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DeviantArt, like any major website, is a perpetual work-in-progress—there will always be things to improve and innovate. Every day, we get tons of great feedback from the community, including a lot of ideas we want to see implemented too. In an ideal world, new products and features could be done all at once, but the resources needed to make those updates happen are finite. Because of that, we prioritize what to work on and in what order, so that various teams can align on what is being done and how, resulting in products and features being built and released effectively.

Many factors determine how things get prioritized, including our vision for the site’s future, technical needs and resources, community requests, impact a product or feature will have on the overall health of the community, and of course, data. The impact is especially important because of the vastness of the community—we have to make sure functional needs are met for professionals and hobbyists, sellers and buyers, deviants who’ve been members for 10 years and deviants who have just arrived for the first time.

We're committed to helping DeviantArt grow while listening to the community as we move forward. As such, we want to be more transparent about what’s currently being worked on. Current priorities include increasing activity across the site—fostering conversations in comments, on deviations, and in Groups—as well as improving moderation, spam prevention, site performance, and overall design. The following list encompasses the major projects we’re working on, and some of the projects that we will be starting on later this year.


A more consistent, seamless experience across the site is coming, with new features to unify the browse experience, and a feed for posts where you can interact and engage with your audience and artists you follow.

Pagination and Infinite Scroll

Status: In planning

Last year, we added pagination to Browse and Search. To further complete the pagination experience, we'll be adding it to Galleries and Favourites—while simultaneously improving and simplifying infinite scroll for Galleries. (Adding pagination to Galleries and Favourites was something we announced months ago, and we acknowledge it has been delayed beyond initial expectation.) We also aim to improve the overall infinite scroll experience, particularly as related to comments.

Layout and Design of Comments

Status: Continuous development

We’re focusing on improving comments in a number of ways, including exploring interface options so more comments can be seen on a single page. We’ve heard feedback from deviants regarding the size of comments feeling too large. As such, we’re looking into different ways of displaying comments so they feel more compact while also still visually distinct.

In addition to possible visual changes, we’re also going to introduce more functional features, such as auto-saving comment text as you type, an “Add new comment” box that travels with you so you don’t have to scroll to leave a comment, and a plain-text fallback for deviants on unsupported browsers.

Overall Size of Elements

Status: Continuous development

Updating the layout and design of DeviantArt will always be a continuous development process. One of our goals in response to community feedback is to make certain elements smaller and to fit more content on a single screen. Since the redesign launched, we’ve reduced the size of thumbnails on Browse, as well as the height of the header on Profiles. In addition to improving comments, we’re working on improvements to the Posts feed to make it more compact. We’ll continue to review the size of elements on other areas of the site as we move forward.


Status: Available to a small group of deviants

The new sidebar, a major update to DeviantArt’s homepage, will be released in the near future. Designed to unify the experience of Browse, Watch, and Groups, the goal of the new sidebar is to make it easier than ever to view, engage, and interact with art and artists on site, as well as highlight Topics, Daily Deviations, and most notably, Groups. This change has already been released to ~1,000 deviants for testing, and the gradual rollout will continue.

Posts Feed

Status: Released, more coming later

The Posts feed launched recently, bringing journals, status updates, and polls together in a single, easy-to-access place. In the time since its launch, we added the ability to post directly from the feed itself, making it a one-stop spot to create and consume content. We’ll be continuing to monitor how the Posts feed performs, as well as what additional tools and features can improve the experience further.

The feed view will be implemented on the Posts tab of Profiles in the future, to allow you to easily browse through updates, as well as comment on posts, or add them to your favourites without having to leave the Profile page.

Scheduling Journals

Status: In planning

Scheduling journals for submission was a feature available for use on the old version of DeviantArt, and it proved especially useful for Group contributors from various time zones submitting journals to their respective groups. While our teams are currently handling other tasks that are higher priority, the goal is to reintroduce this feature for both deviants and Groups early next year.

