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StarFox is Dead

StarFox for Snes and StarFox 64 are the most awesome ship fighting games in history, we never get tired of playing with them and completing them time after time back at home, but since then, i feel there haven't been a single game nearly as good as those two, like if Nintendo didn't care anymore... so bad i think it is that they had to re-release StarFox 64 for the 3DS, pretty awesome too, but it's because is just the old one remastered. Well that's what we think... so we made this animation out of a joke we came out with while playing StarFox 64. Some may like it, some may hate it, some may find it disgusting, but well, it was made for the lolz and fun xD. Thank you.

All charaters in this movie are copyright by Nintendo.

Animation: Sergio Gerardo Tellez
Ilustrations: :iconjag-comics:
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I am still asking myself what exacly happend
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that freakin halarious! "you're becoming more like your father."
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Glad you liked it!!! =D
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no fox shouldn't die if some were to die is slippy sorry slippy but fox shouldn't die 
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Haha I saw this one on Newgrounds XD I think, some time ago! ^^
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we start the 2013 whit this!! we had very Good response on this one!!
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I can see why! :D
You're welcome! ^^
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I enjoyed adventures, but I understand alot didn't like it because it lacked air battles.
I think the real descent began in assault and crashed and burned in command :l
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I actually didn't like it because:
. The story wasn't good (too many plot holes and such)
. The acting was even worse than the 64 (lets face it, it was cheesy, still like it, though)
. it felt very pointless as a moment in the Starfox universe
. Kristal replaced peppy ;;
. It made no sense why Andross came back
. The game was adequate for Rareware's last Nintendo game
Sorry my opinion, maybe gameplay was good, not sure, but I just didn't like the game
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1. Yes, but the story even in Dino planet was uncomplete and i found plenty of holes in it too. Too many too list (even more than adventures). So if the main story that this was remade from had holes, then you would expect this to have some too. This is due to Nintendo being impatient and Rare being Lazy/uncaring since they were being bought out by Microsoft anyhow. There was suppose to be six temples, you would have saved Krystal half-way through and she would help you. Even Peppy/Slippy would come down and help. That's why the coverart shows them helping and yet they did not.

2. At least they kept the cheesy acting and girly sounding Slippy in the remake on the 3ds. That's a good thing... Right?...

3. Quite, but it did expand Fox's character. It would be naive if we expect him to spend his whole life in a ship. He would have came out eventually.

4. No. Peppy had quit before Krystal joined. You do know it had been 8 years between Lylat Wars and Adventures, right? And Peppy was already 45 years old in SF:64. So he was no spring chicken, or rabbit, so to say.

5. It also makes no sense that he turned himself into a giant brain. I guess when he said "Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!", he wanted it to be literal. But to me, that was his last ditch effort to revive himself and destroy Lylat and remake it into his image. The power of the Krozoa was keeping a planet together, so I would assume they could rip others apart. And really, Andross is basically Mario's Bowser. No matter how many times Mario (or even could use Link/Ganondorf here) stomps him, he comes back with a even more retarded plan/scheme.

6. Of course, I never said it was the greatest game ever. It's just not as bad as people make it out to be. I actually like Conker's Bad Fur day, but that was from the golden days when Rare actually cared and the original members made the games. When they remade it on the xbox, it was horrible. And don't even get me start on that banjo-tooie shovelware...

But I'm not sure how you can say maybe it was good. Did you even finish it? I actually did not like it either when I first played it just because of Krystal. I wanted only Fox and I thought I would have to switch between them. It sat in a pile of my games for almost two years before I even finished it to find out that Fox was still the hero ^^
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1. Agreed
2. Agreed, but while their voice-acting in N64 was classic, the acting in Adventures was even MORE annoying. The queen of the earthwalkers, AHH! Her acting is horrible!
3. Yes, but that could have been more effective in a stronger story.
4. Oh. Still preferred peppy as a teammate beside you, though.
5. At the same time, it isnt. Mario is an even more childish and mindless franchise (still great, though), of course they will bring back bowser. Star Fox, though it still has a childish atmosphere, had a little more consistency. If they are willing to kill off a character, they will. And since when have you seen Andross back since Adventures. It also still doesn't explain how he came back. How he was treated as a "God" and kept it a secret all those years. Also, does that mean all that magic religious stuff in that planet was a lie? If not, how does Andross have any connection with the stuff fox had to collect thats supposed to save the planet?
6. Agreed
7. I meant gameplay mechanics (how fox moves, fights, reacts with environment, etc)
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2. Yes, but I found the voice actor for Fox/Falco to be a lot more realistic instead of the weak voices of 64. And you would think that they would have improved on their voices on the 3ds port a little bit at least :l But in the end, the main cast is all that matters. At least I could tell that Slippy was a male in Adventures.

