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DA-StupidPowers-journalHeader-1200x630 by symonxEXTRA EXTRA! NEWS OF PEOPLE WITH “EXTRAORDINARY” POWERS IS CIRCLING THE GLOBE! Bring one of over 100 Billion randomly generated stories to life using DeviantArt's Stupid Powers Headline Generator and get an exclusive Badge! #StupidPowers

Baffling news of ordinary people with extraordinary "powers" circles the globe. With over 1 trillion randomly generated prompts to choose from, use DeviantArt's Stupid Powers Headline Generator to breathe life into stories that are just begging to be shared!

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Not everyone is lucky enough to be bitten by radioactive arachnids, crash to Earth with untold powers, or spend one's wealth saving others with their alter egos. But that fact hasn't stopped The Daily Deviant from reporting late-breaking news of incidents involving everyday citizens displaying feats of -- not superpowers -- Stupid Powers.

As news of these ridiculous feats flow in, citizens of the world remain grateful. Confused, sometimes annoyed, but always grateful.

At The Daily Deviant, we pride ourselves on our pursuit to deliver every story to our readers. The sheer amount of incidents, however, are more than our newsroom can cover. In the spirit of relentless journalism, we are calling on you to visit the Headline Generator! Take a spin at our stupid tip line and help us report on these ridiculous stories as they come in!

How to Participate

Open The GeneratorBring your randomly generated headline to life!Submit ArtComment on this journal with your deviation and receive the exclusive Profile badge! Don't forget to include the tag StupidPowers.

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Participants who comment on this journal with their valid submission will receive an exclusive Profile badge!

The Guidelines

Include the Generator's Headline into your deviation description when submitting.
Create your scene in any medium. Paint it, photograph it, cosplay it, sculpt it, write it, knit it, or build it out of sugar cubes!
Submit only original work, and do not cut and paste a character into your scene or use stock without permission.

Unbelieveable Tales of Stupid Powers

from The Headline Generator!

Local Superhero Hired to Round up Animals That Escaped from Zoo Using Super Strength but No Common Sense

Sophie's problems started when Tyler Finley tried to lift a polar bear over his head. She knew he liked showing off on live TV, but this was overkill. He was acting less like a super-powerful hero and more like a super-powerful headache.

"Andy!" she yelled in the direction of the laundry room. "Tyler's at it again!"... Continue Reading »

Help us report on more ridiculous stories as they come in!

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UnliYord's avatar

Construction Worker Carefully Reveals Powers to High School Crush Using Power to Turn Inanimate Objects Into Humans

Fukoriyo's avatar

Minister releases 500 Lions to take over Russian Town

AnnoyingHumann's avatar

Man Ruins Highschool Prom Using Ability to Lay Eggs

rjoyhelvie's avatar

My result was: Clown Becomes Talk of the Town With Superpower to Only Summon Unpopular Celebrities


EspiritoBrilhante's avatar

This generator is so good

dunaniemo's avatar

hello everyone :)

Isaac7500's avatar

"Area Woman Battles Atop Building Near DeviantArt Headquarters Against Safety Scissors Using the Power to Create a Tiny Flame From Index Finger".......ok? haha

JJjatiers's avatar

I lost this event

DragonChuu's avatar

Robotic banana is a damn stupid power i would love to have ahah

yoongsicle's avatar

What it'll off teeth off, I'm dumb

Furuitcake's avatar

No braincells booooooi

Savirah's avatar

The stupid, I has it

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