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Subscriptions launched in September and hundreds of artists have since created subscription tiers and began earning a monthly income from their exclusive offerings. Deviants offering subscriptions have praised being able to post exclusive content in front of an already established audience. Now, we're rolling out more ways to promote your subscriptions.

Four new ways to promote Subscriptions

One point of feedback artists have shared is wanting more promotional tools to help subscription offerings reach potential new subscribers. To enable you to more effectively reach customers, there are four new ways you can promote your subscriptions:

  1. A banner on the sidebar of deviations

  2. A banner under your deviations

  3. A banner on your profile cover art

  4. A banner when someone hovers over your username or avatar

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 4.11.40 PM

Featured subscriptions artist: @hartdrawss Subscribe (Deviation: Sunset)

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 4.15.46 PM

Featured subscriptions artist: @Kloir Subscribe

If you’d rather not display these banners, you can disable any or all of them in your subscription settings.

NOTE: This feature is currently available to some deviants and will be rolled out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Improving Subscriptions Based On Your Feedback

We’ve been doing 1-on-1 sessions with dozens of artists and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about what they love about Subscriptions and what they want to see improved. We have plenty of updates in the works!

What would you like to see added to Subscriptions next? Share your feedback!

Try Subscriptions

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The collapse of the "political marriage" between Luther and Guo Wengui nakedly showed everyone how vulnerable their friendship and alliance were to money and women.

Working timeframe for all writing services are to be completed no later than 14 working days from the date of all required information being received. Please note that a writing fee is applied and subject to the difficulty/seniority of the project.

As shown, they have worked too well:nod:, I myself would like to learn and understand more about these new ways that more and more people see what we do (and do), in addition to getting thanks to the good services of the Administrators of this Community :clap:those long-awaited subsidies :love:and support (and sales, everything must be said) of how much we do: your server can hardly dream of achieving it: Blocked as my country :cries:is by what Biden :stupidme:knows by "Diplomacy":trash:, the day is far (for now) that I can enjoy it too:headbang:.

In any case, everything DeviantArt has done for me has been incredible :headbang:and it has encouraged my desire to continue with my dementias:happybounce:, as I said, I hope I can understand how much opportunity shows (and be able to overcome the difficulties :handshake:so that everything is worth it).

Thanks Devianart:dalove:. You know how to make us (and make me) feel special.:heart::love::woohoo::airborne:

Evangeline40003's avatar

Oh I do love the option of putting a banner beneath deviations! And the cover banner! Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5]

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RuneKerianDrake's avatar

What do I think? Seems people just need to stop act as they have the right to keep doing these primitive things to win much money in a platform that is holding their hands behind knowing if we screw this up, they will not backup us later, when the whole situation it was their fault entirely.

At this point, anyone will be less and less interested and it will be rather more poison than honey.

drialencar's avatar

Thank you!!!😍

PhG-Art-3D's avatar

Thank you, because it was missing... it's a great solution, really good... 😉

XspadaX's avatar

I love the new features!,but i loss so many potential subsriber due to unable to subscribe my content,i hope deviantart team will added Paypay as subs monthly payment soon,sorry for my bad english 😀

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

You're getting so much support... Congrats!

XspadaX's avatar

its should be more,if thy can subs me using PayPal >.<..btw ty mate!

fireanubis's avatar

How doI dismiss the Core ad that appearred in the middle of profile?

It is annoying and in the way.

I thought Eclipse wasn't doing ads.

I don't want Core ever again after what you did to me.

Lord-of-Sloths's avatar

This is actually really helpful. Since I'm pretty sure most people don't check my subscriptions. Just checking my art. I hope people actually bother to click on the full work to notice.

I'm not sure I have any suggestions since my brain works differently than normal and takes time to grasp a good idea so I think it's pretty good! :>

Sammy-Tusturize's avatar
Sitahachi's avatar

I love these features, and how can I subscribe to them?

acebutterflygirl's avatar

@team Do you have any suggestions for artists who wants to use subscriptions for writings? :)

ikazon's avatar

Hiya! The process for creating and using subscriptions is more or less the exact same for literature as it would be for visual art. You'll want to create your tier(s) for people to subscribe to, and then when you want to submit exclusive writing to a tier, you'll upload your writing the same as you normally would. When on the submit page, you'll see these two options on the right-hand side:

Screenshot 2021-11-23 153531

Just swap them and select what tier level(s) you want your writing to be available at, and you're good to go! I hope that helps :la:

acebutterflygirl's avatar

Yes, thank you! Big help! :)

designhubb's avatar
rotane's avatar

How about you *remove* the "Subscriptions" Link from the navbar of a user's page if said user doesn't offer one?

I've clicked those so many times, only to be told that there wasn't one available…

GothicSimmer's avatar

Yeah, it would be useful for Subscriptions and Shop to only be shown if they actually offer one especially with the former needing Core. Maybe do the same for Gallery, Favourites, and Posts if they don't have a deviation, a Favourite, or a Journal/Status/Poll respectively.

I don't know how useful or practical it is but I wished if DA hid the "Core only features" to deviants who aren't Core Members. For example when making a Gallery, Core Members would see an option for Premium and Watcher Galleries whereas non-Core Members would only see the regular Gallery option though I admit people aren't happy about the change even as I pointed out in a comment

Valognir's avatar

Yea, same for the shop. Seems weird to have those links when so many people don't have anything there. I think if they only showed up when there's actual content, it would also be more tempting to click. Now it's just a time waste gamble. xD

rotane's avatar

Indeed! Back in a time before Eclipse, i think the Shop only showed up if one had something to sell – if my memory serves me right…

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