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Eclipse-header by symonxWe’re all in this together. Join the #StartWithLove campaign and create positive artwork demonstrating how to share love and empathy during these tough times.

Start With Love Poster Challenge

Artists not only have the ability to create, but also to inspire. Now, more than ever, it's important that we as a community do what we can to lift people's spirits. That's why we're launching "Start With Love" – an aspirational poster challenge to show how to maintain empathy, compassion, and love during this global health crisis. The challenge will illustrate how we can all spread love and positivity, despite the tough times we are going through together.

Get the Badge

Participants who submit posters with the StartWithLove tag will receive an exclusive Profile badge.

Get Involved

Ideate. How have you been expressing love and positivity during this difficult time? Can that be translated into a poster to help inspire others?

Make. Create original artwork highlighting "Start With Love" to help promote positivity and empathy while navigating this global health crisis. Include the phrase as big or small on your poster as you'd like.

Submit. Submit your design to enter the challenge! Make sure your submission includes the hashtag StartWithLove.

Start With Love Ambassadors

To help grow this positive movement and provide some guidance, we asked a selection of artists to create their own posters celebrating the importance of starting with love during this tough time. We've seen inspiring posters from yuumei, Elentori, and BossLogic, the following weeks will feature PascalCampion, shilin, kerbyrosanes, FilipHodas, Kate-FoX, larienne, Cyarin, DziKawa, and Cryptid-Creations — along with livestreams from some of the artists to show their process. Be sure to check out the final gallery below!

Your Thoughts

Answer in the comments below:

How have you been connecting with loved ones while social distancing?

Where do you turn for strength during moments of great difficulty?

What simple act of love meant the world to you?

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