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I imagine Egon's COD would be Proton Pack induced cancer.
Thanks to the recent changes on Deviant Art, I can't look up this group to submit pictures anymore.  So someone's gonna have to request to add my pictures for me.  I got a lot of recent Ghostbusters pics.  Sorry about that.
Got a bit of a problem.  Thanks to Deviant Art going full Eclipse Mode on ALL accounts, this group doesn't appear on the groups portion of when I want to add my posts to certain groups.  And I just uploaded three new Ghostbusters pics.  More to come.  Could someone send a request to add them to here since I can't please???

Check out this film from ghostbusters Italia
I appreciate the adding of my drawing. In time I'll have 3 more drawings dedicated to Ghostbusters in different ways. Right now I'm trying to finish up a drawing of one of the female Ghostbusters from the newer film. Then I plan on drawing Dustin from the Halloween episode of Stranger Things when he was in his Ghostbusters outfit holding the ghost trap with the demi-dog in it. Then when the new movie comes out, I'm hoping I can draw a cool image of Paul Rudd if he ends up sporting the outfit.
I can see that 
Thanks for adding my drawing. I have plenty more GB art on my page, feel free to take a look. :)