Sellers Guide for Winter and the Holidays

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Buyers are always looking for special, unique gifts and treats for the holidays. Use this journal as a guide to decorate your shop for the holiday season and offer art for sale that buyers on DeviantArt are likely to want this winter!


Evergreen Favorites ❄

To get into wintery vibes, buyers love to see polar bears, snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer, calendars, cookies, gifts, and holiday lights. Use these concepts and let your inspiration lead you to create what best fits with your style!

Premium Downloads 🔐

Premium Downloads are a great way to offer perfect holiday-themed designs to several buyers at once. Help buyers ring in the season by selling items like:

  • Holiday cards

  • Digital holiday icons and stickers

  • Wallpapers

  • Profile Skins

  • Digital craft patterns, and more!

Submit a Premium Download

Premium Galleries 💎

Offer a collection of multiple holiday-themed Premium Downloads by creating a new seasonal Premium Gallery, or you can add holiday-themed artwork to an existing Premium Gallery to encourage buyers to discover what else is inside. Create a New Premium Gallery

Subscriptions 🔄

Subscription tiers are a great place to offer seasonal surprises! Bring some holiday cheer to your tiers by creating seasonally-appropriate art asset packs or dress your characters up for a holiday adventure! In addition, your fans can now subscribe to your tiers with PayPal, so if you aren’t already offering Subscriptions, let your audience support you each month by creating your first tier now! Create a New Subscription Tier

Commissions 🖼️

Custom holiday-themed commissions are a perfect option for seasonal sales. Help buyers make the holidays special by offering a unique portrait, character illustration, or custom holiday card. Create a Commission

Exclusives and Adoptables 🦄

Exclusives and Adoptables are great ways to offer one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for a Winter Wonderland event coming your way within the first two weeks of December!

Sharing Your Seasonal Sales 📈

When submitting your art for sale, add the tag #Holidays2023, along with any other tags that are relevant to the art itself. Then, post a journal or status update letting your watchers know you’ve got art for sale, and update social media to help bolster traffic as well!


Get started now to spread holiday cheer through your art, and thank you for making DeviantArt your home for the holidays!

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