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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is @PixiePowderPuff, one of the members of the DeviantArt Collective!


If you had to describe your style in 5 words or less, how would you do it?

If I had to describe my style in five words or less, it’d probably be: ‘Clean, Shiny, Curvy, Soft, and Cute’.

What are your thoughts on an artist's "Style?" How does one find it? Does it change?

Art style is something many aspiring artists yearn to have. However, I believe many of those young artists probably have a style already forming. My experience has been having others tell me what they think is unique to my style, and over time I started to see what they meant. An artist’s style is naturally developed by their interest, personality, and their motivations. Although it takes time, one can mold and change their style by practicing and incorporating the desired changes into it.

Purple and Gold

Who are three artists on DA that you think are awesome and people should watch?

@Mr--Jack has been one of the biggest inspirations to me and his art has always pushed me to improve my techniques. There is so much you can learn by looking at his art. It's a delight to analyze and see how he distributes details and areas of rest throughout a piece. Amazing artist!

@reiq is another big inspiration to me! If you like pin-ups, I would recommend you check him out! He draws beautifully stylized figures with strong gestures and life! There is a lot to learn from his use of forms and shapes in his pieces.

@Nesskain is an inspiring artist to follow! His anatomy and stylizations are killer! Beautiful scenes, especially the ones that capture a slice of life feel. You can’t help but feel creative looking at his work.

Where's Mommy?

What's a memory you have from being on DA?

One of the most memorable DA experiences was when I participated in my first DA art contest for the movie “Insidious 2”. The picture was titled Where's Mommy, and my goal was to draw a creepy scene with strong colors/lighting. My submission made it to the semi-finals, and I was awarded a core membership for six months. This was at a time in my artistic journey when I was interested in becoming a concept artist, so this recognition was a big deal to me. This experience pushed me to put myself out there and encouraged me to try something new.


For those wanting to dive into art, what's one piece of advice you could give to them?

Most artists, while in their process of learning and improving, will go through phases of not liking their artwork or even thinking it’s bad. Don’t beat yourself up! In my opinion, it means you have high expectations for yourself. You need to catch up your hand skills to your mind's eye skills. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and just try to enjoy the process. It takes time, repetition, and the will to push through. <3

See more of @PixiePowderPuff's work in her DeviantArt gallery!

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Do you like powerpuff girls?

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i still hate the update

Oh my gosh that's my Mom! (Not really but I feel like she's definitely a person who has nurtured her community and we're all just a big family) I haven't been a follower since the beginning but I have gotten to see her grow and come a long way in so little time. A few months ago she became partnered on twitch and now she's being featured on DeviantArt! Keep shooting high pixie, no matter where you aim that Bow of yours, your arrow will hit its Mark🤗

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Nice interview with amazing artist! Thank you!!

And yes! "...just try to enjoy the process." <= Can't agree more!

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So stoked to hear from @PixiePowderPuff and learn a little of what's behind her art!

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