Literature Drafts

Status: In planning

It’s currently possible to save literature as a draft, but we feel that the process of doing so can and should be streamlined. As with scheduling journal submissions, this is a feature we intend to improve for ease, but for resource allocation reasons, it is currently planned to happen early next year.

Tagging Journals and Status Updates

Status: In planning

In the interest of providing a consistent search and discovery experience, we will be including journals and status updates on tag search results in the future. Resources require that this wait for the time being, but like the previously mentioned features, this is a feature change we plan to implement early next year.

Improve Site Speed and Performance

Status: Continuous development

Site speed and performance are important for any site, but especially one featuring the depth of art and artists of the DeviantArt community. As such, we constantly monitor performance, including speed and functionality, to implement optimizations. We’re aware that certain areas of the site, such as the Feedback dropdown menu and places with infinite scrolling, are particularly troublesome for some deviants. While we work to improve these known issues, we’d also appreciate specific feedback from those who encounter speed and performance issues.

If you are experiencing such issues, please specify what pages you are on when they happen, what parts of the page seem to take longer to load, how the page appears while loading slowly, etc. By providing these specifics, we’re better able to identify what might be causing problems, and in turn, it gives us the opportunity to then improve the site experience for you.


Encouraging activity among deviants is a priority, whether it be through recommending artists to follow, providing new ways to engage, or tools to find and discover art.


Status: First phase in development, more coming later

The Groups platform is a longstanding cornerstone in the community. However, the breadth of Groups and their needs mean that we have to approach potential changes cautiously. Care and time need to be given both to how Groups look and how they function. The admin areas of Groups are complex, and part of the improvement process will require analyzing what tools are most needed to make Groups work smoothly and efficiently. We’re working with a number of Group admins to define what the biggest needs and wants are to improve the Groups experience. As such, the current focus for Groups is on a visual uplift, but we’re in the early stages of development at this time.


Status: Continuous development

The new Chat launched earlier this year, providing deviants the ability to engage in real-time messaging with one another. As part of improving the overall Chat experience, we've already made visual updates based on community feedback—particularly in relation to making it easier to read and write long messages. Another update coming soon is preventing unread notifications from vanishing without first being read.

In the longer term, we intend to improve performance and add more functional features, such as a Chat-specific search tool, the ability to mark chats as read or unread, editing and deleting tools for messages, auto-save drafts, reactions, and an online status so you can show deviants when you’re available to chat.

Mobile App

Status: Continuous development

Improvements to DeviantArt’s native mobile apps have been happening throughout 2020, and will continue going forward. The goal is to bring more to the mobile experience, so it can match the functionality of the desktop experience, and that process began with improving search and discovery tools. Chat will be coming to the mobile app in the near future, as well as improvements to deviation pages, Profiles, and comments.


Status: Launching soon

We’ve got a brand-new feature related to badges coming very soon! This feature expands on DeviantArt’s popular badge system and awards deviants for sharing exceptional content. Stay tuned for details.


The importance of a healthy community is something we take seriously, and many of our planned changes and improvements are designed specifically to strengthen the wellness and activity of the community.

Moderation Improvements

Status: Continuous development

In July, we shared that we’re taking a proactive approach to moderation to remove policy violations before they’re reported to us, while still allowing deviants to report deviations for review. We continue to build and enact safety tools to protect artists and the community.

Fighting Spam

Status: Continuous development

The technology developed to improve moderation also helps us better deal with spam—a problem every site deals with. Spam primarily occurs through text in comments and notes, and those are our top priority when looking to combat it. We're working on being less reactive when it comes to spam, to remove it and ban spam accounts before they're able to negatively impact real deviants. We’re continuously changing and enhancing these tools to help improve your overall site experience.


Whether you’re testing the waters of offering commissions for the first time or are a full-time freelance artist, having tools that help you effectively monetize your art is important, and improved tools and payment options are on the way.

