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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 16, Beneath the Mask
The next few seconds were some of the most confusing and disorienting of Greyson’s life.
       Greyson parried an incoming attack with Blitz, and shot a blast from Nimbus. As the two hooded figures recoiled, so did Greyson. The floors and walls had become bathed with flame in a split second. Greyson turned, instantly realizing the Garnett family had vanished. Ember soared through the air, anger shifting to confusion and frustration when she realized her target had vanished. She crumpled to the floor gracelessly, and backed up after landing too close to a scorching wall of flame.
        “NOOOOOO!” Alexandra screamed from the back of the room. The stone she hid under had been shifted to the sides, to reveal her quivering form, reduced to a shivering mass on her hands and knees. “It’s... it’s gone...” she whimpered. A chunk of smoldering marble and wood ceiling crashed to the ground in front of her, and sh
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RWBY OC: Kita Kurayami by TeamGRAE RWBY OC: Kita Kurayami :iconteamgrae:TeamGRAE 0 0
Mature content
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 15, The Frigid Witch :iconteamgrae:TeamGRAE 0 0
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 14, The Promised Day
Almost a month had passed, and the night of the Winter Solstice had arrived. Greyson spent every last second of his free time training with the newly upgraded Blitz and Nimbus. It was the only thing that kept his mind at ease. So much time had passed without Azure. What had been done to her and Raven, the fear and confusion they must be feeling, and the motives behind the “Church of Awakening” tore at his mind. It was torture for him, and he knew how much worse the time had to be for the abducted.
     Twilight Crusade’s airship flew silently through the murky black night. The air was frigid and dense, clouds above obscuring the moon and warning of rainfall. Below was a sea of old-growth pines, their shadowy branches poking up into the hazy sky. Nobody in the airship’s cabin talked. Rusty stared grimly at Child’s Play, letting it down and back into his hand. Ember sat in back of the cabin, sharpening her daggers. Ezelia, Dustyn, Kita, and Al
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 13, Discovered
“...That’s right, Rocco. It looks like this Winter is set to be the coldest on record!” the television blared. “We can expect a higher than average snowfall in the Yamakori Mountains, along with--”
       Greyson turned off the news.
       It was a rainy Saturday morning, one week after Azure and Raven’s disappearance, and two after the fight against the Phantom. Greyson, though convinced the two had been taken by Vladimir, was still no closer to figuring out where exactly they had gone. He called every member of Twilight Crusade over, hoping anyone would have information.
      “I looked up the location of Garnett Jewelers’ Headquarters. It’s not far from downtown Mistral,” Ember declared. “Searching it is an option, but it seems unlikely they would bring a pair of hostages into corporate HQ. Azure and Raven are probably at a private residence somewhere.”
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 12, Captive
       Raven had almost grown used to her prison. Three nights had passed, as far as she could figure based on the long periods of darkness and silence. Surprisingly, she found sleep in these times despite being chained by ankle and wrist to a marble throne, in an unfamiliar world of stone, wood, and silence.
       The door to the cathedral creaked open. Raven caught herself hoping, for the first time, it was the usual hooded figure coming to deliver her twice-daily portion of mystery meal. Though Raven was convinced what she was force-fed was not food by any safety or ethical standards, whatever the greyish-brown, slightly salty, slop was did cure her hunger.
       Raven shivered, head sinking as she saw who entered her chamber. The woman, who seemed to be in charge of the hooded figures. The one who knew her father. And, Raven figured, was responsible for his death. The woman had stopped by a handful of times since Raven
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Girls of Twilight Crusade V3! by TeamGRAE Girls of Twilight Crusade V3! :iconteamgrae:TeamGRAE 2 2
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 11, Speculation
        Greyson’s eyes opened to an unearthly scene. A crimson birdcage sat suspended in the air in front of him, illuminated somehow in the suffocating blackness. Though Greyson himself could fit inside the cage, the only captive was a lone raven, perching on a branch and nervously picking under its wing with its thick beak. A moan filled the air, and eventually surged into what sounded like a faraway chant. The bars of the birdcage leaked blood. The liquid dribbled down the bars and dripped off, creating a dark puddle on the now visible floor.
        It quivered.
        Below Greyson’s feet, and below the cage, was a pale, flesh-like floor. The puddle of blood absorbed into it. Greyson watched in horror as the raven itself began to melt, flesh and feathers alike liquefying and dribbling through the cage’s bottom. The floor absorbed it all.
        A gash opened in the floor. From the w
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 10, Phantom Church
       Azure’s head hung below her knees as she sat on the steps to Greyson’s porch, completely ignoring the rain soaking through her clothing. She watched the tears fall, joining the raindrops with every lurch of her body. Raven softly placed her hand on Azure’s back and rubbed, unsure of what to say. Rusty had stepped inside to speak with Greyson alone.
