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Deviation Actions

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Last update: May 6, 2014

Splitting this journal up because dA reinstated the journal size limit


  • This journal is not all-inclusive, nor is always up to date
    The class listings (Offense/Defense/Support) have similar categorical groupings to the categories on this page, so you can probably find other relevant icons for a given emotion/expression by browsing through the class lists.
  • This collection by expression is a breakout collection from the original "face/meme/usage" collection page (now called By usage:Hub), as it was getting overcrowded. This collection by expression is now being broken up into separate pages as it too has outgrown one journal page.

  • See the navbox below to browse TF2 plzes by expression across journal entries

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Positive (smiling, laughing, approving, etc.)

Devious (naughty, evil)


Negative (Sad, Angry, disapprove, etc.)

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