Tutorial: Draw a Hand with schmoedraws!

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Learn How to Draw a Hand!

Follow along with visual development artist @schmoedraws as she breaks down how to draw a hand in three easy steps! Illustrate your own version of a hand and submit the work as a deviation to get a new profile badge.

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To Participate, Follow These Steps:

  • Watch: View the video tutorial below to learn @schmoedraws’s technique for drawing hands.

  • Create: Use the steps in the video to practice illustrating a hand, or incorporate the techniques into a new piece.

  • Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialHand to get the profile badge!

Prefer to read-through each step? Click here.

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Examples to Get You Started

Learning to draw a hand
Hand Tutorial
Hold Light In My Hand

Looking for more simple steps to create works of art? Check out the Eye Tutorial!

Your Thoughts

  • Share your hand drawing in the comments below!

  • Tag a friend who needs a hand. ;)

  • Aside from hands, what is something that's difficult to draw?

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Here's a reupload of my hand tutorial, this time with the tag.


YoungArtistic's avatar



I find it hard to draw the feet and hair

alexspline's avatar

Quick sketches, hands are bad, because I have never really drawn them, numerous workouts will not interfere

NullNumberr's avatar

moth on the hand :>

i don't really have a friend who needs a hand tho

feets are pretty dificult to draw for me ^^;

Slavictaki's avatar

*Yoshikage Kira had entered the chat*

akllasha's avatar

human hand- andd robo handd

nanasakura03's avatar

I've got to hand

Claircendre's avatar

thanks for the tuto, i've miss it earlyer ^v^

(yes, i made three challenge in one ^v^)

Draw An Eyes-hand-landscape
mlkhychng's avatar
HoshiNoAlyssa05's avatar

Can I still get this badge?

Acyonn's avatar

I got it just now

KokuraiOtaku96's avatar

I have the same question haha

MinenaoX's avatar

1 esta es la mano que hice:


2 @Piyaisa quien dibuja las manos meje

3 Lo mas difícil para mi es la cara y el cuello

Glory002's avatar
FluffyPuffy-Penguin's avatar

It’s been weeks and I’m still waiting for my badge. Did I not do it right?

CuteandCreepyCutie's avatar

Did you have the hashtag on your tags for the art submission?

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