Hey Team Damon members, :wave:

So, Team Damon is proud to announce the opening of our 'tvd' chat room. :woohoo:

This chat is specifically design for ROLEPLAY ONLY

To join the chat all you have to do is choose a character from the character list below (or make up your own character if you want)

Just reply to this blog and ask who you want to be and I will get back to you asap and let you know if the character is available.

Once you have been given your character just click on the link to our chat and start your roleplay :woohoo:


Exciting stuff, I know :nod:

So good Luck and I hope you get the character you want!

RolePlay Rules
:bulletblack: No bullying unless it's in your character

:bulletblack:if you are going to talk outside of your character please use brakets () or <>.

:bulletblack: always type your roleplay characters name before speaking on the chat so other members know who you are!

example - elena says: hi Damon

:bulletblack: if someone chooses a character but never goes on the chat and uses it the character will be given up so someone else can have them.

Character List: Charaters are on first come first serve basis!!! so hurry!!!

:bulletred: Elena Gilbert - taken by :iconshaz532: (sorry I really want to be Elena lol but may give her up as I have never done a role play before and might not like it- so keep watch to see if she goes back up)

:bulletred: Katherine Pierce - taken by :iconsweeneybella: A vampire who had romantic relationships with both Stefan and Damon in 1864.

:bulletred: Stefan Salvatore - taken by :icongwen-worthingtonx3: A vampire who is involved in a romantic relationship with Elena.

:bulletred: Damon Salvatore - taken by :iconbanshee-x: Stefan's malevolent vampire brother who is intent on finding Katherine.

:bulletred: Jeremy Gilbert - taken by :iconthafr33killgod: Elena's adoptive younger brother, later revealed to be her cousin.

:bulletred: Jenna Sommers- taken by :iconthrowing-the-pebbles: Jeremy and Elena's aunt and legal guardian.

:bulletred: Bonnie Bennett - taken by :iconmad-jove: Elena's best friend and a witch.

:bulletred: Caroline Forbes- taken by taken by :iconkaisaina: Elena's shallow friend; daughter of the town's sheriff, Elizabeth Forbes.

:bulletred: Matt Donovan Elena's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend.

:bulletred: Vicki Donovan - taken by :iconpriestessofsuzaku: Matt's troubled older sister and girlfriend of Tyler and then Jeremy; turned into a vampire by Damon and staked by Stefan to protect Elena and Jeremy. (but we can keep her alive if you want!)

:bulletred: Tyler Lockwood Vicki's ex-boyfriend and Jeremy's rival; son of the mayor of Mystic Falls.

:bulletred: Alaric Saltzman Hired by Mystic Falls High School as a history teacher after Mr. Tanner's death; his wife Isobel was turned into a vampire by Damon.

:bulletred: Isobel Flemming-Saltzman - taken by :icontaylorhotner101: Alaric's wife and Elena's birth mother; turned into a vampire by Damon at her own request.

:bulletred: Sheila "Grams" Bennett Bonnie's grandmother and witch mentor. A strong guide in Bonnie's life. Died after performing a complex spell which opened the tomb.(but we can keep her alive if you want)

:bulletred: Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes - taken by: :iconluvmybezziem8s4eva: -   Caroline's mother, sheriff of Mystic Falls, and a member of the Founder's Council.

:bulletred: Mayor Richard Lockwood Tyler's father, mayor of Mystic Falls and a member of the Founder's Council. Mistaken for a vampire, he is trapped in a burning building and a vampire fatally breaks his neck. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: Carol Lockwood Tyler's mother and a member of the Founder's Council.

:bulletred: Logan Fell A local TV reporter and a member of the Founder's Council; killed by Damon to protect Stefan and unintentionally turned into a vampire by Anna; after killing rampage and nearly killing Jenna and Caroline, he was staked by Alaric. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: Zach Salvatore A human Salvatore-family descendant and a member of the Founder's Council; killed by Damon. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: William Tanner Mystic Falls High School's history teacher and football coach; killed by Damon. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: Emily Bennett - taken by :icongreyliongachi: (greylionGacHi - we have the same icon lol) Bonnie's 4th-great grandmother from the 1860's; a powerful witch and Katherine's handmaiden.

:bulletred: Pearl - taken by :icontwilightandfob: An apothecary and Anna's mother. A powerful vampire, she is 400 years older than the Salvatore brothers. Staked by John Gilbert.(we can keep her alive)

:bulletred: Anna - taken by :iconthehattersdomain:  Pearl's teenage vampire daughter and a contemporary of both Katherine and the Salvatore brothers. She began a romantic relationship with Jeremy. Staked by John Gilbert. (we can keep her alive)

:bulletred: Ben McKittrick A former high school jock and local bartender, turned into a vampire by Anna. Burned to death by Stefan. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: Kelly Donovan - taken by :icon6twigirl6: Matt and Vicki's wayward mother.

:bulletred: Frederick Another vampire buried under the old church and accidentally freed. Attempted revenge on the Salvatore brothers. Staked by Stefan. (we can keep him alive)

:bulletred: Johnathan "John" Gilbert Jeremy's uncle, Elena's biological father, and member of the Founder's Council. Killed by Katherine.

:bulletred: Lexi- taken by :iconjadeybabey77: one of Stefan's oldest vampire friends. Killed by Damon (but we can keep her alive)

Ok so that's the character list - if I have missed anyone pls inform me

Happy roleplaying :iconcheerplz: :wave: bye for now :blowkiss:

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