Improvements to Core Membership

Status: Launching soon

Core Membership currently provides a variety of features and tools for deviants to optimize their DeviantArt experience—including the new Core Lounge, a dedicated space for Core Members to interact with other Core Members with exclusive, curated digital content and tutorials from a diverse range of professional artists.

While Core Membership offers a variety of tools for various functions, different deviants have different needs, and we want to ensure that Core Membership can be flexible in fulfilling those needs. As such, we’ll be introducing new Core Membership packages that provide great features across the board, while also offering competitive digital fees and higher commission pricing options for artists looking to build a business through art.

Credit Card Payments for Digital Sales

Status: Launching soon

Ease of payment is an important factor when it comes to making digital purchases. In addition to buying with DeviantArt Points, deviants will also be able to use debit or credit cards to purchase commissions, Premium Content, and access to Premium Galleries.


Status: Launching soon

We feel that the process of purchasing from artists on DeviantArt should be simpler than it currently is. To that end, we’re working on an improved checkout experience, where commissions, Premium Content, Premium Galleries, points, and Core Membership purchases will all have seamless checkout flows, including full mobile web support.


Birthday Notifications

Status: Not in development

In the old version of DeviantArt, there was a section in the notifications page that let deviants know of other deviants they followed whose birthdays were upcoming. This feature has not been rebuilt on the new site, due primarily to a lack of engagement with these notifications.

We have noted that it is something some deviants would like to see again, and certainly we encourage you to continue to advocate for it if you feel strongly about it. Having said that, development resources are finite, and this feature would have to compete with other features that are higher priority in terms of engagement. As such, it’s not something we are currently developing.


This roadmap is being shared as a starting point, both to keep deviants in the know about what’s coming, and to affirm that we’re invested in making the site experience even better. We’ll continue to provide a high level of transparency about what is in progress and what is planned for the future, and routine updates will be happening consistently in the future.

We have a lot of work to do, much of which is already ongoing, but these are the first steps toward accomplishing even more. Thank you for being here with us as we progress into the future.

© 2020 - 2021 team
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Lightning-Fire97's avatar

when will in infinite art get back again? ¨YOU MIGHT LIKE¨

it's hard for me to find art. :(

napanap's avatar

Why can I no longer see the number of new views a deviation has had today?

PaperTsubaki's avatar

Please bring back the media bar / formatting toolbar for journals. These journals are hella buggy and it takes several minutes to do what I could do in 3 clicks before.

AshleyHellsan64's avatar

when are you going to add the ability to load more than 200 pages of results on your buggered search system? also bring back numbered pages for galleries and favouite

MarioStrikerMurphy's avatar

It woud be cool if we could have an infinite number of folders for organizing better our stuff...

Loki-Icon's avatar

when will you bring in the ability to move badges ???

radmetal2001's avatar

What happen to the notification you could once place mouse on it see the comments now you have to click it to see it.

SwordTiger8888's avatar

Question: is there an option in the app to not have dark mode????

Branka-Artz's avatar

While you're working on "scheduling journals" could you add "preview journal" as well. Also "disable comments" on journals would be a great help, especially group journals. Thanks :hug:

Oh yes, "Birthday Notifications" is a MUST, please :la:

Akyliom's avatar

Comment pagination is sorely needed still, the infinite scrolling in comment sections is horrendously laggy and takes forever to load.

Also please just bring back Stash Writer and make it more accessible to use again. This new Literature option is, quite frankly, pretty bad with how clunky it is, it isn't at all user friendly in the way that regular Stash Writer is.

I don't at all see the point in making Stash Writer not easily available when it was incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Pfaccioxx's avatar

Didn't this used to be posted to some group the DA Team made for the sake of getting feedback on site stuff?

PowerpuffObsessed's avatar

birthday reminders would be sick to have back, a lot of ppl I know miss them and birthday gifts don't happen as much due to this feature being gone, putting the birthday reminders back with result in more birthday activity absolutely!! <3

also, some suggestions:

  1. I think having pages on profiles would be awesome!

  2. the option to sort your gallery folders from 'oldest to newest' or wise versa in one click to be back

  3. the scroll option in faves back, before I could scroll over a bunch and put them all in folders, now I have to manually click each one to do that. the scroll back would be great!! <3

TheWilderCat's avatar

Agreed on every point!

