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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is @Owlyjules!

Flowers for the Liar princess

If you had to describe your style to someone who had never seen your art, how would you describe it?

If I was asked to describe my art style, I would describe it as “soft fairytale”. Old vintage storybooks have really influenced my aesthetic choices along with more modern works, like Studio Ghibli and The Last Unicorn.

What feelings do you most enjoy evoking with your art? How do you endeavor to do this?

I always try to evoke a feeling of comfort and softness in my art, mixed with a little bit of mystery. I want everything I draw to tell a little story! Especially in my full illustrations, I want the viewer to feel as if they stumbled into the middle of a story!

The piano room

You've created a series of rooms. What does this series grant you? In your mind, are these all part of the same estate?

My room series is probably one of my favourite personal projects! I am a Senior Layout Artist for animation but I had noticed that I never got a chance to draw backgrounds in my personal style at work. This series was created from my desire to design a “Magician’s House” where all of the rooms had their own personalities. All of the rooms are the kind I would love to spend time in.

What challenges or freedoms do you find when creating with watercolors? How long have you been working with them?

I started working with watercolours about seven years ago while finishing college, after watching a classmate paint with them. I was so charmed that I got some watercolours right away and I just continued experimenting with them. I would say its challenges are equal to its freedoms; it demands a lot of practice, and it can be unpredictable, but at the same time those happy surprises can create the most interesting effects!

Wisptober day 28 - Radiant

Your colors are instantly grabbing. How do you approach colors for a piece?

More often than not, I will create a few digital mock ups of the colour palettes before painting, to settle on the mood of each piece. I love bright colours but, more importantly, I want the colours to work harmoniously. I would say that it is not until the very last stages that I can tell if the colours are working or not, and I can spend hours adjusting until I am happy with them.

Have you ever been in a rut or had artist's block? How do you get out of it?

Oh, I have blocks so often! It’s hard and demoralizing but every time it seems like it was just a sign for me to rest for a little bit and let ideas come back to me naturally rather than try to force them. I normally play video games, putter in my garden, or try a new art medium to help it pass!

Unicorn and Fire

As an animation layout artist, what is one piece of advice you had when you were beginning your art career?

To be more confident in myself! It sounds cheesy and it is still hard to follow that advice even now, but by being more confident in myself, I feel more free in what I can create.

See more of @Owlyjules' work in her DeviantArt gallery!

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DestinieKirby's avatar

Beautiful art style and wonderful feature :D

G-ravenimage's avatar

Very well deserved feature. Your art is gorgeous, Owlyjules!

outlire's avatar

Congratulations @Owlyjules! It's nice to see someone I know or have been watching for a long time be featured. @team made a good choice for feature and is right that she is a good artist.

Owlyjules's avatar

Aww thank you!

drachenmagier's avatar

Oh, gods, first thing I see is the Liar Princess And The Blind Prince fanart and I feel the trauma of THAT game creepy back into my brain. xD Ah, marvelous experience~!

@Owlyjules I saw quite a few works from you on dA before and your soft watercolours always just make me happy to look at~. :heart: Happy Surprises indeed~.

Owlyjules's avatar

Thank you so much!!

Owlyjules's avatar

Thank you so so much for the feature!:D I am so glad so many people enjoy my art!

ggMattB's avatar

Thank you so much for being an amazing interviewee! It was our pleasure to feature your work and share your story.

AlexanderPaupoff's avatar

Been following this artist for a while now, and I'm always taken aback by the beauty and flow of their art. I love their advice about art-blocks... just moving away can create the space for new perspectives :heart:

amy-pls's avatar


It's soooo pretty and cool

Kirby Jamming

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Wow! What an amazing art!! :squee-love: - PLZ She is really fabulous!!

Wisptober day 24 - Orchestra


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My pleasure indeed!!

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The artworks here are totally fascinating and full of feeling

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Awesome spotlight!!

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The colors are really beautiful :)

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