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Conversation is a constant on DeviantArt. It’s the lifeblood of the community, and it’s happening all the time. Whether you're sharing feedback on art you've seen, talking about an animated show you enjoy, or checking in on friends and other deviants, one of the best places to see what people are talking about is the Posts page — an easy-to-browse feed containing conversations of all kinds!

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What Are Posts?

The Posts feed displays journals, status updates, and polls – where deviants can share thoughts, ask for feedback, and talk out ideas. You can find it by visiting DeviantArt’s homepage and clicking on Posts in the sub-navigation.

NEW: Indicator for New Posts

While on your homepage, you’ll now see a red indicator dot next to Posts on the sub-navigation whenever there are new posts from deviants you watch! Keep an eye out for it, and never miss an update.


NEW: Create a Post Directly from Your Posts Feed

It’s even easier to share an update! You can now compose a status update, journal, or poll directly from your posts feed.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 1.10.28 PM

Status Update Backgrounds

Add some extra flare and personality to your status updates! You can now customize your status updates by adding a gradient, pattern, or custom background image. Once you’ve added a background image, you can add an overlay color and adjust the display mode: cover, contain, or tile. Try uploading a smaller image and set the display to “tile” to create your own custom patterns!

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.38.10 AM

Start Posting!

Get a conversation started with your friends and fellow artists by posting a status update: Share the best complement you've received.


Share your answer!

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I still can't get the Post Feed to work nor the Journals, Status Updates, Polls, not to mention the Chat. I can't get the Staff to do any troubleshooting at all on it. I'm getting annoyed at this point

Kunoichigentleone's avatar
KunoichigentleoneHobbyist Artist

I haven't been getting certain notifications.

mythkaz's avatar
mythkazHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello, me again reporting issues

This time in the journal editor, at one point it started ignoring the select thingie to edit the format and did a double writing, also, not being able to have an easy "Edit HTML version" is rather frustrating, since instead of prepare links and stuff somewhere else, I need to do it manually

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

Question! I'm getting journals from people I'm not watching. Is this some new organizing system for deviations or something? :confused

fireanubis's avatar


Is something going on?

I'm getting journals appearing in my Inbox from Users I'm not even Watching. How is that possible?

Xein000's avatar

Ban this one plz 4sa7quctj5

They were able to leave a comment about nudes on my front page when I have removed comments from being left there. If I could hide it I would do that, and I refuse to only delete comments.

You got a problem and it's growing, I've noticed bots and spam a lot more since eclipse launched, something I didn't notice this much before.

borleias's avatar

I have marked a comment by this bot on my profile as spam. It disappeared from my profile and I hope the staff is looking into this.

I also noticed more spam after the change to eclipse and I hope this can be fixed.

PrincessBryannaJane's avatar

I have to use incognito mode to go on this site now, because otherwise my history cache gets clogged up just from scrolling down the comments... :rage:

fireanubis's avatar

Stop sending me spam about making Status updates and such.


I can't make any journals, polls, updates, ANYTHING!

I keep telling you and sending in tickets about it but you won't lift a finger to help figure out what is wrong!

human-panda's avatar

hey, i've been working on mapping issues, if you'd like to send me more details about what's not working, screenshots if relevant, and your device and browser version I can ask the team to look into it.

you can send me here/chat/note :)

Davinci975's avatar

and there are spam bots and the slow load times, and the useless endless page over clicking though pages

human-panda's avatar

thank you, we are aware of these issues and work on all of them. everything here is a huge project, not a quick fix.

Davinci975's avatar

Remove the like comment thing boom spam bots gone and adding remove form watch button without needing to go back to the watch page would be very nice along with pages for everything so when a page crashes I don’t did to try where I was when the page crashed

fireanubis's avatar

I have sent in several tickets to the help team detailing the list of issues.

They'll respond but just to say that it's "Not their problem" and close the ticket.

Screenshots are hard to give as most issues are the button doesn't work. I click it and nothing happens. No error message, no sending me to a blank page, nothing. So all the screenshot would be is showing you the button.

I'll try and note you what all is wrong, if that would at least start things off.

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

I can't access my groups? The drop down list isn't loading all of them. It just doesn't respond. I think this is a glitch?

Help? Please? :help:

human-panda's avatar

hey, are you talking about groups from your profile or from the user drop-down?

the "my groups" popup from user drop down (click on your avatar on the top right) works and we are fixing the issue in the profile.

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

Yes, that's where I was having the issue. :)

And thank you!

fireanubis's avatar

is the Staff ever going to address the list of bugs and issues I'm having on Eclipse I submitted months ago?

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

Same here! Still waiting for help and nothing :no:

fireanubis's avatar

well, considering I've sent in tickets for the 11 years I've been here and have yet to have anything addressed beyond "This isn't our problem, deal with it. Ticket closed" My hopes aren't exactly high

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

Mine either. Welcome to the new corporate art site :no:

fireanubis's avatar

Eclipse isn't an art site, it is a social media site pretending to be an art site.

Why else would messages/chats get such up to date notices while art is off to the side seperate from everything else?

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist

Agreed! And also with this core lounge, it feels even less like an art site or a community

fireanubis's avatar

I still have no clue what the Core Lounge even is.

As for the community, I never really clicked with DA's community.

Most the time it felt like they didn't want me here.

I had a lot better luck on other art sites. I'm little more than a Watcher here

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