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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is Omegachaino!

Berserk Rpg Mockup

What pulled you to creating pixel art?

For me, Pixel Art started as a hobby in my dead office hours; super boring afternoons where there was no work. That was enough of an impulse to create, since there were only friends wanting to do things and get together to talk about video games, obviously. That's where the idea formed to create our own video game. We did not know anything about how to make one, we just wanted to do something we would like.

What inspires you the most to create? Why?

Drawing was something I always enjoyed and I did it well, according to the people who saw my work. It fills me with satisfaction to create something where I do not have to follow rules, and what better than a blank sheet to extinguish the desire, it is like a trance.

The Mandalorian

What challenges do you find when creating a piece in pixel art?

When creating art, I carry out small tests, small adjustments, mini challenges. It's like playing chess; you move by squares exactly, but freely. Sometimes with just a couple of lines the movement is almost finished, you expressed your idea. Adding color to your idea is extremely pleasant, and you can also give it movement. I discovered a whole new world with pixel art.

sweet death

You occasionally "level up" an old design in your style. What pulled you to doing that sort of challenge?

Sometimes I make upgrades or versions of old Nintendo originals; I like to see how they would look today. It is like giving them a second chance to live, showing the sprites some love and showing others my way of seeing the characters; how I would like them to look today, or how I remembered them when I was little. Even sharing how I felt about those characters and how much I respected them. It’s very pleasant to do those pieces, they are my favorites.


Do you create in other styles outside of pixel art? How do you feel that affects or enhances your pixel art?

I respect all styles of art. I started drawing in a classic way—graphite pencil on paper and rubber. There was not much room for error at that time; that helped me a lot to improve my work in pixel art. Today I am very observant of the works in different styles, generally older art. There is much to rescue and bring to the present in the form of pixel art why not?

See more of Omegachaino's art in his DeviantArt gallery!

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Love me some pixel art. :wow:

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Pixel art... very cool and so nostalgic!!:)

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So cool! A berserk RPG game!

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Wow a pixel artists you don't see much appreciation for them.

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Pretty artworks and congratulations!
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and i not alowed it cause its got a firewall thing on it -__-

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i dont have facebok :'(

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Don't worry, the facebook posts say nothing more than what's in the journal. It's the same content.

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great artist and spotlight!!!

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