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Eclipse-Header (1) by teamNew Design. New Features. No Ads. Welcome to DeviantArt Eclipse. Discover a World of Art Dive into a reality where only one thing matters–the art.

Discover a World of Art

Dive into a reality where only one thing matters – the art. As the world's largest art community, over 47 million users and more than 370 million unique pieces of art, you can easily find what you're looking for, or stumble upon the art and creators that move you most. And the best part – no ads.

  • Use the powerful search to quickly find the art you love
  • View art in the highest quality with theater and full screen modes
  • Choose between a dark or light theme for your DeviantArt journey

Lose Yourself in a Community That Has No Limits

Connect, learn, and grow with the support of like-minded creatives. Join discussions, keep up with your favorite deviants, and pay tribute to the art or artists you admire most with comments or gifts.

  • Watch your favourite artists, join Groups and discussions, or send private notes
  • Catch up on all your account activity and correspondence through our updated Feedback page
  • Save any significant notifications – a meaningful critique or a funny reply – from your fellow deviants

Showcase Your Art and Literature

Share your visual art, your written work, and who you are in your new Profile. This is your home with dedicated pages for featured deviations, Galleries, Collections, Posts, and Shop. It's time to show the world what you're made of.

  • Make a daring first impression by selecting your header art
  • Go wild with the Custom section – add text and images to fully express yourself
  • Display your best work, journals, curated Collections, and more

Make the Switch

Ready to start exploring Eclipse? Simply click the toggle in the top navigation bar to make the switch!

Questions? Check out our Help Center to learn more.

© 2019 - 2021 team
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TanukiAngel's avatar

I tried adapting to this eclipse and it never worked, time to find better alternatives.

Lbat1901's avatar

Don't mind me, I'm just going through all of the comments after two years of eclipse being announced

Kotapi's avatar


this is a hot mess

KeIIion's avatar

Deviantart Eclipse sucks so much, how can i add a new Journal how can i change my profil like before?

Watcher, gallery, list, how cna i change that !!!!

TanukiAngel's avatar

so why the heck did you remove "newest"? No wonder people are finding newer sites as an alternative to deviantart nowadays. I swear this may slowly turn into Instagram 2.0

inquewolf's avatar

How are you supposed to see new art when the tab can't be found anywhere, that was the best feature cause it gave the ability to see new artist?

Vorestoryteller's avatar

Everyone wants to know why with all the limits in searches and stuff. If you don't reply soon, everyone will recommend everyone why they shouldn't use Deviantart, you guys will soon be out of business from it, and guess what, it will be your ignorance that will soon cause it.

My opinion, I hate how you can search through things like literature and art, it gets very annoying. This feature actually use to be a eclipse feature but for some odd reason, you guys removed it, leaving us unknown of the reason.

People enjoy the truth more then saying nothing, if you listen and reply, most likely the users might just understand, but NO, you guys are just going to drive everyone away. Companies that does that, get out of business later, I have seen it tons of times, just wait, all your hard work, wasted. You guys at Deviantart are quite pathetic programmers. Especially for making 2020 even worst, you covid worshippers. XD, I laughed hard when I typed that part.

You ignore this comment and don't reply in the next month then everyone will know you worship covid and are the ones the told people to buy all the toilet paper so no one has any. Guess what, people might just be mad at you to believe that just to get pay back and tell other people, and make a chain reaction.

emmechh's avatar

I don't know if it's just an issue with me, but I've wanted to try mentioning other deviants in the description of a deviation with the "@username" format but all it says is "no deviants found" which is just frustrating. But when I use this format when commenting on other deviations, it works just fine. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

Kiriel-Art's avatar

You're not alone, same for me u_u....

ndunsmo's avatar

No limits, my foot! I just found out the hard way that literature posts now have a character limit, a limit that, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't been posted anywhere! For the last 5 days, I've been trying to post my latest literature entry only to find out I had to remove the opening paragraph to do it! I could have found this out a lot sooner if the site told me there were too many characters, but no, all it told me was that there was an error posting it each and every time, giving off the impression that this was a temporary issue that I'd have to wait to see resolved! The fact that I can't make my annual animated films posts as long as I normally do is annoying enough, but I'm more annoyed by the fact that there is no indicator of this. I even sent you guys an email asking you to look into this issue 5 days ago and got nothing. Thanks for not telling me, guys!