Ser-GTS's avatar

Subfolders (for all) would be a big improvement

Loki-Icon's avatar

DA is not getting Bigger as most people who left did not close their accounts. Loads All around may 2020. The more you add the slower the site gets.

czoo's avatar

Agree that DA's simply un-sucking eclipse (hopefully) back to par with the previous revision.

There's way too many clicks in Watch to get to the same place. It's a little nonsensical to think everyone wants to see art in a "smart" phone format. I have a decent-enough-size screen to be able to display art, and to close a deviation one has to click an x on the far right then go 'back' on the far left. To delete requires going back to the top of the folder and to view one needs to click down into the specific folder. Then when the folder's empty, one still has to click a few more times to leave! There's wasted space at the top of the page, I can't display my favorites in (well in the past it was pseudo) random order, I can't omit 'featured' favorites, to navigate on my main page using my icon requires precise right-left/top-down mouse navigation to not leave the fcn box, ... and where did all the "saved" deviations I'd previously saved, go? Watch started me out with a blank folder.

Davinci975's avatar

the drag and drop is still crap its not working i cant move journals i had to come here to move them and old sites one was much much better

nightmare7234's avatar

Is anyone going to fix the All selection function? It’s been so slow or not even loading on the Safari version of this site’s Favorites, Gallaty, AND anything else on this site! It’s been like this for three days now!

YamaJun-Fan98's avatar

Can someone explain to me what this is about?:

Capture 4

I have moved all the deviations out of my Featured to make it more tidy, but for some reason it shows that there is one deviation left in the feature, but nothing is there.

Is this some kind of bug or something? I really want to remove it.

PaperTsubaki's avatar

Bring back the media bar, toolbar and intuitive journal system. This one is really clunky and not customization at all. What took me 10 seconds in Sta.sh writer now takes me 20 minutes in the new system. The journal is really claustrophobic and it feels too plain no matter how hard I try to format it since it takes too long to insert emotes / art and it glitches out every few seconds.

We like minimum clicks to insert emotes / images / centering etc.

The original system was ideal and this one feels like a massive downgrade. This should be top priority because this is worth leaving dA over for writers.

VixenDra's avatar

I moved all my important texts (such as commission info and ToS, lore, rules etc.) to google drive exactly the moment the original sizing and formatting disappeared upon the site's downgrade.

The current journals etc. are just impossible to read.

But ofc they know better and the broken new is always better than the working older, pppffft :v

PaperTsubaki's avatar
This exactly^^^^
I love the use of “downgrade” here because it really feels like a massive step down.
Ashleysonglover's avatar

I have another suggestion

May we have a 'folders options' button in our galleries and favorites that allows us to arrange deviation by date? (newest or oldest first).

ShadowRx's avatar

Thank you for restoring support for Pagination and 120 items per page. :)

Please address the RAM and CPU usage on background tabs as the scripts are causing Lockups and Crashes, with each and every open tab eating 300MB of memory and flushing out to the pagefile. We do not need/want pre-loads on tabs other than the one we are currently on! There is also no need to send changes to window metrics or poll for notices on EVERY SINGLE OPEN TAB. Please add a check for "document.visibilityState" before performing any EXPENSIVE or REDUNDANT operations: https://docs.w3cub.com/dom/document/visibilitystate/

(this is the #1 cause of instability on the site, and my biggest remaining frustration with the Eclipse UI)

Also, the current journal/literature editor is garbage- it doesn't support *.txt files and goes totally haywire after you try to paste text into it (every keystroke just inserts another dAmned winky-face ";)", you cannot delete them, and even clicking just makes more of the bastards!). It is completely unusable and should be rolled back to sta.sh writer until the bugs are worked out!

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