Seniority Announcement: July 2021

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Seniority has been a cornerstone of DeviantArt since the site's early years, and is an award given to those who have made their mark on the community. These outstanding deviants have been recognized for their level of interaction, helpfulness with others, kindness, sincerity, and many other traits. These deviants can be recognized by the medal icon that appears next to their username, and in 20 years, less than 2,000 deviants have received it.

The following five deviants, having shown a kindred spirit that has led to continued positive community interaction and involvement, are the most recent recipients of Seniority. Please join us in congratulating them!


Instantly recognizable for a myriad of tutorials that make the rounds of art communities across the internet, the Etherington Brothers have been a long-standing resource to DeviantArt, providing guides, feedback, and more to artists of all kinds.

How to THINK when you draw EGGS tutorial!
How to THINK when you draw EATING QUICK TIP!
How to THINK when you draw SHIRTS tutorial!


@EintoeRn has been a familiar face in the community for many years, routinely sharing excellent photography of his own each day while also constantly commenting on other artists' works and featuring artists and their works on his own profile.

change of direction
directional light


A steady backbone of the comic community on DeviantArt, @ARVEN92 and her works have been recognized and loved for many years. Her passion is matched by her encouragement of other artists, providing tutorials and positive feedback for creators.

Africa -Page 221
Beyond The Thornbush [Patreon Sketch Of The Month]
Ascend -Chapter 3 Page 40


@SIUCAR has quietly provided support and promotion for photographers on DeviantArt for the past 6 years, running several groups as well as collaborating with and featuring other photographers to showcase the quality of their works.

Pine Trees Shades - Pt I
Following Drops
Summer Is In The Air - Pt I


An incredibly active deviant in a number of areas, @craftsbyblue is known for featuring artists and their works, engaging in a variety of groups to help promote other artists' works, and spending time in the forums, all while bringing positivity everywhere they go.

Out of Memory - Solace
Out of Memory - Cold Spring Moon
Out of Memory - Emptiness

If you would like to suggest a deviant for Seniority, you can do so by filling out this form!

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Congratulations everyone! Undertale Sans Brows Emoji

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Good job everyone!

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Congratulations everyone! :headbang:

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CLAP! You guys are indeed the front, foundation and a welcoming handout - to so many of Us within this Community. While enjoying our own timeless crafts, and with an ongoing eagerness to improve, the growth seems unparalleled! Inspiration is a lesson learned - easier! TY guys! <3

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Congratulations everyone!!!

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Do not send me any more of these things

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Unsubscribe me from this sendlist

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You agreed on receiving DeviantArt notifications from DA by DA on DA when you joined.

To unsuscribe, you can deactivate... Or simple ignore them by x-ing them and moving on^^

Just sending you a reminder that your site sucks ass now and it doesn't work and that the old site is better.

(Update: The site had an aneurysm when I kept trying to edit this comment. So...Good job guys, eclipse is GREAT!!)

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Why comment this on a SENIORITY ANNOUNCEMENT post?

Why not file a bug report so that they can look into it, eh?

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"Deviant for 7 months" "0 deviations"

Your stats are so low. Whose alt are you?

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Congratulations everyone! ^^

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Congrats Awesome Artists. Beautiful work.

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Congrats to them and everyone that followed after even if they just joined today ^^ Everyone does a great job here ^^

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Congrats and thank you for sharing your talents.:D

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