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Hey Guys.

We've been working in many things since the beggining of the year.
First of all, we're building our website where we'll post everything we're doing. We hope to have it running by the end of the month, it's going to be awesome =D.

Now let me show you a prototype of a new web comic we're planning right now.
This video is in Spanish, but we'll have subtitles soon, we hope you like the idea.
It will be a parody of anime (more like a tribute). It will follow the clichés of nostalgic animes from the 90's, but with it's own story.


Also, we're working on a new animated shorts series of a weakling in illegal fighting circles.
The series is called Knock-Out Joe.

Knock Out Joe - Joe by Team4Taken

We'll have more news soon about both projects.
If you like our work please check out our trailer, in it you can watch our most relevant projects.

Thank you, we hope you like it. =)
A little ShowReel of our most relevant work in 2013
We hope you like it =)

Hola hispanohablantes! aqui un video y un mensaje para todos ustedes!
A quien corresponda!
Please Support :iconjag-comics: by watching his new video!

BY: :iconjag-comics: 

Trial of the songbird part 3 is now on youtube!! click the… and suport us! your views helps!! ENjoy!
Hey guys, 4TAKEN Entertainment is developing a 2D action advenure side-scroller game about the aztec mythology called Aztec Xilo.

Right now we need support because we're heading to kickstarter soon, so we want to invite you to our Facebook to know a bit more, also you can watch us on DA as we submit art-work of Aztec Xilo in our Gallery and if you like us, you can support us and tell your friends.

Thank you.

Aztec Xilo on Facebook
Aztec Xilo on Twitter

We are Also working whit Mashinima on Bioshock's Fan-Fic animated series "The Trail of the songbird"  Your views HELP Too! THANKS for your Support!

Hey Guys... We're glad to be in DA after a long time. We're a group of friends who have just created a professional studio called 4TAKEN. We're artists, designers and animators and we hope you enjoy our workspace.