Tutorial: Draw a Creature Wing with AbigailLarson

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Learn How to Draw a Creature Wing

Thanks to @ryky, you can learn how to draw a dragon, but if you're looking to add even more detail, you need to check out @AbigailLarson's tutorial on drawing creature wings. You may remember this from last fall, but now there's a brand-new badge available! We can't wait to see how your ability to draw creature wings has grown.


To participate, follow these steps:

  • Watch: View the tutorial below to learn @AbigailLarson’s technique for drawing a creature wing.

  • Create: Use the steps in the video to practice, or incorporate the techniques into a new piece.

  • Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialCreatureWing to get the profile badge!

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Examples to Get You Started

Check out these examples below and browse other submissions.

Goblin Rider
Creature Wing Practice by Banananation77

Do you want to keep practicing and collect more badges to display on your profile? Check out more tutorials:

Your Thoughts

  • Share your creature wing drawing in the comments below! If you did this last fall, we’d love to see both versions.

  • Which winged creature is your favorite?

  • What other details would you add to a dragon?

  • What tutorial would you want to see next?

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noui7fffyjchgy's avatar

heres my submission:

submission for #DATutorialCreatureWing
Lady1Venus's avatar

There should be a tutorial of flowers, like roses. The harder ones to draw

Imari-Mizutama's avatar

Great tutorial!

Fantasy Creature Girl
TheBlackh00d's avatar

Mierda! I posted the creature on my profile but not here...How distracted

Criatura voladora_blanco y negro
AquaDSky's avatar

I´m not that proud of anatomy of my Charackter but I think the wings turned out ok.

My Persona with wings
DjGamer752's avatar
The angel and the child

Not exactly the wings they ordered, but it took me 2 weeks to detail the wings

EmberChang's avatar

My friend's picture on this

sorry for that since I'm gonna take an exam next week and unable to draw ;w;

Warrior Of The Gege Empire
inkblot-wolf's avatar

Something quick

[OC]the liar
  • Which winged creature is your favorite?

Hard too pick, to many winged creatures that are wonderful

  • What other details would you add to a dragon?

Lots of teeth, horns or spines

  • What tutorial would you want to see next?

Pixel, water colour or other traditional mediums would be nice

Klugdunum's avatar
Pixelart: chibi dark knight

Again, I played with pixelart to change a lot from my normal style.

The interest in pixelart is that you have to be minimalist and still create an impression of the shape, even lightning and shadows, which is more challenging than it appears.

That's fun, though :D

DarkBugArt's avatar

Here's mine

Shadow Devil Rift

Bats and Butterflies are my favorite winged creatures.

To dragon I would like to add elemental scales like fire resistant scales vs a more a aquatic themed dragon scales.

Maybe a cartoony goth style lesson like how to get that Tim Burton or Invader Zim look. Creepy but charming.

Ilith23's avatar

Thank you uwu

Crinoids's avatar

Yeeeeaaaahhh, good tutorial

Master of Saurians
ICOM-raziel1982's avatar

Well, drawing bat wings is really difficult sometimes. But with a little practice (and with such a tutorial) you can (more or less) master such difficulties ;)

dq38aj's avatar
  1. i just want the badge

  1. this was my first attempt

yes its crummy

you could argue that i did not even try and you'd be right but also i think that the tutorial was genuenly usefull and i will maybe try and practice it more

da wings
AndreaSantojanni's avatar
Willhorn's avatar

This is my version of wings... or rather a dragon with wings ;P

Dragon concept
Luliq's avatar

Gorgeous tutorial <3 thank you so much. Of course i choose to draw dragon hehe.

Crinoids's avatar

That's a gorgeous dragon.

Luliq's avatar

Awww thank youuu <3

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