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Furries, or Funny Animals

Furries, or Funny Animals

Walt Disney and his Mickey Mouse puppet in 1950.    The word furry first came from somewhere in the 70's and 80's, and the whole idea of them first came from the late 1800's and 1920's, most notably Disney. They only grew so popular during the mid 90's and later into the 2000's with the rise of the internet. If you're wondering why it's so weird and bad, that's because you're more likely looking at the pornographic part of it, and to be honest, furry porn makes up about like 50% of all art in my opinion. I'm not hating furry porn. I just don't like the idea of it.    To make this charming, at first in the 1920's up to the 60's, furry art w



My name's Alex. I am an Asian-American with a so-called "Asperger's" my local school likes to call it. I do not tend to pursue drawing art as a career later in life, only as a hobby if you can say. I am also a PC gamer; My social links that I use on a daily basis are listed here: Steam Profile Link Because I only draw art as a hobby, I do not intend to make profit from it, regardless of me being a pauper or in a life crisis, that sort of thing. Then again, if you as a viewer wish to donate, that is completely optional. What do I do with those points? I can give core memberships, purchase commissions, or just gift them to another person, pre
That's not all of it.
These two here reflect my two years of drawing as I approached adulthood.

What are your opinions between foxes and wolves?

  |  9 votes
  • They're both cute ;P
  • They're both the same...
  • Foxes are better than wolves. (you disrepect me)
  • Wolves are better than foxes. (you disrepect me as well)
  • They're both equally good ;D
  • They suck~
  • (Your comment ;P)

Back to the Ask Grey series :P

  |  9 votes
  • Yeah!
  • sure
  • alright
  • Ok
  • whatevs
  • don't care
  • why?

Grey but the infant version, anybody? If yes, I'll draw...

  |  31 votes
  • YAS!
  • NAH!

Should I go back to the "Ask Grey" series? Or should I ...

  |  27 votes
  • Yes!
  • Yes! This time with Baboo!
  • Yes! This time with Lina!
  • Yes! This time with Young!
  • Yes! This time with Adina!
  • Yes! This time with Arc!
  • Yes! This time with Curi!
  • Yes! This time with Rin!
  • Yes! This time with Cruci!
  • Nope.

Should Baboo (

  |  26 votes
  • Yeah!
  • Maybe...
  • Maybe not.
  • Nah!
  • I don't know, man.