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Updated: May 7, 2014
:icontf2engineerplz: Page where I list junk that is broken/needs attention and any stuff that's going on. Feel free to report other broken stuff in the comments below.


  • Decreased Activity: I don't spend as much time on dA as I did previously; consequently, I don't update this directory as often as before. (Currently logging in around once a month? Interval between past few news journals: around 5 months.) Also, I recently moved to a new computer so my notes and drafts and stuff are still on the old computer.

  • Changes / Broken Pages: dA broke a lot of stuff while I was away for a few months, which needs to be fixed. (Current status: Most of the most glaring problems on important pages have been fixed)

    Also, community icons were rolled out to all users for use in comments and other areas. (Current status: A page has been added. Have not added to other directory pages)

Task List:

  • Split journals over size limit into separate pages

  • Fix line break issues

    • Combo plzes (Fixed Feb 28)
    • Other Chars (Fixed Apr 14 with additional organization)
    • By usage: Hub (Fixed Feb 29)
    • Items/Icons (Fixed Feb 29)
    • Expressions (Fixed Feb 29)
    • Class lists don't look as bad, but could be better. (Some issues on Support page spot-treated March 26)
    • Some old news journals
  • Try adding community icons

  • Some number of page anchors might be broken - check & fix where possible.

  • Fix link underlining inconsistencies (e.g. in footer navs) (All footer navs fixed April 14)

  • Fix errors in deviantID (ex. alphabetical/friends links dA removed) (Fixed & improved March 26)

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