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Published: March 6, 2019
Eclipse-Header (1) by teamNew Design. New Features. No Ads. Welcome to DeviantArt Eclipse. Discover a World of Art Dive into a reality where only one thing matters–the art.

Discover a World of Art

Dive into a reality where only one thing matters – the art. As the world's largest art community, over 47 million users and more than 370 million unique pieces of art, you can easily find what you're looking for, or stumble upon the art and creators that move you most. And the best part – no ads.

  • Use the powerful search to quickly find the art you love
  • View art in the highest quality with theater and full screen modes
  • Choose between a dark or light theme for your DeviantArt journey

Lose Yourself in a Community That Has No Limits

Connect, learn, and grow with the support of like-minded creatives. Join discussions, keep up with your favorite deviants, and pay tribute to the art or artists you admire most with comments or gifts.

  • Watch your favourite artists, join Groups and discussions, or send private notes
  • Catch up on all your account activity and correspondence through our updated Feedback page
  • Save any significant notifications – a meaningful critique or a funny reply – from your fellow deviants

Showcase Your Art and Literature

Share your visual art, your written work, and who you are in your new Profile. This is your home with dedicated pages for featured deviations, Galleries, Collections, Posts, and Shop. It's time to show the world what you're made of.

  • Make a daring first impression by selecting your header art
  • Go wild with the Custom section – add text and images to fully express yourself
  • Display your best work, journals, curated Collections, and more

Make the Switch

Ready to start exploring Eclipse? Simply click the toggle in the top navigation bar to make the switch!

Questions? Check out our Help Center to learn more.

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Sabi-Cat-13's avatar
Sabi-Cat-13Hobbyist Digital Artist

Please allow us to search for groups while on our deviation pages, so we can add them to groups that don't show up in that short list. You claim the new Eclipse is better but you're literally taking away features

Nocturnaliss's avatar

Disclaimer: I enjoy Eclipse. Not gonna throw hate at you, only site-related frustrations.

A suggestion I've already made, now with a visual aid.

PLEASE allow us to resize the watch. This is what I have to do to make my watch visually manageable on my 1920*1080 screen:

Resize plz

50% zoom out. I shouldn't have to change my browser setting for one site. Everything on DA has become way, way too huge, and don't be fooled: artists upload from desktop primarily, not from mobile. We check our messages from mobile.

And speaking of checking our messages, I ran into a very good comment on Reddit that you ought to take into account:

Comment reddit

I feel exactly this way, and this would fall in line with what I've seen from people I watch, who have been complaining about drastically reduced views on their pieces.

Guys, you have to admit the current notification center is a literal pain to use. You use it too. None of you can tell me they actually enjoy having to click multiple times to get anywhere, or to not see how many notifications they get in a given stack (if it shows like there's none, why should I check them?). Everything has been made so much harder for people who create and submit that this will be the reason they leave. Or throw hate at you.

I do enjoy Eclipse and am truly hoping to see it get improved. I've actually been coming back now that I know everyone sees the site the same way. But it's still broken in ways it shouldn't be for a UI imposed on a majority of people who didn't want it and used the old!DA until the very end (which is actually the majority of my friends and watch).

It's up to you now to listen and salvage this shipwreck. I mean, adding images and gifs to comments? I LOVE IT. But this isn't a social medium, it's an art site. It needs to be functional as an art site. It currently isn't. And Eclipse is killing the social aspect of DA by making it incredibly hard to keep in touch with people. This is how you will lose to a competition that, yes, is preparing itself to appear.

winnofwin's avatar

two things where did "more like this" go and how do i just get a literature when i'm searching

SuperMemerNTG3's avatar
SuperMemerNTG3Student Digital Artist

yeah when i go to the top 3 collections it's just compilations of the artist

Nocturnaliss's avatar

Search for 'literature'. All text.

Though I'll be first to admit this Search button is not functional. I typed in 'story', and got nothing but visual art :roll:

Blaye-Hatsuki11's avatar
Blaye-Hatsuki11Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for changing the arrows back to a 'drag and drop' when organizing deviations.

Maybe you guys are listening after all...

PurpleFoxKinz's avatar

I'm able to edit my deviations and notify my Watchers of any updates of the art still, but I no longer able to Notify my Watchers when I make edits to my Journals, which I really need to be able to do for when I make changes to my commission journals, etc

. Could you please add the Notify Watchers option to Journals again? (to both Journals made after and before Eclipse. This costs me potential new clients.)

Also, Journals I made before Eclipse now are only editable in Stash Writer. Please help?

DysfunctionalBunny's avatar

My notifications don't notice me about the activity of the anothers users. BUT since the Eclipse doesn't let me upload my art, my submit button is totally glitchy! The only way that I can upload something is through the Sta.sh... I hope they fix these glitches, this sucks.

Elegant-Designs's avatar
Elegant-DesignsHobbyist Digital Artist

I absolutely hate how you guys have forced this new design on us. It's very hard to navigate and now I can't tell what photos are stock, photography, etc. This is probably the worst designs I have ever seen, I feel like it's very cluttered and I don't know how to find the stuff I'm looking for. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO CHANGE IT BACK! I understand that some people may like it, however, it appears a lot us don't and we would all be happier if we're able to choose how we want.

CaptnBlitz's avatar
CaptnBlitzHobbyist Digital Artist

I have never in my whole life seen such a godawful, un-intuitive, confusing, terrible, ugly design get forced down the throats of so many users because the company that made it is ignorant of what its users actually want or need. First of all, what happened to the one-click notifications button at the top right? Now you're separating notes entirely and making feedback its own separate page too? Why couldn't keep it the way it is so you'd click one button and instantly see everything from everyone you're following AND the stuff people send to you? And whatever happened to just landing on the front page and seeing stuff from people I'm following?? The recommended for you thing doesn't even work! I don't get "recommended" stuff I'm interested in for you, and too I used to just go to the main page to see my followed deviants, like you'd do on Patreon, YouTube, Twitter or literally any website at all. It means there is nearly no point to following deviants.