       “I-I... um... h-how about we go for a walk?” Raven shyly suggested. “I-It might make you feel a little better. Th-That’s what I used to do sometimes...”
“Yeah, let’s go...” Azure agreed weakly.
“H-Here,” Raven said, offering Azure her hand. With her other hand, she produced several tissues from her coat pocket.
“Thanks,” Azure said, taking the tissues. She wiped her face dry, then took a deep breath to salvage any hint of composure she could muster. “Where to?”
“Hmm, that way,
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Mature content
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 9, Tumbling Down :iconteamgrae:TeamGRAE 0 0
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 8, From Shadows
        “I thought I told you to stay out of our way,” the Phantom growled. His hands slid toward the sides of his waist, reaching for the weapons holstered.
        “No. I’m not just going to step aside and let you tear Remnant to pieces!” Greyson challenged. He pulled Blitz and Nimbus from their sheaths on his back, the scraping noise echoing throughout the otherwise silent construction site. “Your little reign of terror ends now, Phantom.”
       Greyson stood still, watching the Phantom’s tiniest movements. Pierce’s combat training from back in Winter and Spring echoed through his head. Never make the first move.
       “Well? I’m waiting,” the Phantom taunted. His hands had grasped the handles of his weapons, but never moved. “You’re not pissing yourself now, are you?”
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 7, November 11th
         Twilight Crusade gathered at the Schnee Dust Company’s construction site described by the Phantom at eight, a few hours after the last construction workers had gone home. The sun had set around the same time the workers left, but the construction site was still well lit by the lights of the several cranes above.
         The cranes surrounded three mechanical spires, each set about a quarter of a mile apart. Though only half constructed, the crosses of metal beams reached at least a hundred feet into the night sky. Between the rigs, barrels, shipping containers, left-behind construction equipment, and a few square pits littered the ground. A partially constructed high-rise accompanied each rig, along with an additional one between the furthest two, transforming the entire premises into a concrete, wood, and metal maze.
       “Alright, everyone. Though I hate to split
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 6, Undercover
      Kita stared down the front of the massive, stone-grey warehouse. Officially, it had been abandoned on the edge of Downtown Mistral’s slums years ago. A quick information-scouting mission told her otherwise. She knew the White Fang had been hiding in plain sight, in an area of the city even the police dared not enter.
      Kita stepped into the warehouse, leaving the night outside for the darkness inside. She knew the faux-fox ears atop her head helped her easily pass for a faunus. A weeks’ work had gone into making them move according to subtle movements in Kita’s fingers. Yet still, as she walked in and saw the dozens of White Fang grunts before her, she could not help but feel the slightest apprehension creep into her mind.
      “New recruit, huh?” A tall, stocky bull faunus grumbled at the entrance. He reached into his bag and produced a familiar half-face white mask, with two slits for
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Mature content
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch. 5, Embarrassment :iconteamgrae:TeamGRAE 0 0
Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch.4, Crown Jewel
“Wait, you’re planning on fighting all the grimm alone?” Greyson questioned, glancing nervously upward as a nevermore tore through the sky.
      “Nope. I mean, I probably could if I wanted to, but here,” Alexandra replied. She raised her arms in front of her, over an open patch of dirt. She closed her eyes in focus, and twelve knobs of stone, each about an inch and a half across, broke from the soil, along with what looked like the edge of a dinner plate. The knobs rose out of the dirt, a trail of stone under them. The trails widened in one direction, and flattened in the other. Two eventually took the form of Blitz and Nimbus. Two more made up the halves of Azure’s Moonbow. Four resembled Ember’s daggers. The last four stone forms almost exactly resembled Raven’s xiphos, Dustyn’s Boomstick, Ezelia’s Grimm Cat, and Kenakuma. The rounded edge of rock rose from the dirt, taking the form of Raven’s shield.
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Twilight Crusade Book 2 Ch.3, Harvest Festival
         The last days of September, and half of October, passed peacefully. Greyson and Ember continued their work at the Skye Cafe. Azure visited frequently at first, but stopped early in October after she swore she saw Vladimir strolling by on the other side of the road. He did not seem to notice her, but the incident was far too close a call for both Azure and Greyson. The two trained against each other and against grimm in the woods, occasionally bringing other members of Twilight Crusade along. Of course, Kita always snuck out with them to keep watch.
        Midway through October, Greyson and the others decided to take a trip to visit Mistral’s Harvest Festival. Greyson had not been in years, but from what he remembered, it was free entry for an afternoon of cheap food, concerts, and fireworks at the end of the night.
     Azure’s finger stealthily snuck toward Greyson’s scroll, which was plugged into
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For those of you who follow me on here only, I've basically moved 100% to and tumblr, my name is GreysonSkye on both!
I shall revive soon don't u worry

