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Learn How to Draw Fire

Have you drawn a dragon using the new tutorial from @ryky yet? Every dragon needs some fire, so we're throwing it back to this awesome tutorial by @TamberElla. Even if you tried this out last November, there's a brand-new badge available! It's a great excuse to see how your art style has grown in the last several months.


To participate, follow these steps:

  • Watch: View the tutorial below to learn @TamberElla’s technique for drawing fire.

  • Create: Use the steps in the video to practice, or incorporate the techniques into a new piece.

  • Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialFire to get the profile badge!

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Examples to Get You Started

Check out these examples below and browse other submissions.

Fire Tutorial
Fenrir's Fire

Do you want to keep practicing and collect more badges to display on your profile? Check out more tutorials:

Your Thoughts

  • Share your fire drawing in the comments below!

  • What else would you draw in a picture with a dragon?

  • What tutorial would you like to see next?

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TheCheloArt's avatar
Practica #6

I mix my way of drawing fire with what I learned in the tutorial 😉

Sia-Mon's avatar
Gennaflame's flame

Not a dragon but I like him

What else would you draw in a picture with a dragon?

Another creature, I guess?

What tutorial would you like to see next?

Ice or electricity!

shahanadraws's avatar

I can't draw flames that good, but this tutorial was really helpful!

ark-shade's avatar

I have tried making a perfect flame once but then I simplify my flames to fit the theme. Flames can make or even break the character, but this fits quite well.

Iblis the Cat (Fire Goddess) (WIP)
paranormalbees's avatar

I love my child look at what I've created because of this tutorial

Fire Mage Kitty Cay
UchihaSama224's avatar
x-STYX-x's avatar

Thanks for the tutorial, this was very helpful

DA Fire tutorial
SkystormV's avatar

Er- Does it count if it’s in a painting?

Hemispheres (acrylic on canvas)
HeartStorm4ever's avatar

Please make it a written tutorial as well!

natalyartdiary's avatar

A random drawing :3

Core-fuu's avatar

This is my OC with his purple fire power

I would like to see tutorias about superheroes

natalyartdiary's avatar

This is magnificent! 💜

Core-fuu's avatar

Thank you so much!! ♥

natalyartdiary's avatar

You’re totally welcome!! 💞

Pelletshot23's avatar

I actually used this tutorial to make the fire of this drawing.

Happy Birthday, Kat Graham!

Thanks for the tutorial!

celedansuniverse's avatar

Thank you, this was really helpful in understand how fire works. Even if my lines are far from as smooth yet as yours ;-)

xXCheshireSinXx's avatar

This helped out a lot!

Yusonin's avatar

Does that count?

Hot Rod
SugaSober's avatar

I have tried to make a fire=D

Embrace the Fury of Hell
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