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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is @TheOneWithBear!

Princess Mononoke

What pulls you to create art?

I’m pulled towards art for the torturous lifestyle, of course (*evil laughs*). Joke aside, art is my form of communication. It is a way for me to connect with others emotionally, as I often don't feel like words can express much of how I feel. Through art, I've been able to bond with others who share the same interest in manga, anime, video games and self reflection. I create to get to know myself.

Were you always creative growing up? Has any part of that art stayed with you throughout your journey?

I grew up in Taiwan and we had heavy anime/manga influences from Japan. I used to fill sketchbooks with wide eyed anime girls and fanart of Naruto (Gaara...to be specific). Anime and manga are still a part of my life to this day.

If you had to describe your style in 5 words or less, how would you do it?

If I had to describe my style in 5 words, I’d say, “Having no style is style.”

What are your thoughts on an artist's "Style?" How does one find it? Does it change?

I feel that we get too fixated on finding a style. Style is a natural evolution of experimentation. My interests change, I get bored of doing the same things easily as well. I used to feel like I NEEDED a style to be acknowledged. Turns out, having fun with what I do and not forcing myself into a style is what accelerated my career.

How has art changed your life?

Art has changed my life by giving me a community and friends I can trust and grow with.


What are your favorite themes to create around?

When creating, I enjoy working in an eastern culture and aesthetic but I don’t aim for any particular theme.

What do you love about the art community?

Many artists are empathetic beings. I love that we share our vulnerabilities and find strength from each other.

When streaming, what atmosphere do you aim to create? Why is that important to you?

When streaming, I try creating an environment that is as close to my true self as I can. The good side of me and the bad. Having streamed for 5 years, I've realized there are many things I'm not capable of doing for a prolonged period of time. I get burned out while pushing for things that many may consider as "positive", but not organic to my own personality. If I am to sum up my aim, it would be "honesty".

What changed in your art when you started streaming?

Everything changed when I started streaming (chuckles). I had stopped doing art for 8 years. Streaming was what brought me back to art.

Has there been a piece (or series) that marked a turning point in your art? What is it? Why?

My portrait of Mystique was a milestone in my art, pushing me into painting with more textures and colors. I've always loved traditional oil painting and the palette knife look. I combined it while trying to capture Mystique's transformation effect from the movies, and came up with a look that many now recognize me for.

Fanart Friday - Mystique

What does it mean to you to be in the DeviantArt Collective?

Quite frankly, I'm still shocked about being a part of the DeviantArt Collective. I feel... validated and moved that the team would select the lil ol' me to be part of this. It is truly an honor. I think the most meaningful aspect is that they recognize many different stream styles, that mine is just as valid as the others. I wish, through being part of the Collective, that many aspiring streamers can also feel at ease doing what it feels to be authentic to you, rather than trying to copy what everyone else is doing.

Who are three artists on DA that you think are awesome and people should watch? Why?

@MyCKs does absolutely stunning traditional ink pieces, which always has a soft spot in my heart. So much energy and movement in her pieces.

@Yutaan's intricate paper crafts always inspire me. Her use of textures and colors strike the perfect balance.

@Jungshan, a Taiwanese artist (YAY) whose Chinese ink pieces are just jaw dropping. The authentic Asian art style never fails to catch my attention.

What's a memory you have from being on DA?

A memory I have from being on DA was my Queen of Heart piece being featured as Daily Deviation! Definitely a shock for a tiny artist like me back then, waking up to seeing many more watchers, comments and likes.

How do you set goals for your art? How do you make sure you never stagnate?

I set goals for my art by not setting goals! :D I'm a very impulsive type of person and must go with what I'm feeling like at the moment. If I feel like doing traditional art today, even if I had plan to finish a digital piece, I must change that plan! The "no rule and no discipline" mindset oddly puts me at a lot of ease, and I create better when I feel no stress.

This also prevents me from feeling stagnant because I jump between different things constantly.

For those wanting to dive into art, what's one piece of advice you could give to them?

Remind yourself what is fun to you and why you do art to begin with. Get tired of practice and "getting good"? Then don't! Go back to your comfort zone and draw what's fun. Do what you can to maintain and remember that passion. Art never needs to be perfect to be relatable, to inspire, and to connect.

Cat Cafe

See more of @TheOneWithBear's art in her DeviantArt gallery!

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Wheph's avatar

TheOneWithBear has always inspired me to keep working hard! Thanks for your honesty! I relate to your art process, switching from project to project keeps me on track...so far 😅

DiamantesPerfections's avatar

I love Mystique's look and the paint detail behind it!

Storm-Spryzen's avatar

Deviant art always interviews digital artists never artists who draw.

Granitoons's avatar

Digital artists still draw, but I agree we need more love for traditional artists. And cartoonists!

DiamantesPerfections's avatar

Thats pretty disrespectful don't you think? They create beautiful art and for you to only point out that sorta discredits her talents, especially since anyone can open an art program, but not all can create like someone else or with such skill. take it up with DA directly instead of commenting pretty envious sounding stuff on someone else's tribute to success.

Thatiscoolok's avatar

tbh im waiting for them to showcase the weird side of the site

Storm-Spryzen's avatar

ya but they usually interview digital artist

DiamantesPerfections's avatar

You obviously missed the point of my argument but okay if its such a big deal🤚🏼🙄

Storm-Spryzen's avatar

should we end it now?

Scalycopersicon's avatar

Ofc, everyone knows that digital art don't require drawing, it even creates itself by itself. Wow !

Joke aside I think you meant traditional art ? You'd be surprised about the amount of art that looks like digital art but in fact really is traditional on here^^

Davinci975's avatar

great art on a crap site

TheOneWithBear's avatar

Thank you DA for always asking insightful questions that made me think and reflect on my own journey and growth! Really happy to be able to share my thoughts with you guys.

DestinieKirby's avatar

Awesome interview full of wisdom~ <3

TheOneWithBear's avatar

Aw thank you so much for reading!

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