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Tick tock Heavy Like Brinks Truck
Ayo thx for my request 
Hey guys can ya'll help me find a comic that futures this yellow demon cat thing that the TF2 Mercs found, I was sure it was here but so far I haven't found it, I'd appreciate the help.

Hey that's my comic! Lol

I hid most of the pages because the whole thing is getting a rework!

I'm also looking to store the old pages in a google drive link so people can still view them but they aren't cluttering up my gallery

I'm still working on the rework but the newer pages are here for now

[Main Cover] Team Fortress 2: Dire Straits
Thanks buddy, I forgot I had an a account here until I suddenly remembered, glad to see you're still making new content

I'm still surprised people really liked my stuff lol

I've been taking a bit of a break on it because life has been particularly nasty for me and another model needed to be fixed again but I'll start making pages again soon!

Praise Miss Pauling!