3. Like? I mean really, there's not much more they could do with Fox since it revolved around him avenging his dad. You can tell that too by the lack of games. Fox did not want to work for the military (yet he did everything they said on all his games o.O) chasing whatever little bad guy that popped up :l Apparently, he and Wolf share the same lust for greed as he only wants the high profile/paying jobs.

4. I prefer both of them myself.

5. But they haven't actually killed off a character besides the main villain (And he does reappear as a spirit in Command). And it was suggested in Command that Andross indirectly created the Anglars when he was doing his experiments. As there was a part between the main bosses talking with each other about their *creator*. So even when he's not the main enemy, he was still the cause.

I'm not sure where you seen he was treated as a God. The dinosaurs treated the Krozoa as Gods and the Spellstones is what kept the magic in check throughout the planet. But! Andross did tell General Scales that they saw him when he could not because, basically, he was too stupid to see him. He used Scales own greed for power to mask himself. He pulled the strings all along and Scales danced like the good puppet he was.
And even one of the Snowhorn said he seen a spirit on the planet (Not Krozoa spirit, but that of a deceased person). I imagine Andross had actually planned ahead in case some one did kill him. I mean, if he can make himself a giant brain without a body, why not have the knowledge to retain him self in a spirit form? He more than likely studied all the planets and knows more than Corneria about the whole Lylat System (Well, it wouldn't take much since they get wiped by every ragtag enemy. They even got slammed by Oikonny, and that's just sad). And he knew that he needed a pure heart to obtain the Krozoa when they were released and it's obvious that while he was more than likely waiting on Fox to stagger in (which he eventually did), that he saw Krystal as a catalyst of equal (or better because of her abilities) power.

7. Have you played SF: Assault? Now THAT is horrible mechanics. In adventures, I could move Fox on a dime and I loved the combo moves ^^ In Assault, everyone moves like robots. Don't get me wrong, Namco makes great Arcade fighting games, but they did horribly when it came to the Starfox universe. If Nintendo would quit letting every random third party (Esp Q games. I hate Command. They had good intentions when they tried in Starfox 2, but Command was a huge failure), and give it attention like they did SF: 64, we would have awesome Starfox games that could ACTUALLY rival Lylat Wars, ya know?
But I remember some one saying that Miyamoto said he didn't like Starfox (this was shortly after Starfox 64 too, not adventures or the others), but that was soo long ago that I can't find the article. But it makes sense, right? Do you see Starfox games coming out like the constant rehashed Mario or Zelda games? (Gotta milk those moneymakers...)
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Actually, in an interview, (forgot the entire story), Miyamoto says that he MISSES the Starfox series. Besides, he was the one who created it in the first place, he got inspiration from visiting a temple dedicated to a flying fox god.
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I know ^^ The arches are where he got the inspiration of a fox flying through them (That's what the first arches in the snes version was, if you pay attention ^^). Maybe he changed his mind as time went by, but as I said, it was after SF:64, not recently. Maybe he was bummed by not releasing Starfox 2 at the time since he thought the N64 would be out soon (And came 2 years after X.x).
It's quite obvious no one knows but him.
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We need to see a game for the Wii-U.
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Assault was a nice try to resolve the "Adventures" problem... (i don't think "adventures" is an awful game, although i didn't like it) and when i say problem, i mean the need of fans for the old ship-fighting genre instead of a canon based spin-off. But even though it's not a bad game, assault is nothing compared to the 64 and snes ones. That is why, we need a new "back-to-the-basis" Star Fox game... IMHO =/
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I had no problem with adventures. And no, it was not my first game. I had sf snes, and still own sf64 on the 64 xD

Canon based spin-off? Not sure what you mean.

Assault was ok but it lacked alot. More maps/room for arwings/tanks. Less robotic movements (I mean I play it then I play conker's bad fur day, and cbfd moves soo much more smoother in multiplayer. And I look at the gamecube and think, "wtf? Shouldn't they move better/more smoothly for a new system??").

They tried to go back to starfox 2 basics in command, and that didn't end well.
But I like a game that evolves rather than stay in the same stagnant state like say: call of duty/Mw or mario.
It is not rational that Fox would be in his ship his whole life. I would like to explore the other planets on foot, rather than just fly over them. The Lylat system is a very vibrant one. It'd be a shame just to stare at stars and cluster-f**k of enemies all the time.
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Canon based spin-off, i tried to say, like a spin-off game that is accepted as canon in the game story-line.
I understand what you said about a game evolving, and frankly, is an interesting way to build a franchise up. But i don't know if there is a formula or something, but not all games can be that way... sometimes it may work, sometimes it won't. Sadly for me, Star Fox is an example of experimenting in the wrong way, and then trying to go back but failing at it.
Sometimes games need to stay the same, just with one or 2 new things and variables. Like Zelda for example, the formula is the same year after year, but we all love each game, so is this, that fans still complain about Skyward Sword not being a real Zelda game. I think every game has an essence that developers should respect. You play Mario for fun, you play zelda for mistery and story, you play metroid for suspence and atmosphere, you play Star Fox for airships and non-stop action.

