Podcast LIVE: Caption Contest with schmoedraws

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The contest is now closed.

Our winner will be announced on the next episode of the DeviantArt Podcast on Friday, October 30th!


Caption Contest!

Come up with a clever and creative caption for this deviation by our guest judge, schmoedraws, and leave it in a comment here by 11:59:59 pm Pacific - Los Angeles Time on October 22, 2020, for a chance to win a Wacom One drawing tablet!

By leaving a comment, you are entering the contest and agree to the Official Rules.


Watch schmoedraws and ggMattB on Podcast LIVE!

© 2020 team
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acarlizeynep Traditional Artist

Did we really had to do it?

Rastifan's avatar
RastifanHobbyist Digital Artist

Little girl is new members. Woman is Team. "Look at this nice caption contest. Don't mind the broken mess called Eclipse".

IridescentDragoness's avatar
IridescentDragonessHobbyist General Artist

"You said you wanted it short or very short?"

Artistbuff90's avatar
Artistbuff90New Deviant

I don't have an Instagram account to listen for the next winner on DeviantArt Podcast!

akiestar's avatar
akiestarHobbyist Photographer

You don't need to have an Instagram account, Artistbuff90! We'll be announcing the winner right here. :)

shawree's avatar

That moment when you realize a schmoe is cutting your hair.

PositiviBee's avatar
PositiviBeeNew Deviant

When you take shortcuts... good luck to everyone!

Nogistune's avatar
NogistuneHobbyist Traditional Artist

Maybe I should bought that thing you attach to the vacuum

callmewild's avatar
callmewildNew Deviant

"Will you hurry up, mom?!"

Mom: *Don't sneeze, don't sneeze, don't sneeze!*

Latin7777777's avatar

"Shave it all, mommy! I wanna look like my favourite character: Saitama."

*Whispering in motherhood* "Who is this child?"

Skye-Moone's avatar
Skye-MooneHobbyist Digital Artist

Hairdo? More like hairdon't!

theubbergeek2's avatar

"Skunks may be cute dearie, they have a nasty side though..."

jayeshneyyan's avatar
jayeshneyyanHobbyist General Artist

"What has been done …. cannot be undone"

jayeshneyyan's avatar
jayeshneyyanHobbyist General Artist

"Digital artists trying to find the undo button while doing traditional art"

jiji82's avatar
jiji82Hobbyist Digital Artist

IIt's like in the tutorials, we don't move too much, yaaay oops

Coccineus's avatar
CoccineusHobbyist General Artist

Surprise Mohawk!

DGiri's avatar
DGiriNew Deviant

[aloud]..My adorable little girl, I just gave you an adorable, lovely, charming and a truly attractive haircut!...….[aside]..well, did I ?

LoovieMoo's avatar
LoovieMooHobbyist Artist

"Live life to the fullest they say. Don't hesitate to do the things you want they say. They made scissors for a reason. Some shortcuts ain't meant to be.."

Nilist's avatar
NilistHobbyist General Artist

"The Art With No Eraser"

Nilist's avatar
NilistHobbyist General Artist

"No Ctrl+Z"

moefletcher's avatar
moefletcherHobbyist General Artist

"I hope those headlice do not spread on to my hair as I trim off his"

LinkDemonwing's avatar
LinkDemonwingHobbyist Artist

Be carefull when tamming a beastly mane

lostaris's avatar

This razor has a mind of it own ... oooopps

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