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We've introduced a new sidebar in the DeviantArt app on iOS and Android that provides quick access to some of your favorite features and groups! This means that you’ll now be able to browse content from Groups in the app — a popular community feature request.

This feature launched on Android a few months ago and is now available on both platforms.

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The new sidebar lets you easily switch between Home, Deviants You Watch, and Groups.

  • Home: Browse deviations and posts recommended for you.

  • Deviants You Watch: The latests deviations and posts from deviants you watch.

  • Groups: Access your favorite groups — including the ones you admin.

  • Recommended Groups: Find and discover new communities to join!


Groups finally make their debut in the mobile app! With the new sidebar, you’ll find the groups you’re in under the “My Groups” section and recommended groups to join directly below. When you visit a group, you’ll see both deviations and posts. Admins of the group are able to publish updates to the group directly from the posts feed.

In the future, we plan to bring even more group functionality to the mobile apps.


Toggle Between Deviations or Posts

Each browse mode — as well as groups — is split between two sections: deviations and posts. The deviations section contains visual art and literature, while the posts section contains journals and status updates.

Access Your Favorite Groups

Pin your favorite groups to the top of your sidebar, see the latest updates, and dive into discussions right from your home tab.

Discover New Groups to Join

At the bottom of the sidebar, you can find personalized recommendations of groups to join. For deviants who run their own groups, this feature will give your group more exposure to deviants who are likely to be interested. If you’re not interested in a group, tap the “...” menu to remove the recommendation.

Try It Out!

Get the latest version of the DeviantArt app on iOS and Android and try the new sidebar. Pin some of your favorite groups for quick, immediate access, and join some new groups!

We have more updates coming to the apps! Stay tuned!

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I‘d pay big money (core membership) so I access old version of dA

I really hope you fix the slowness of lists/have an option to disable the hover profile preview, provide time stamps when was the person watched/given a badge/etc

whovianmiss's avatar

Question: Can you submit art from your gallery into groups with the app?

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YamaJun-Fan98's avatar

Soo, I noticed more minors, under the age of 13, are registering on this site.

Y'all planning on doing anything about that issue?

YamaJun-Fan98's avatar

Ugh, I wish I was linked this page some months prior, now I cannot remember some of the user's names. Anyway, thanks. I will save the page for easy access for next time.

Dameinatrix's avatar

y'all ever going to do anything about the fact that you effectively killed stamps and profile decoration or what

PoonieFox's avatar

I's rather have a communication update :c we desperately NEED those.

communication is key afterall, except for on DA where everyone was silcenced since may 20th D:

i am no longer able to reach any of my group members apart from journals which are tucked away in literally more than three menu's. NOONE is looking there ATALL. and it seems DA staff is not either :c

maxim-bmx's avatar

At first I have one main question: the app is work now?

DragonInfernoArt's avatar

Although all the function is still a panel, but the chat group is absent, it is a pity that the reduction in communication. :hmm:

dreama-draws's avatar

I wish I could see scraps in mobile... also be able to look at who faves my work without I accidently faving it myself.

CyberNomi's avatar

Too bad your mobile app doesn't work in the first place, you literally can't log in not to mention how it overheats the phone lol

MasterZ01's avatar

What about the llama badge that people got each over?

Waffle-With-Big-Arms's avatar

Drag and drop favorites! Search categories! Customizable themes that aren't just sterol white! That is ALL we ask!

DraakeT's avatar

Around in this place i already wrote something about these things.

Team if i don't remember bad already working on drag drop fav. So in meanwhile you can use the really great.


uhmm about categories....for your personal already know

Anyway if they want, they could reintroduce categories....because they are still active.

Clipboard Image

But it could be difficult come back.....because as i already wrote around all work post-switch off have a generic anonymous category

Clipboard Image (1)

About Customizable themes....... danlev danlev

wrote an article about this. I don't know if it can solve your issue or if it is related to your request

exwolz's avatar

iirc, danlev's post is about customizing how DA looks for you, in your own browser, not how others see your page.

DraakeT's avatar

yes exactly. there is nothing else for now. At least you have the illusion to have something of custom :D

exwolz's avatar

and then they say our _life_ is an illusion x) I'm afraid it's not the primary use case of custom theming, tho.)

DraakeT's avatar

Anyway custom theming is the last of the issue of this place.....Im more interested to important things...for example im still waiting for 2017 they fix the correct path when you save an image. For specific images the system still fail to save correctly.


4 years and an issue like this still active for me is pure sci-fi. I refuse to think there isn't an engineer with the right experience to fix it forever.

but i could talk about the issue with edit issue still active after 7 months.

I hope in the next 2-3 years some important point will be fixed. I want still believe in DA also if actually im almost gave up.

exwolz's avatar

Ah, a fellow sufferer! I remember reporting the path issue myself. I think for such things fixed 1) there should be enough active users, 2) a substantial amount of them pissed off with the issue and 3) having reported it, 4) there is enough staff to analyze the reports to file a task; 5) there it's the engineer to complete it, and the task receives enough priority to get into his queue within the next 5 years. I'll likely barely notice the passed years, but I feel bad about pro or wonnabe artists whose well-being may depend on everyday activity.

Sometimes it seems enough to say a word to the Team's member in the comments, but apparently that's not how issues should be reported. Like when they split the notifications in the All feed into categories, while having tabs for the very same categories (hm, are the tabs missing from mobiles?). Now I have to scroll to each category until I'm sure there is no more updates, instead of seeing them all grouped at the feed's top. Seemingly they look like that in the notification drop-down... when it's not broken; but I believe it looked perfect the same way on the feed page itself.

P. S. Ah, and don't forget the comment notifications self-destructing when replied __-

DraakeT's avatar

@I remember reporting the path issue myself. I think for such things fixed

Many people reported that issue and for luck fixed for a large number of images. But anyway never fixed at 100%. I noticed this happens above all with png format.


While with Jpg looks working good


My amatorial gallery has 98-99% of images all uploaded in my gallery is devastated by this issue. And of course the same happens on all galleries of people with png format.

@Sometimes it seems enough to say a word to the Team's member in the comments, but apparently that's not how issues should be reported.

Excluding the exceptions,

Yes exactly report an issue via comment most of the time is wrong. Personally i did always half and half. Half via feedback/ticket and half via comment more to see if other people had the same issue.

@the comment notifications self-destructing when replied

About this point, i use about if i replied to 20 users completely different, i discover almost immediately where the damned reply was...of course using also the advantage of timestamp

As you know....relative recently people have been divided in 2 parts: pro or against self-destructing.

To be honest, in my personal case i don't have issue with self-destruct because i use about.

Who know probably in a remote future will be possible have an option to satisfy also the part of users like you, hate it.

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Yes! Drag and drop favs would be great!

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