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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is @Dzikawa, one of the members of the DeviantArt Collective!

Druid Melissa Moonlight

If you had to describe your style in 5 words or less, how would you do it?

If I had to describe my style in five words or less, those words would be “Magic purplish Elf digital art piece.”

Dragon Princess

What are your favorite themes to create around?

My favorite themes to create art around are elves and fantasy art! Whenever I work in digital art, these themes are where I always go. Creating stories in a manga style is another passion that I've been doing since 2014.

Start With Love

What do you love about the art community?

My favorite thing about the art community is that they are SO supportive! Everyone is always improving and inspiring!

When streaming, what atmosphere do you aim to create? Why is that important to you?

When streaming, I always aim to create an atmosphere that gives off relaxing radio station vibes. I do this to the point that I sometimes call my streams something like “DziFm,” because it's important to stay calm and relax after a long day. And "I'll be there for you..." <3

Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft

What's it mean to you to be in the DeviantArt Collective?

It is an AWESOME opportunity to be in DA Collective! It lets you do everything like you normally do, while spreading the love and being surrounded by wonderful artists who share lots in common.

See more of @Dzikawa's work in her DeviantArt gallery!

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SarahSuresh's avatar

Can i be featured ?

lunathefnaffan's avatar

your art is amazing I can only draw on paper and my art style isn't the best

royhappy's avatar

happy birthday!:deviantart:

3Origami's avatar

Happy Birthday DeviantArt

Dzikawa's avatar

Happy birthday!🎉🎁

ArtJohnDraws's avatar

Very alluring artworks! Something about the chalky texture of tones that gives it a light-hearted charm

Dzikawa's avatar

Aww thank you so much! It means a lot to me QcQ

Dzikawa's avatar
Figmentanimations's avatar

thank you thank you very much

Figmentanimations's avatar

I like your art! It’s so bueatiful the only thing I can draw realistically are canines and that’s only on paper.


Dzikawa's avatar

Thank you! ✨🙌 I know that you can do everything that you would like to draw! Create and share your art with us 😍🙌

Jarlandco's avatar

Whoa, the art style is so ethereal & gorgeous!

Dzikawa's avatar

Awww QvQ thank you so much!

redwolfoz's avatar

Happy Birthday DeviantArt

Dzikawa's avatar

Happy birthday! 😍❤️🎉

dqube's avatar

Dzikawa is an awesome artist and twitch streamer.

Dzikawa's avatar

Awww thank you so much for kind words QcQ

theo40dor's avatar

🎷 as fuc today lol.

Dzikawa's avatar


Maybe-a-Stick's avatar

Congrats! Their fantasy artwork is so creative!

Dzikawa's avatar

Awww thank you so much QvQ

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