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Back at the beginning of the year, I submitted a story, "Inseparable", to the Writers of the Future contest for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Just this week I learned that my story received an Honorable Mention.

Far from a consolation prize, this means that my story was in at least the top one-percentile of winners for that quarter. In other words, it was in the top 100 best stories submitted to the contest.

My mother passed away last night; she was 81. She had COPD, so it wasn't unexpected, but she went downhill quickly over the past week. She wants to be cremated and have her ashes scattered over some peaceful idyllic country spot.

She is survived by myself, my sister and her husband, her granddaughter, and her grandson and his wife. She just missed seeing the birth of her great-grandchild.

Hey Peeps!

It's Nov 2, and you all know what that means! Yepper, it's Sword and Sorceress Day!!!


S&S 32 is now available for purchase in paperback!…

Meanwhile, those of you who preordered the ebook version, whether for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or iBook, should be getting your copy today!

And for those of you who haven't yet ordered an ebook, you can get them here:

Kindle --…
Nook --…
Kobo --…
iBook --…

We are starting this year's NaNoWriMo tomorrow. Our novel will be "Feathered Companion", and it will star Differel Van Helsing, with us and Medb hErenn as special guest stars.

Anyone who wants to track our daily progress can do so here:

As a companion volume to Sword and Sorceress 32, we've published a collection of our Dreamlands stories!


Kindle --…

Smashwords (ePub, PDF, etc.) --…
Hey, peeps!

Sword & Sorceress 32 is now available for pre-order on Kindle! Just follow this link:…

The paperback edition will be out on Nov 2.
Sunny: Another of our adventures has been published!

Eile: Kevin actually sold it last year, but it's finally appeared.

S: It was published in March, but he only just found out about it today.

E: He got top billing on the cover, though the artwork's for a different story.

S: It's "The Adventure of Team Girl and the Manticore", and you can find it in Warriors & Wizards #3.

E: Which you can get in print for $15 or ebook format for $3.00.

S: You can get it at…

E: And if you buy the print magazine, you can get the ebook for free.

S: We hope you like it!

E: And stay tuned for more news about Sword & Sorceress.
We're finally going to be in Sword & Sorceress!


Our story will be "The Adventure of the Shaman's Quest", with guest stars Thundar the barbarian pussycat adventurer, and Aeul the Wendol shaman. With special guest star Nyarlathotep himself!

It won't be published until early November, but we'll keep you informed of its progress!

Kudos to us!!!
Our creator did an online interview!

You can find it here:…
We have a new story out, and it's our first novel!

The Adventure of An Cupla -- Eile and Sunny, Team Girl, are kidnapped out of the Waking World by cats and sent to the Dreamlands to rescue Medb hErenn from certain death. However, they soon discover that their true mission is to save the universe from an ancient and indestructible evil before it's too late. Except, neither they nor Medb know how. Includes two bonus stories.

Its available from Kindle and Smashwords for $2.99. Enjoy!

Kindle --

Smashwords --…
Tomorrow starts the first day of the 2016 National Novel Writing Month!

This year, instead of writing a fantasy story set in the Dreamlands, Kevin is going to work on an Alternative Reality story. That's a story about us set in an alternative universe instead of our normal universe.

In this story, we play secret agents for rival empires in a Dieselpunk version of the 1930s, trying to get our hands on a new kind of aircraft engine that could change the delicate balance of power and plunge the whole world into war!

Fun and excitement!
Or, that is, we tried to post a link, but for some reason deviantArt wouldn't let us!

Sorry about that, but there's nothing we can do about it.

If you wanna read the review, Note us, and we'll send you the link.

It's a good review; honest Injun!
Weirdbook #32, which contains our creator's story "The Road to Hell", is now available from Amazon!

I have finished a Team Girl novel: "The Adventure of An Cupla" (73,000 words). A synopsis follows.

This novel tells the story of Eile and Sunny's first sojourn to the Dreamlands, which led to them becoming Dreamers.

I have sent queries to a number of agents in the hope that one would be willing to represent it. I also plan to offer it during the next PitMad Twitter Pitch Party on June 9. If they all pass or fail to respond (which is the same thing), I will self-publish it on Smashwords and Kindle. My self imposed deadline, based on the agents' own guidelines, is the end of July. If I do self-publish, I will add one or two bonus stories. I will keep you all posted with updates as to when and where the novel can be obtained.


