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Oneiromon Explorers of the Past cover


A cover for my original story, Oneiromon: Explorers of the Past!  I probably should've drawn this up ages before I uploaded the first chapter but oops- also I was going to wait until Wednesday to upload this but I have 0 chill and 0 patience so here you go

You can read the first chapter here! Oneiromon Explorers of the Past - Chapter 1 (please ignore the lazy/bad picture :'D the writing is what I spent time on!)

You can also read more about the story in general here!  Oneiromon Explorers of the Past cover + extra info

This will also serve as a chapter guide for the series!  So if you ever need quick access to a chapter for whatever reason, or you want a quick recap of what happened in a chapter, you can just refer back here!  (Also I'm really happy that I can just put this on my page to advertise the series instead of putting the artwork of the most recent chapter pfft)

The chapter list and the recaps are separate lists so that people bingereading the series aren't spoiled!

Chapter list


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19


Chapter 20

Chapter 21 

Chapter 22 

Chapter 23 

Chapter 24 

Chapter 25 

Chapter 26 

Recap list

Arc 1

Conqueror's general/Primary antagonist: Lord Tyrant

Highest level of transformation reached: Adult form

Main characters: Mich, Sarah, Devin, Triopmon, Amp, Llabu

Posted from: August 3rd, 2016 - February 23rd, 2017

Chapter 1 - Three self-proclaimed humans land in a strange land filled with strange monsters.  The humans are then promptly captured by two of these strange monsters.

Chapter 2 - The humans, Mich, Sarah, and Devin, are taken to a village filled with these creatures.  The village is soon attacked by one of the Conqueror's soldiers, who attempts to take the humans to his general.  Mich defeats him by partially unlocking the power of his Ancient Soldier.

Chapter 3 - The humans decide to leave the now-destroyed village, and are followed by two Oneiromon that go by the names Triopmon and Amp.

Chapter 4 - Wandering through the desert, the five are attacked by a group of anti-Conqueror wolf-like Oneiromon called the Neon Kaitsja.  Mich and Sarah are both knocked unconcious, and Devin single-handedly scares off the wolves by partially unlocking the power of his Ancient Soldier and degenerating one of the Neon Kaitsja.

Chapter 5 - The humans are tended to a few nurses, who turn on the three when they discover that they are humans.  The humans are forced to flee - or more accurately, Sarah is forced to carry Mich as they escape.  Devin agrees to care for the egg that was left over from the Kaitsja that he degenerated.

Chapter 6 - The group of five find themselves in a snowy tundra forest.  They are then attacked by one of the Conqueror's soldiers, or more accurately, one of Lord Tyrant's soldiers.  With Mich unconcious and Devin terrified of the soldier, Sarah steps forward to fight, believing that she'll transform just like the others.  However, she does not transform and is nearly degenerated by the soldier, and is only saved when a mysterious orange canine defeats the soldier.

Chapter 7 - After Mich wakes up and is caught up by the others in the group, they stumble into a village in the tundra.  There, they meet Mayor Canny, Llabu, and Ron.  It is also revealed that Llabu is the orange canine that saved Sarah earlier.

Chapter 8 - Mayor Canny doesn't react kindly to the revelation that Mich, Sarah, and Devin are humans - and this reaction is only intensified when Sarah accuses Llabu of being a human.  The humans and their two Oneiromon traveling companions are chased out of the village.  Again.  Additionally, Lord Tyrant's relationship with his soldiers and with his superior, the Conqueror, is revealed.

Chapter 9 - The group narrowly avoids freezing to death in a snowstorm and spends the night sleeping on a hill.  When they wake up, they are surrounded by Lord Tyrant's soldiers.  The soldiers, however, act friendly and offer to bring the humans back to the human world.  The humans accept the offer, and are lured to Lord Tyrant's lair.

Chapter 10 - After, to no one's surprise (except the three humans), Lord Tyrant turns out to be evil, he tries to kill - degenerated and smash the egg of - the humans.  The humans fight back, but are easily overpowered by the powerful general.  Sarah attempts to unlock the power of her soldier once again, but once again is unsucessful.  Thankfully, the humans are saved in the nick of time by Llabu, Ron, Triopmon, and Amp.

Chapter 11 - It's revealed that Princess Lily and her entire village (the village of Triopmon and Amp) were abducted by one of Lord Tyrant's soldiers.  The "important" prisoners - the mayor and his family - are sent to another general called Desiree, who is even more melodramatic and meta than Lord Tyrant.

Chapter 12 - The three humans, Triopmon, Amp, and Llabu visit a hidden temple that tells the full story of the Ancient Soldiers - that they were mysterious visitors from a distant land, presumably the human world.  They also discover that Llabu is also a human.

Chapter 13 - Ron reveals Llabu's real name as "Cameron" and then leaves for some reason.

Chapter 14 - Mich goes insane and tries to kill Llabu.  Thankfully Llabu is far stronger than he is.

Chapter 15 - Everyone needs to stop trying to murder one another, cheese and rice.  Sarah finally manages to transform while Devin, Mich, and Triopmon defend the tundra village from a rebel-turned-Conqueror's soldier.

Chapter 16 - Triopmon's claw is revealed to be permanently damaged.  After a bit of discussion, Triopmon and Amp decide to split off from the rest of the group and return back to their home village.

Chapter 17 - Overnight, Devin and Llabu are kidnapped by one of Lord Tyrant's soldiers.  A messenger from Lord Tyrant offers to take Mich and Sarah to the castle so that they can attempt to rescue the other humans.  Despite it obviously being a trap - as in, the bird flat-out said "Lord Tyrant is telling me to do this so he can kick your butt" - the two humans set off to rescue the others.

Chapter 18 - The two humans arrive at Lord Tyrant's lair, and are told that if they can defeat Lord Tyrant in battle, they can have their friends back.  It is clearly apparent within the first few minutes of fighting that Lord Tyrant is far stronger than the two of them, especially since Sarah is unable to transform once more.  While Mich distracts the general, Sarah finds Devin and Llabu and rescues them.  Infuriated by her ignorance of the terms of their agreement, Lord Tyrant amps up his power and nearly kills Sarah.  Thankfully she transforms just in time.  A little while after she does, Lord Tyrant stops fighting, complaining about how much he hates his job and the fact that he doesn't want to hurt Oneiromon anymore, and eventually kills himself.

Chapter 19 - The four humans return home, carrying both the black wolf's egg and Lord Tyrant's egg.  They inform the tundra village of what happened, then decide to rest for the rest of the day.  They also decide that they will return to the lair tomorrow to look for information on the Conqueror's whereabouts.  Devin's egg hatches, and he names the new Oneiromon Astrea.


Arc 2

Conqueror's general/Primary antagonist:
Lord Desiree

Highest level of transformation reached: ? (Arc in progress)

Main characters: Mich, Sarah, Devin, Triopmon, Amp, ?

Posted from: ? (Arc not started)


Oneiromon is C me

If you have any questions about the series, including questions about worldbuilding, creation process, and rating, please do ask!  I'll gladly answer any questions about the series - I love talking about my stories, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Additionally, if you have any feedback or critiques for me, I'd love to hear them!  I'm trying to improve my craft as best I can, but I need help from critique-rs, so please, I'd love to hear what you think of the series and what you think could be better~

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YESSS (tbh I'm really happy I finally drew a cover; I had such a hard time deciding on a good sketch to go with xDD)
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I know them feels. But yes, i'm glad to see this. It turned out really well. You get 5+ amaze points. 
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Ahhh thank you so much~! ;w;/