same voice actor, similar to things Ember would say :P…

Alexandra: Trina Nishimura. Our newest edition to the cast will sound like the redhead here.… If you noticed I left out Dustyn before, it’s because his voice actor is in this video too. Tyson Rinehart, the voice of the larger gentleman in the clip above fits.

Vladimir: Robbie Daymond. His “Shadow Assassin Kayn” voice is absolutely perfect for Vladimir, minus the echo.

So, I’ve decided to upload the next volumes of Twilight Crusade here as well. But, there are some notable differences between the original drafts of GRAE and what was posted here:…  I feel I should mention.

  • Volume 2 of GRAE had several plot points changed and adjusted.

    • Greyson lost his battle with Vladimir, and went to the dance with Ember instead to keep an eye on Vladimir and Azure.

    • General fixes that lessened out-of-character moments and plot holes, as well as ones that made the plot more progressive and coherent.

  • The Shrouded Fox are from North of Mistral, in the Yamakori mountains.

  • Kita’s sword was renamed Kenakuma.

  • Darien’s name was changed to Dunder Leone, in reference to the useless weed that no one likes

  • The strange “math class” scene in late volume 1 was taken out, and replaced with an episode where Greyson takes Azure to a place called “Lancer’s Ridge” and asks her to the dance there.

  • And of course, it's better written.

Sometime early in Twilight Crusade Volume 2, Raven got a haircut, which included her bangs. This is a before and after, for reference.

Haircut by TeamGRAE

Okay, so I recently discovered what Babymetal was. I didn’t even really listen to their music, but I noticed something. How I imagined Kita to look is exactly what the lead singer, Suzuka Nakamoto, looks like.

Take this excerpt from the updated GRAE, where I explain Kita's appearance.

Kita had removed the mask that covered her face the night before, to reveal a young, somewhat doll-like countenance. While her eyes were cold and businesslike, both nose and mouth were dainty and delicate. Her lips eternally fixed into a slight, rosy-pink pout. Her bangs cut straight across her eyebrow ridge, a dark spike of hair falling down past her chin to each side, framing her face.

Then, refer to this picture of Ms. Nakamoto:…

See? There’s just something there that makes me think of Kita...



Because she's a gorgeous girl related to the Schnee family, Azure had a (Remnant's version of) Instagram account with nearly a hundred thousand followers before Beacon fell. Her last picture posted (because she can't turn on her scroll out of fear of being tracked) was a selfie with Greyson, Rusty, and Raven at the Pyrrha vs. Penny fight.