And it's not like the new design isn't pretty either. We like having options. Looks are subjective, some people might like this sure but I'm one of the THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE that HATE IT. Give us the options to choose what works for us instead of forcing an option on us HOPING we work for IT. I was considering coming back to DeviantArt after so many years but now this has eliminated any motivation for me to even use the site. It's confusing, it's irritating... I'd rather just stick to Patreon or the other platforms artists went to where there is far better layout to navigate.

Nocturnaliss's avatar

What baffles me is that the staff must be using the same 'notification center' as we do. I can't begin to believe they find it functional. You have to be an insanely chaotic person to enjoy it. I'm a chaotic individual, and all the clicking and confusion is driving me up a wall.

CaptnBlitz's avatar
CaptnBlitzHobbyist Digital Artist

If you're talking about where you get your feedback alerts such as when somebody replies to you and stuff, it's actually not that hard to navigate at least for myself. The irritating part is that it's isolated from the rest of your "notifications". It's like having a car or a computer in perfect condition, just with all the parts dissembled. Before you clicked on your notification icon and you saw everything; your followed artist's new content AND feedback to your content. Even if you click on "Watch" now which I guess is supposed to show you the newest content from your artists you STILL don't see everything you can to go and click on "all" and it's little things like that that just make the experience frustrating.

Nocturnaliss's avatar

I find it hard to navigate because it's unclear where you got notifications, and where some are. Even knowing where they are (like group notifications), I get confused as to what's where. And if you only look at the little social-media-like notification pop-up, you'd think you have almost no notifications at times. The logic with which they separated things is unclear, therefore confusing. Quite like you mention: like having a machine in perfect condition, but disassembled.

That's what I meant by not understanding how staff can find this 'notification center' functional. No one in their right mind can. Yet here we are, stuck with it, and they've had a year to address these issues and still haven't - and likely never will.

teahousevagabond's avatar
teahousevagabondHobbyist Digital Artist

PLEASE make eclipse optional for users. I understand that some people like it, but I find the site totally unnavigable and poorly designed. I won't be posting art here in the meantime.

ColourMan59's avatar
ColourMan59Student Artisan Crafter

Thanks DeviantArt. You now forced a web design onto us which its revolting design rivals that of Digg Ver. 4. You could've listened to your followers on the issue, but now I see that all you do is when you listen from the right ear, it just passes through the left ear.

Is this really what you wanted?

ArtBlaze73's avatar
ArtBlaze73Hobbyist Digital Artist

LISTEN TO YOUR USERS DEVIANTART. We tried telling you before the switch that it wasn't good. Please for the love of anyone hear us out and change this or fix all its problems! I have had tried to move over but it is not usable. This interface is abysmal and it is NOT my DeviantArt. If you lose traffic and users it is your whole fault. You're all the ones who did not hear the screams and you will be buried.

SnakePerils's avatar

Eclipse is one of the worse designed websites in history

RogerHyde's avatar
RogerHydeHobbyist Artist

Give us at least the possibility to turn off Eclipse. A lot of us don´t like it.

RikkiWrsl's avatar

This new Eclipse format is the worst I have ever seen,, please give us the option of using the old format

smudged--lnk's avatar

I don't use this site for anything, and haven't for over three years, EXCEPT for accessing f2u pixels and profile decor for other sites - So that I can properly give credit to those artists who spend their time creating for the benefit of other people who then most likely do not give credit and blatantly steal art.

The last time I had visited this site, the 'eclipse' theme was in beta, and I could at least turn it off and access the regular old format. But now I have no idea what is trying to be done here... Nothing was broken before, and especially nothing has been fixed, in fact, it looks like absolutely NOBODY on this site is benefiting from this disaster. Sure, sites go through maintenance and minimal format changes and updates, which of course comes with however much push-back the community will give.

However, this new format now allows for absolutely no one to understand where anything is, how anything works, or why, really... And overall looks to be just an incredibly negative experience for everyone still here.

Again, I have not been active on DeviantArt for the last three and a half years, and I'M offended. If you want to repel creative users faster than you would repel passengers by open-mouth coughing on a subway, this is how. Continuing to ignore the very loud, visibly upset and persistent feedback of your own community by agreeing amongst each other or maintaining the thought that this change was a good one helps absolutely no one.

DeviantArt users, if you've stuck around thus far and have even a shadow of a doubt about this sites actual care or concern with it's communities' best interest, I suggest it's perhaps time to move on. There are plenty of other sites that allow your art to be shared and your voice and concerns to be heard.

FireCook's avatar
FireCookHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, I don't really mind the Eclipse thing because something bothers me more now. No one can buy anything from my profile by commissions. It says that "An error has occurred. Please try again.". Unfortunately, I've been trying a lot of times now and still nothing. What's up with that.

lizzy-dark-rose's avatar
lizzy-dark-roseHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit y’all are actually deleting comments. This was over 9k today at 9am and now at 10pm it’s at 6k, and the 20 notifications I had surrounding my two comments are gone now. Really deleting criticism in an attempt to bury your horrible blunder of a re-branding? Good luck. They’re coming faster and in greater numbers than anyone could ever keep up with. This change sucks.
trumi's avatar

Help ! How and where can I see the new artwork of people I watch ?

It used to be as clear and as obvious as day !

Allow us to alternate between the eclipse and the classic layout !!!

anonymous's avatar
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