Also, happy Easter, everyone!
The next few seconds were some of the most confusing and disorienting of Greyson’s life.

       Greyson parried an incoming attack with Blitz, and shot a blast from Nimbus. As the two hooded figures recoiled, so did Greyson. The floors and walls had become bathed with flame in a split second. Greyson turned, instantly realizing the Garnett family had vanished. Ember soared through the air, anger shifting to confusion and frustration when she realized her target had vanished. She crumpled to the floor gracelessly, and backed up after landing too close to a scorching wall of flame.

        “NOOOOOO!” Alexandra screamed from the back of the room. The stone she hid under had been shifted to the sides, to reveal her quivering form, reduced to a shivering mass on her hands and knees. “It’s... it’s gone...” she whimpered. A chunk of smoldering marble and wood ceiling crashed to the ground in front of her, and she fumbled backward.

     “Everyone, out!” Greyson commanded. “Leave the Church survivors be. Maybe they’ll have figured out that their ‘leaders’ don’t give a damn about them.”

     Greyson made his way outside to look for Azure and Raven. He gave a sidelong glance to the Phantom along the way, who still hunched over his fallen comrade. Once Greyson made it outside, he saw the remaining White Fang grunts retreating into the forest. He paid them no mind. Just next to the bottom of the stairs, Azure faced toward the woods, with Raven sitting on the ground in front of her and Rusty kneeling, hugging his girlfriend from behind.

      Greyson’s footsteps down the marble stairs echoed through the night. When his feet hit solid ground, the flames inside the mansion shattered a stained-glass window above him. He ducked, and shielded his eyes. As he brought his head up, his eyes met Azure’s.

      A weak smile came to her face, and the season’s first snow began to fall.

      Greyson stepped forward, and the two embraced tightly for the first time in over a month. “I’m... I’m so sorry,” Greyson said.

      “You’re here... you actually came for me...” Azure reflected. She buried her head into Greyson’s shoulder. “I thought you’d be happy to have me gone.”

       Greyson’s embrace tightened. “I didn’t mean any of that. I honestly don’t know what came over me that night. I just... you know what happened to Lazula. Then ever since I heard Pyrrha died, all the pain of losing Lazula came back. I felt like Lazula’s death was my fault,” Greyson explained. “I’m so happy to have met you, and I’m happy to be with you, even though I don’t deserve someone like you.”

     “Greyson...” Azure stammered. “None of that is your fault. None.”

      “When I said I never wished I met you, I meant I wished that I didn’t have to protect you. But I realize now even thinking that is wrong,” Greyson continued. “I’m done trying to protect you. Once your strength is back, we’re fighting side by side. Until the day we beat Vladimir, and whatever the hell else this world throws at us.”

     “You can protect me,” Azure softly argued. “Just let me protect you back.”

     The beginning of joyful tears forming in his eyes, Greyson leaned in and kissed Azure.

     “Dude... is... is that--” Rusty stuttered, voice filled with bewilderment. Greyson opened his eyes to see him standing up and facing the Garnett mansion, pointing up to the entryway. Greyson separated from Azure, and turned to look.

