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StarFox is Dead



StarFox for Snes and StarFox 64 are the most awesome ship fighting games in history, we never get tired of playing with them and completing them time after time back at home, but since then, i feel there haven't been a single game nearly as good as those two, like if Nintendo didn't care anymore... so bad i think it is that they had to re-release StarFox 64 for the 3DS, pretty awesome too, but it's because is just the old one remastered. Well that's what we think... so we made this animation out of a joke we came out with while playing StarFox 64. Some may like it, some may hate it, some may find it disgusting, but well, it was made for the lolz and fun xD. Thank you.

All charaters in this movie are copyright by Nintendo.

Animation: Sergio Gerardo Tellez
Ilustrations: :iconjag-comics:
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I am still asking myself what exacly happend