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The Posts tab of your Profile has a brand new look! Posts now display in a steady feed, so you can seamlessly read through journals, status updates, and polls. With this update you can favorite posts, read and reply to discussions in comments, and vote on polls, all from one page.

Posts Feed on Profiles

Filter Post Type and Sort Date

You can view all your posts at once, or filter by journals, status updates, polls, and even drafts (only you can view your own drafts). Your posts are sorted from newest to oldest by default, but you can also reverse the order if you’d like!

Pin Your Favorite Post

You can now pin your favorite post, whether it be a journal, status update, or poll, and it will appear at the top of your posts feed. For example, if your pinned post is a poll, it will appear at the top of all posts or when you filter by polls (it will not appear at the top if you filter by journals, status updates, or drafts).

Featured Posts

All posts that you mark as “featured” will appear on the right hand side of your posts feed. If viewing all posts, you’ll see a combination of your featured journals, status updates, and polls. If filtered by a post type, you’ll see all featured posts of that particular type.

Improved Posts Section on Profile Home

The posts section on your Profile has also been updated. You can now customize this section to show most recent or featured posts, and allow 1 post or up to 10 posts to display.

Spotlight Your Posts on Profile Home

A highly requested feature from the community – you are now able to feature any single post on your Profile. You’ll be able to add up to 5 spotlight posts!

Now deviants throughout the community can easily view and interact with your posts – from your most recent to your personal favorites. We’ll be steadily rolling out these new features for deviants, so if you’re not seeing the new posts feed on your Profile just yet, hang tight as we continue to implement these updates for the entire community. We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!


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CutethePlatapus's avatar

Im not sure if this is because of the update but when i post a status, poll or journal the number of deviations goes up which i find weird and kinda discourages me form posting any since i like keeping track of the drawings i post although generally i quite enjoy this update

Granitoons's avatar

Why did I get notified of this update again? Has it been changed?

MizanArts's avatar

I'm noticing a glitch where if I post a deviation with a transparent background, it shows up as solid white. Can you fix this please?

ozieluniverse's avatar

What about the way Views is manage now? 😯

Amor1009's avatar

me parece genial

ktou's avatar

Nice update!! The "Add Deviation in a Group" seems weird and confuse without the Counter, cause now we can't know how many deviations have in the folders or/if they are Full.

human-panda's avatar

i sent it to the relevant team :) thanks!

ktou's avatar

Thank you! <3

Silver-OPs's avatar

I'm not getting notifications on any of the posts for people I watch.

Cookiecat1384's avatar

this actually makes it harder to find posts imo. i got so lost the first time trying to find an old journal of mine

Muzafar bhai all sindhi singer and all urdu singer upload folder icon please

Rose-Supreme's avatar

Please give us the option to use the classic DA webpage design. This new design is a hot mess.

Granitoons's avatar

It's been almost a year and I still haven't got used to it.

Rose-Supreme's avatar

Same. I want the simplicity back, mixed with some features from the new design, like the ability to like comments.

Granitoons's avatar

Each to their own but I don't like that feature and have not used it. Too FaceBook-ish.

Rose-Supreme's avatar

Some people use it. It isn't intrusive and feels like something that would belong on the classic design if it was kept.

Granitoons's avatar

That's fair enough. I just wish there were a way to turn off notifications about it.

Rose-Supreme's avatar

The more accessibility and freedom, the better. Both audiences should benefit.

EarlyOnion's avatar

Ahh~ I can once again put only a poll on my profile, without other posts crowding it. Good thing this part is brought back.

I gotta say I'm glad the Journal posts are in a more organised display now, unlike last time where thumbnails are just all over the place, not chronologically shown. It'd be great if we can arrange our pinned posts under the Posts tab, but it's ok. I'll settle with this new ability to actually pin something.

EDIT: Oh, uh... can we have view count for status posts and polls (more for the latter)? Just wanna know if my stuff reached anyone's screens. My side agenda is to have a rough idea on how many of my Watchers are still alive.

EDIT2: Yo. Why is the poll displayed like that on my profile?? Clouded by white! And I thought they'd be able to vote on the go rather than clicking yet another button to vote. Kinda makes it near-pointless to feature it, oh gahd... Every time a good feature appears-- I mean-- Can you guys not-- ah nvm, ⚰

Kerpkake's avatar

Please let us store journals, I don't want to move back to my old account until I can do that because I don't like my old journals, but I don't want to delete them.

Kerpkake's avatar

hi cool update

Editing Journals | DeviantArt Eclipse Edit
EarlyOnion's avatar

Nice. x'D Oh wait, the update left behind the Notify Watchers checkbox.

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