Well thats what i think, i don't want to sound like what i said is the absolute truth. It's just what i think. And i won't say that recent Star Fox games are crap, but certainly, i didn't like them, so... for me the franchise is dead and slowly rottening and we made this flash to express our opinion and for fun. x)
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Ya, but the other series I never truly care no where near as much as Starfox.
I just beat them and moved on. They have no real deep meaning/story (besides metroid, but I haven't played it, soo). Adventures added depth to Fox's character. We saw he can be whiny as hell but still has a good heart in the end. All we knew about him in Sf snes/64 that he was in his ship shooting things. And he had a extremely bland basic hero attitude, like Link/Mario. I mean Slippy had more character than him.

I mean here's the story of mario/Link: Oh no! The princess is kidnapped!. We must save her. The end. And really, that's why I haven't bought a Zelda game since windwaker nor a mario game since super mario sunshine. They look like nothing more than clones of the last one.

I'm not disrespecting your opinion and I agree the series is quite as dead as the McCloud you drew. But in the end, I see a lot of fans sorta like "What's going on?!?! I don't like change!!!"
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Don't worry, it's ok i don't mean to be disrespectful either. But you know what they say: "Different strokes for different folks". Some gamers care more for the story or character development, and it's ok. But, that's not exactly my case, i still enjoy mario and zelda games, they don't have story at all (bad guy doing bad stuff, princess in danger, go save the day), they don't have super deep character personalities, is just a game, i care more about gameplay and mechanics that lead a game to be really fun to play or as some say: "addictive". To this day i still play SF64 and i've beaten it lots of times. Story and meaning is awesome, in many games it helps the player to immerse into the world and meet the characters, like RPG's, but other times you realize that "less is more", that's why link doesn't talk and always starts up as a nobody. Sometimes you don't need story at all because the game is making it as you advance and the personality of the character, well is what you imagine, not what the game tells you. For some people Link can be: "Shit, do i have to do this??" for other people Link can be: "Don't worry good people, I will save you.". The same for Samus and mario, even the pokemon trainers in the games. A nice backstory is always welcome, but it's not everything in a game, a good game is based in good gameplay and good design. Story, graphics, music and other stuff is complementary. That's what i think. ;)
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I'm aware, but as I said, neither Mario/Link has held my interest enough for me to buy the new games since they all look like the last. Even Starfox 64, when I beat it, I moved on because it offered me nothing else to do besides multiplayer (which was alright, but even it lacked a lot) The only thing it offered me was to add to my high scores. But no one but you/your friends see that anyhow, unless you're obsessed enough to go around posting it here or there. So, ya, it had nothing to truly offer after your 7 planet run. I would say the only thing that kept me interested in Fox was super smash bros 64. He was a true tank back then. But adventures pulled me in to keep up with what happens in the Lylat system. I know little lore of Hyrule, but there's very little I don't know about Fox and the team ^^

I just want more bang for my buck than just a rehashed story line/game I played 15+ years ago replayed over and over and over. I liked super mario sunshine and I liked windwaker (and I like Midna, but I haven't played TP yet. Just for the fact she trolls Link from what I have seen) for them breaking tradition. Windwaker was fun with it's cartoon like graphics/humor and the sprayer was a nice change from just jumping. ALL THE TIME. JUMPMAN, FTW!

And another reason I liked Adventures was the graphics/music/ and overall gameplay. You couldn't just sit down and beat it in one hour like I could/have done on sf:64/snes/ or even assault.

I mean in reality, sf:64 is very short. You can beat the main (true path) in less than a hour if you know what you are doing. Then you start all over again. The graphics were great for it's time but compared to say, Ocarina of time or even Conker's Bad fur day (which was made to push the 64 to it's limits), it was lack luster.

But that's just what I think :D I know there's "hardcore" gamers that only care about the superficial details, but there are those that like the games for deeper reasons ^^ (And no. I'm not a porn obsessed furry. I hate furporn A LOT).
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JAJAJAJA... well as i said, different strokes for different folks. SF64 is very short from the start menu to the ending credits, as you said, but as lots of games, is not only that, the game is so well crafted that you can count with a replay value, you have different combinations of paths, different result on battles, more bosses. And well is rude of you to called me obsessed, i don't see where liking a game and having fun with it is an obsession, is not like SF64 is the only game i play.

With all respect, this is taking so long, and i don't see the point of arguing much, if you don't agree with me, it's fine, i won't try to convince you, neither defend my point of view, we're certainly different and there should be no problem, here is us just expressing what we feel in a funny short, nothing to really care about.

Thanks for commenting, is nice to see people that cares for videogames and characters just like us... in its own way though. =)
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I expected Peppy quote right from the beginning!

This joke is quite funny, even though it's gross.
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