Snowshoe Kitty and her family of kittens weave a spell as Eile and Sunny, Team Girl, sleep. It puts them in a dream that allows them to enter the Cavern of Flame, where they are vetted by the priests Nasht and Kaman-Thah, who find them worthy to enter the Dreamlands. They pass through the Enchanted Woods, guided by Zoogs who save Sunny from disaster.

When they emerge they are joined by the feline huntress Shadow-Stalker, who escorts them to the town of Ulthar. There they meet with the High Queen of All Cats and her Council of Elders. They inform them that they were the ones who brought them to the Dreamlands, because their mentor and surrogate-mother, Medb hErenn, is in mortal danger and they need to save her. When they object, the cats threaten them with death if they do not comply. That night Eile agonizes over whether she can keep them both safe while conducting what she believes is a suicide mission.

Shadow escorts them to the city of Dylath-Leen. Being a two-day trip, they spend the night at a hostel called the House of Derga. Two thugs try to kidnap them, but they beat them off. They arrive at the city the next day and Shadow leaves them to reconnoiter, but they overhear two travelers discussing Medb. They follow them to a tavern where they overhear a conspiracy to kidnap them and Medb. They find Medb at a nearby inn and warn her, and she takes them to a tavern to eat. There thugs try to kidnap them, but they beat them off.  Medb then takes them to a temple to steal an artifact, the Key of the Abyss. It is guarded by a monster; Eile panics and freezes, unable to act, but when the monster attacks Sunny, Eile goes berserk and helps Medb slay it. However, Medb accuses her of cowardice.

They flee the city and head cross-country to the Monument of the Twins. Along the way Medb explains that the cats had commissioned her to defeat the release of the Kraken (the Dream-form of Cthulhu). She acknowledges that the cats had informed her that she needed Team Girl to succeed, but she admits she had decided she could do it on her own. She also admits that she doesn't know what she must do or how the Key works. She suspects that they may by The Twins, the manifestation of the principle of cosmic duality, but how that is relevant she does not know. Later Medb teaches Sunny how to better fight with her quarterstaff, but afterwards she intervenes when Team Girl are horsing around, and Eile accidentally wounds her. Medb attacks her, but Sunny fends her off. Medb then threatens to kill Eile when her mission is completed. However, they are ambushed as they cross a rope bridge over a gorge. Medb nearly falls to her death, but Eile rescues her. That night, she and Medb make amends and forge a friendship based on mutual respect.

The next day they are ambushed by servitors of the Kraken, but manage to just barely beat them off. They arrive at the Monument, which consists of two gigantic nude korai with alcoves in their pedestals. Medb realizes that Team Girl is now vital to her success. Medb uses the Key to raise a crystal sphere just as the Kraken enters the Dreamlands. She grips the sphere which pulls energy out of the earth through her body as Team Girl enter the alcoves. Their consciousnesses merge with the statues, which are energized by the sphere. Just as the Kraken reaches the Monument, they direct beams of energy from the eyes of the statues, and catch and hold the Kraken. A portal opens in the floor of the Monument, exposing the Great Abyss, and the Kraken is drawn into it. When the portal closes, Medb rips her hands loose from the sphere and Team Girl loses consciousness.

Eile and Sunny awaken in their own bed in the Waking World the next morning. They go down to their kitchen to have coffee and try to throw off their fatigue, when Medb hErenn pays a visit. She presents them with a gift: bejeweled torcs of twisted gold, one for each of them. She thanks them for rescuing her and helping her complete her mission, and declares that they are friends forever. She then tells them that if they wear the torcs when they sleep, they will be able to find the Dreamlands once again.
Today is the first scheduled #PitMad Twitter pitch party for this year! Kevin will be pitching a novel he's written. It's an adventure in the Dreamlands about us and Differel!

We're all keeping our fingers crossed!

Here's more information on PitMad:
My first review of "Other Worlds & Times" Vol 1 on Amazon:…
The Kindle versions of "Other Worlds & Times" Volumes 1 & 2 are now available!

$2.99 each

Now available for purchase and download:

Other Worlds & Times Vol 2 -- $0.99 until Nov. 8 ($2.99 full price)…

eBook Cover: Other Worlds and Times Volume 2 by TeamGirl-Differel
Now available for purchase and download:

Other Worlds & Times Vol 1 -- $0.99 until Nov. 8 ($2.99 full price)…

eBook Cover: Other Worlds and Times Vol 1 by TeamGirl-Differel