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Last updated: May 7 with 633 plzes (and some other icons)
Status: dA broke a lot of stuff while I was gone last. Fixes needed.

Note: This account is a plz directory. For a better TF2 plz icon, please use :icontf2plz:

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While a lot of TF2 plzes can be found in the HelpPlz database, some are named unconventionally and cannot be found easily (or at all) in it. Fangroup pages for individual classes often offer a small collection of plzes relevant to the focus class as a convenience. However, I decided I wanted a place housing and organizing all fandom icons under one roof.

To start up, I scoured the HelpPlz database, class fangroups, and went from plz to plz to grab all the existing TF2 plzes I could find. Gradually, the collection's grown to where it is now. I can now proudly claim this as the largest collection of TF2-related icons on deviantART! :dummy:

Founded: October 6, 2011 by crtoonmastr


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Your help is appreciated!

Found an accountplz? If there's a TF2 plz you know, found, or made that you think is missing from the directory, let me know and I'll add it the next time I update if it indeed needs to be added. (Tip: Easiest way to check if I am aware of a given plz is to check for TeamFortressPLZ in the plz's watchlist if visible on its page.) If you're not sure, feel free to run it by me anyway; it's super easy for me to recognize it or check. If it's here, I'll probably tell you where it can be found.

Found an account without the "plz"? Please note that I err on the side of omission on cases where it's unclear the account was intended to be used as a plz (particularly when an account does not contain "plz" in its name), as personal accounts are supposed to be the norm on this site and plzes the exception. Roleplay accounts (including ask-accounts) often have useful icons and some overlap with plzes, though I am not attempting to list them at this time. (Though there have been some exceptions.) See my newer comment here or my longer journal here for explanation.

Found an error? If you see a broken link, messed up formatting, or other error, report it to me on my task list journal. Sometimes I make mistakes, and other times deviantART likes to fiddle with their site and break things.

Last updated: Apr 16, 2014 Community emoticons: Easier to make and search than plz accounts, but are a bit more complicated to use. I am attempting to list some TF2 community icons out of convenience, though these won't be treated exactly the same as plzes in this directory (e.g. don't count towards plz count as my watchlist counts plz accounts for me). Still a work in progress. Currently, these aren't in the other plz lists right now except for the Dalokohs bars. I am only listing emoticons usable by all users. (I can't see what's available to premium users anyway. From what I can guess, it looks like premium users can insert pretty much
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Last update: May 6, 2014 I had to split this page off of the original Expressions page because it exceeded the journal size limit. Notes:This journal is not all-inclusive, nor is always up to date The class listings (Offense/Defense/Support) have similar categorical groupings to the categories on this page, so you can probably find other relevant icons for a given emotion/expression by browsing through the class lists. This collection by expression is a breakout collection from the original "face/meme/usage" collection page (now called By usage:Hub), as it was getting overcrowded. This collection by expression is now being broken up into
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Updated: May 7, 2014 ~tf2engineerplz ( Page where I list junk that is broken/needs attention and any stuff that's going on. Feel free to report other broken stuff in the comments below. Status: Decreased Activity: I don't spend as much time on dA as I did previously; consequently, I don't update this directory as often as before. (Currently logging in around once a month? Interval between past few news journals: around 5 months.) Also, I recently moved to a new computer so my notes and drafts and stuff are still on the old computer. Changes / Broken Pages: dA broke a lot of stuff while I was away for a few months, which needs to be fix
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Oh hell no you gonna leave us!

Come back here and update our new plz icons you son of bitch!