Seniority Announcement: April 2021

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Seniority has been a cornerstone of DeviantArt since the site's early years, and is an award given to those who have made their mark on the community. These outstanding deviants have been recognized for their level of interaction, helpfulness with others, kindness, sincerity, and many other traits. These deviants can be recognized by the medal icon that appears next to their username, and in 20 years, less than 2,000 deviants have received it.

The following five deviants, having shown a kindred spirit that has led to continued positive community interaction and involvement, are the most recent recipients of Seniority. Please join us in congratulating them!


Over the years, Ithilloth has quietly been making consistent positive contributions for other deviants. Ithilloth's continued work to support and encourage artists through Groups has pushed artists to create more and try new things.

hello little glider
a glance at the endless ridge
lady of the hunt


A very familiar face around the community, Tigles1Artistry has been an incredibly active deviant for years. The high volume of positive comments and art features she puts forward for artists is a testament to the care she brings to DeviantArt.

Announcing Spring....
Softness Of A Spring Afternoon....
Happy Birthday To All My Friends Born In April...


BGai has been an impactful member of DeviantArt for a very long time. Between regular comments supporting other artists and running a multitude of groups for the fractal community, BGai has helped countless deviants over the years.

Random Samhain 18-2-21


MelMuff has been an active and dependable member of the community for years, constantly participating in and helping coordinate community projects and events over the years, including keeping the long-successful Christmas Tree Project going.


A long-time active community member and constant advocate for artists sharing their work, barefootliam has been a regular presence in many places on DeviantArt, always offering constructive feedback and positive commentary.

Astronomical Clock in Prague
Purple Clematis

If you would like to suggest a deviant for Seniority, you can do so by filling out this form!

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Mom0San's avatar

I wish i could get this award too :sighs:

barefootliam's avatar

It's open to anyone - i was pretty surprised to get it :blush: :D :nod:

You have a fabulous gallery - i want to come back and explore it tomorrow!

Mom0San's avatar

Wow really congratulations to you (F2U) valentines day molang with flower roses How do DA select the Senior I'm still unknown about the process.:confused: rvmp

and Thank you so much for your compliment .:Happy star:.

Tigles1Artistry's avatar

Thanks so much....:bow:

HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Ederelcool's avatar

Congrats to those guys with their imagination and stuff. They really deserve it.

corser69's avatar

Félicitations pour ces seniors ;P

Felizias's avatar

Congratulations, everyone! :love:

Especially love to see Tigles1Artistry and BGai up there! :heart:

BGai's avatar

Thank you Feli! :hug:

Tigles1Artistry's avatar

Thanks so much my dear...:bow: :love:

Congratulations! Bravo!

MrRena's avatar

who are these people? congrats to them though

GhostblightWerewolf's avatar

Congrats to those listed and all those who aren't. Keep being awesome.:happybounce:

AmazingArtist7's avatar

Awesome job seniors!!! I've nominated my BFF @madison2007 for the new Senior next time! To help me out, please nominate her to! She's an amazing artist whose art always brings a smile to my face. I love her in real life too because she's my one and only BFF in real life. Please help me out deviants! :) I want to make her cry of happiness if she gets nominated next!

drachenmagier's avatar

For Seniority you have to fulfill a few criteria, though. :) One of them is that the user has to be an member of the community for 3 years or more. And at least 2 of there years, the user had to be active in the community. :) No worries though, if she's as lovely as you say, she will get there 100%. It is - as many other things - just a matter of time.

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