       Walking slowly out from the mansion, holding the limp body of Gamma, was none other than Pierce in full White Fang uniform. His hair rippled in the blistering wind, revealing an eyepatch over his right eye before settling back down. He stopped some distance away from Greyson and the others, then set Gamma gently in the grass.

       Greyson walked over to Pierce, eyeing him cautiously. The faunus turned around to meet Greyson’s gaze. Then, he halfheartedly raised both hands into the air.

     “I’m not your enemy,” he assured. “I never was.”

     “You were the Phantom,” Greyson bluntly asserted.

     “I thought you might figure it out after I spared your life one too many times,” Pierce replied dryly. “I’ll explain later.” He looked down to Gamma, and knelt next to her again. He took off her mask, and softly closed her eyes.

      “I... I really wish, th-that it didn’t have to end like this f-for her...” Raven commented, unable to look at her body. “Sh-She was nice, t-to me at least. Sh-She made me think. Th-That maybe the White Fang isn't all evil...”

      Pierce nodded once. “Her real name was Valencia. She was twisted with vengeance ever since the night a band of humans killed her family. But she was nowhere close to evil. She was a cat faunus, but ironically enough, she liked to build birdhouses. Not a bad cook, either.” he sighed.
      “I thought I might be able to convince her to defect with me when I joined you guys, but now I’ll never be sure.”

      Dustyn and Ezelia solemnly helped Ember carry her mother’s body out of the burning mansion amid a handful of fleeing cult members. Greyson counted the members of Twilight Crusade. Azure, Raven, and Rusty were out before Greyson. Dustyn, Ezelia, and Ember were all safe. A pang of fear wracked his body as he realized Alexandra and Kita were nowhere to be found.

      They were the last two alive inside the burning building. Flames lashed viciously at the walls around them, painting the entire scene a shade of flickering orange. The constant crashing of marble ceiling to the floor warned of the building’s imminent destruction. Alexandra still huddled at the room’s deepest end, tears streaming from her eyes as Kita stood in front of her.

       “Alexandra! You must get up!” Kita pleaded, right arm outstretched toward her.

       “No! Crown Jewel is gone! I’ve... I’ve failed my father, and I’ve failed my tribe!”  Alexandra protested. “Go! Go and leave me here!”

       “I am not leaving without you,” Kita insisted. “If she was able to take Crown Jewel from you, you are able to take it back.”

       “You saw how strong she was, and that was without the Crown Jewel!” Alexandra argued. She weakly raised an arm, and pointed at a nearby pillar of flame. It flickered slightly, but rippled upward disobediently after a handful of seconds. “I’m useless without it, and she’s already so strong. How can we hope to beat someone like that?”

       A chunk of marble crashed to the floor behind Kita, sending a plume of flame and ash into the air.

      “Both of our lives have been an eternal struggle for survival,” Kita adamantly reminded. “Do you wish to forfeit yours here, after a single defeat? I do not know if we can defeat her, but we must try.”

      “All my life, I’ve been running from her, with nothing but a burning desire for revenge,” Alexandra reflected. She looked up to Kita. “And now we’ve met again... I can’t lose.”

      Kita unmasked, revealing her slightly smiling face made red and sweaty from the searing heat. She re-offered her hand to Alexandra, closer this time. She looked her in the eyes. “That is correct. If your legs work, we will pursue her together. If they do not, I will carry you. What is important is that we keep moving forward.”

      Alexandra took Kita’s hand, and was helped to her feet. Her hand lingered on Kita’s for several seconds, before the two walked carefully together out of the building. Greyson stood halfway up the stairs, peering cautiously into the burning building. He breathed a sigh of relief as the two appeared unharmed. Every member of Twilight appeared safe, and Raven and Azure had been saved. But the frigid air did not carry the smell of victory.

         Kita watched in surprise as a familiar figure, one she had not seen since the Fall of Beacon, walked over to Ember’s hunched-over form. He uttered something inaudible to her, but she viciously smacked away the hand he set on her shoulder in protest.

      “GET AWAY FROM ME!” she shouted. “Twice now, you’ve left without a damned word, and you come back like nothing’s wrong!? Leave! And don’t come back this time!”

