Proactive Deviation Moderation
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DeviantArt is announcing a more proactive approach to moderation. For more information, read below.

Fostering a community where artists are able to share their work, express themselves, and grow and learn has always been a cornerstone of DeviantArt. Our Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy were crafted with protecting artists first and foremost, and that remains the case. That said, we want to improve the way we enact and take action with regard to these policies, which is why we’re announcing a change to how we intend to handle deviation moderation.

Proactive Moderation

DeviantArt has historically used a reactive moderation system for deviations. This means that on many occasions, action against a deviation in violation of our policies would only take place after receiving a report from the community.

For many years, this process served the community’s needs, but as the Internet has evolved and as our community has grown, we’ve come to realize this process isn’t enough. Internally, we have discussed for some time ways that we can improve this moderation process, and a more proactive process is one we agree will benefit the community as a whole.

The plan for the new moderation system is a proactive one. Our team is aiming to remove deviations that violate site policies before they are reported to us, while still allowing deviants to report deviations that we will review. We’re able to move to this approach thanks to new technology that will help us to better identify deviations in violation of our policies. This technology will aid the moderation team work through deviations more rapidly and efficiently—the moderation team itself is not being replaced, nor will deviations have actions automatically taken by Artificial Intelligence. The new technology will serve to help the moderation team take a more proactive approach to reviewing deviations, and they will still handle all moderation decisions.

Looking Forward

While this journal is primarily to inform the community of the internal shift in how we handle deviation moderation, it is by no means the only step we intend to take. We will continue to evaluate how all moderation is handled as we make this change, and we also aim to provide better reporting tools to the community in the future. We hope you’ll see the positive impact of these measures as we progress into the future, and as we continue to improve the DeviantArt experience.

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kickoffbetNew Deviant

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could i get this in english

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DNeilHobbyist Digital Artist

As I see it, the AI robot and proactive approach are not themselves a problem, but they exacerbate an existing problem. The existing problem is that the human moderators don't actually follow the rules as written when deciding on what to do with the report. When you challenge a take-down, you get the standard, "We have taken your comments under consideration" response. If you go to the help desk to learn how your deviation violated the TOS, you'll never get your questions answered. If you can't learn why it was taken down, you can't avoid the problem in the future.

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PosyomismoHobbyist Digital Artist

Aaaaaaand more censorship... So... when will you change the name of the website to "The absolutely normal art"?

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"Proactive moderation" sounds a lot like censorship.

Davinci975's avatar

where are my pages not just for search and remove from watch without needing to go back to do it

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BirgScProfessional Digital Artist

if y'all spent less time whining and more time drawing, imagine how great you could be... lol

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Dystopia-MaximaHobbyist Photographer

This stinks. There are indeed from time to time deviations and messages that have to be removed for serious reasons, and AI might be useful approach to track them. However, this message might be a clear and triumphant announcement of the arrival of real censorship on DA. I mean Facebook- or Youtube-styled censorship. I hope I'm wrong... Art has often been subversive and has to remain so.

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Tinselfire General Artist

"New technology"?

Could you please elaborate?

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xanathonProfessional Digital Artist

I see you still do everything that is possible to make people leave this platform. AI based filtering - from the people that created that abomination Eclipse. I laughed. A lot. I see the next exodus from this site due to overblocking and censoring.

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THey are just trying to avoid fixing their site

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4-ChapHobbyist General Artist

Indeed. This is a worry. This rather questionable moderation AI could go around and unnecessarily target content for no good reason. Even if it doesn't fall in to any categories of violation or being inappropriate.

Even if the moderation people still decide on what to do. This AI still could cause problems because they'll have to dig through false flags and false reports just to find the right ones.

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I'm all in favor of better moderation here, but there is such a thing as a track record.


Assisted Robot moderation by the people who made Eclipse?

Then camped out more or less ignoring its issues and broken parts?

- Categories, filters, stats, on-going view/activity collapse (to take some of the more severe)

Normally I'd be worried, but honestly this is going to be fun =P

Another car wreck or a surprise pull it off.

You simply cannot, not look.

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Ok I’m just going to say this you guys toke halo 3 and now da is now halo 5 a piece of crap poorly planed thing

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KelmenHobbyist Traditional Artist

Can we please moderate the staff who does nothing to fix this hellsite and actively ignores the feedback given to them? That would be great.

Davinci975's avatar

Hell yeah

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xanathonProfessional Digital Artist

Spot on!

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LillendandieProfessional Digital Artist

This is good news. Whatever is implemented I hope it is better than the AI that flags images on Tumblr. I imagine something like this is even more necessary in light of new Premium / Watcher only galleries. Maybe this will help the spam as well?

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Just encountered on 'Most Recent' what looks like a close up photo of a child's exposed privates. Didn't want to click on it to report, but copied the link location. Please deal with it and the uploader.

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And here is my proof, for you and for anyone else. The supposedly offending photo is a crop and filter of this previous deviation,

which is located in my gallery and is my oldest submitted photo. If you look at both photographs, it is obvious that they are identical. I may be a lot of things, I may not be what you like on DA, but what you're accusing me of is bullshit.

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Tinselfire General Artist


Pardon the language, but why the hell is this still on an official journal?

phatphag's avatar

That's me you dope, and I was in my 30's when this photo was taken.

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RastifanHobbyist Digital Artist

4 more of my favorite artists left. I blocked 5 more who used the new premium feature to put ALL their work behind the pay wall. Greed right? Wix is slowly killing our old art home. I am only staying because people signed up with me to watch my stuff. But the magic of DA is gone.

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