Blaria95's avatar

This upgrade does have limits. When will there be MORE improvements? We are unable to use Internet gifs. Gifs of our own choice. There are writers on here, (me being one of them), and you are disallowing us to featrue gifs in our literature? WHY IS THAT? 😡😡😡😡

It seems you all have stopped your improvements of Eclipse, already. There needs to be more work done, to this upgrade.

KTV-Network's avatar

This update continues to be garbage. Now galleries womt even load for me past the initially loaded part, because infinite scrolling is fucking terrible and you only added pagination for searches you fucking eggs

thesullenspirit's avatar

I’m back again, ✨get fucked✨, we still ✨hate it✨

czoo's avatar

Instead of those that didn't ask for the eclipse crapfest explaining why they don't need it, why doesn't DA justify why they feel so self righteous as to dictate how artist have to display their art?

czoo's avatar

eclipse sucks; ... someone said give constructive feedback, ... it takes more clicks to walk thru one's watches (and exiting watched folders), in watches when there's no art in the folder I still have to back my way out of the folder, when I exit a folder I have to click on an x on one side of the screen and close from the other far-side of the screen, viewing watches in large format doesn't allow deletions, DA forces my art to be presented as dictated by DA, I can't have my favorites appear in (well it was pseudo) random order, chat & notifications are placed on my page such that I have to carefully pull the cursor diagonally to avoid exitiing the fcn, when looking at a gallery the images appear margin-to-margin (which is fine) however hovering over a file (remember its all pictures margin-to-margin) the picture I'm guiding the cursor too is made darker than viewable, DA previously allowed me to "save" images to a saved folder - DA deleted all folder and the art in lieu of the new saved folder, I don't want/need a cover image. There was also no need to force this eclipse crapfest (in what context is crapfest ever a good thing), on us!!!

JojoDaggerback's avatar

Adding to the reasons why DA Eclipse sucks,

Browsing the site is a lot worst than before because every image is so fucking huge and menus are confusing to say the least.

Art image from fellows deviants STILL don't scale properly when opened, if you wanna see a image in their right size you better off downloading the image and opening it in you computer than using DA native features

thesullenspirit's avatar

Adding to this!


-got rid of one of my FAVORITE features, which was filtering search results by category (digital art, traditional art, photos, etc.) and it makes finding what I want SO MUCH HARDER

-the website on mobile in general is just. Such a hot mess lmao

-the favoriting system is worse now

-it’s a blatant ripoff of artstation. Like holy shit.

-got rid of pretty much all customization, which was the whole reason people got core.

AzuraZephyr's avatar

I'm new to discord..

could anyone tell me why I can't upload my Avatar (profile pic)

YukisDeviant's avatar

Tbh, Deviantart looks bad without green...

streetgals9000's avatar

Everything looks bad and boring.

KateBC20's avatar

I´m new here and I don´t understand the hate of many. As for me as an art newbie, this was extremely helpful.

NintendoFan380's avatar

If people hate Eclipse so much, they should at least give constructive feedback instead of severely lashing-out with swear-words and wishing bad things happening to DeviantStaff with torture/death-threats! This is seriously fucked up! :shakefist: :rage: :no:

I do find it questionable why team removed the switch between DeviantArt's old layout before Eclipse was completed at it's final stage, but come-on! As much as people are allowed to hate Eclipse (since it's just an opinion, supposedly enough), DeviantStaff have a reason not to listen to the community. If people go salty & severely agressive about their hatred against Eclipse, that is being disrespectful and goes beyond the boundaries & limits on how angry can you react to DeviantArt's decisions.

You don't have to like/love eclipse, nor dislike/hate it as a whole, just give DeviantStaff some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback so that they can improve DA's Eclipse layout, because if you react very intensive with getting things uglier than ever (the more you go overboard), it doesn't make you a better user than whoever came-up with this entire "eclipse-change plan/idea" in the first place, not at all!

And like I said, I'm not saying you have to stop disliking DA Eclipse, all i'm saying is that if you want DeviantStaff to make DeviantArt a better place than it has been these past few months again, you gotta be CALM 'n' RELAXED! Don't go overload with those insults, you know what I'm saying?!?

*sigh*, Sorry for my rant lasting this long. Yeah, without further ado, I sure hope DeviantArt's fanbase will eventually get a grip and stop reacting so inappropriately rather than refusing to send constructive feedback! If it doesn't stop ever, then it's not my problem at all, nor is it DA-team's problem either.

I rest my case, capiche!

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