      Pierce sighed, and stood up. Without another word, he walked over to Greyson as Kita neared.

       “Kit, who’s that?” Alexandra inquired.

       “He was an ally, who disappeared after the Fall of Beacon,” Kita explained. She noticed Pierce’s eyepatch, and deep scar running down the right side of his face. “It looks as if he was the Phantom.”
“Yeah, that was me,” Pierce admitted. “Nothing good can happen here. I’ll explain everything once we get back.”

“So, you’re joining us?” Greyson asked. “Against the Garnetts, I think we’ll need you.”

      “If Ember will let me,” Pierce jested. “I’ve got nowhere to go.”

      The next morning, all of Twilight Crusade, aside from Ember, who stayed locked away in the guest bedroom, gathered in Greyson’s living room. The Mistral Police had arrived at the Garnett residence shortly after all of Twilight Crusade made it out, and questioned Greyson and the others intensely. By the end of the long night, Greyson managed to mostly convince them he told the truth, and the bodies of Valencia and Mrs. Blackburn were moved. “The Phantom,” a fallen White Fang grunt Pierce abandoned his mask and cloak with, was reported dead.

      “So. I think it’s about time I explain a few things,” Pierce addressed. “During the fall of Beacon, I found a high ranking White Fang official, named Adam Taurus. We fought for a bit, before I told him I wanted to join the White Fang. I didn’t know I would end up becoming a high-ranking official myself. I was just in it for the intel.” He took a sip from a glass of water. “This Adam Taurus guy has it out for humanity. He wants faunus supremacy by force. What the delusional bastard doesn’t realize is that he’s just a puppet, being used by some mysterious group of people.”

       “There’s someone controlling the White Fang?” Greyson asked.

        Pierce nodded. “Never was able to get a name, though. Whoever they are, they’re dangerous. They’re planning an attack on Haven.”

       “Another question,” Azure interjected. “The attacks on the Church of Awakening and Schnee Dust company make sense. But why did you want to blow up the Great Canyon Dam? You could have killed hundreds of humans and faunus!”

     “I was given the job because the city downriver of the dam has been historically discriminatory toward faunus,” Pierce explained. “But also, I knew you guys were going to be in the dam that day. Do you really think the worker who gave you your weapons managed to sneak past me? I saw him, but I let him deliver your weapons to you.”

    “So how did you know we would be there?” Azure continued.

     “Rusty did a good job of removing the tracking bug from the airship, but the bug wasn’t deleted. It was transferred to his scroll.”

     “For real?” Rusty said, pulling out his scroll. “So any given time, the White Fang can see where I am? That’s creepy!”

      “You should probably do something about that,” Pierce replied.

      “I am sorry,” Kita said suddenly, looking at Pierce’s eyepatch. “I took your eye the night we fought. I believed you had killed Greyson.”

      “No need to apologize. It hurt like hell, but you did what was right, considering all you knew at the time,” Pierce stated. “Of course you were angry, it’s obvious you love him.”

      “Not anymore,” Kita stated. She looked from Pierce to Azure, Greyson, then back. “It is true, I had inappropriate feelings at the time. But they are gone now.”

       After a couple of hours, the members of Twilight Crusade separated to their usual houses. Greyson’s parents were ecstatic to have Azure back, and Rusty’s mother hugged Raven for what felt like hours. Finally, after everything that had happened, times were peaceful once again.
Just realized my plot got so intense in volume 2, and will in volume 3, that it'll be hard to write a proper climax :^(
RWBY OC: Kita Kurayami

A fearless warrior with unrivaled speed and dexterity, Kita is a kunoichi from a religious warrior tribe only rumored to exist, who wields a living, demonic, blade with the power to take in the essence of slain foes. After having taken many lives in clashes with neighboring tribes, she feels an innate drive to protect and save, to atone for the ones she has killed. Yet still, after leaving her clan to travel with Greyson and friends, she wonders. Does her God still watch over her?

“In my time as a warrior of the Shrouded Fox, I have had to cut a great many lives short. To save one brings me boundless joy.”
For those of you who follow me on here only, I've basically moved 100% to and tumblr, my name is GreysonSkye on both!


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