Photo Challenge - Still Life
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Ogpreview by symonxThe winners of the Still Life Photo Challenge are in! Check out these still lifes selected by Julian Schratter, our guest photographer and judge, and congratulations to our winners! #PhotoChallengeStillLife

The top still life photos have a chance to win over $2,000 USD in prizes, including a brand-new FUJIFILM X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera!

Contest Closed

Photo Finish!

Five amazing still life images have been chosen by guest judge, Julian Schratter! Congratulations to our first place winner, second place winner, and our third place runners up!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the final challenge of this series!

Julian Schratter

About The Photographer
JulianSchratter / Professional Photographer

As the executive producer at DeviantArt, Julian Schratter is responsible for bringing you the DA Podcast, Explore videos, OCC videos, and more. Before joining the team full time, he was a freelance creative working in many artistic media – most notably photography. He first got behind the camera in 2010, and over the past 10 years he has had hundreds of notable subjects, ranging from superstars like Jay-Z and Beyoncé to his current series on flowers, a daily challenge showcased on his DeviantArt profile.


First Place

Second Place

Third Placex3

Three third place winners will be awarded:
Semi-Finalists (20):1-Year Core Membership


  • Contest Begins:April 16, 2020 at 12:00:00 PM (PT - Los Angeles Time)
  • Deadline:May 14, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM (PT - Los Angeles Time)
  • Entry Requirements:Entrant must submit an original still life photograph.
  • Age Requirement:At least 13 years old as of April 16, 2020.
Official Rules



  • Originality of Concept
  • Quality of Execution
  • Excellent Use of Staging – Arrangement and Composition of Physical Elements
  • Success in Portraying the Challenge Theme

Selection Process:

  • 25 Semi-Finalists will be selected from all eligible and qualified entries by a panel of full-time DeviantArt staff on or about May 27, 2020.
  • First, Second, and Third Place Winners, using the same criteria and methodology, will be selected from the Semi-Finalists by Julian Schratter.

    Please read the Official Rules for more details.

Your Thoughts

Answer in the comments below:

1. What gear do you use to assist with your photography?

2. Do you seek out objects to photograph or wait until you feel inspired?

3. Are you more likely to buy something if it is well-photographed?

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PokemonMaster250Hobbyist General Artist

Congratulations to the winners!

mirandaadria's avatar
mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist

I just realized something. The first place image shows only one ring in the "behind the scenes" shot, which means the ring was added two more times in post production. Making it a photomanipulation, not a photograph. Just.... wow. Fuck dA.

hotamr's avatar
hotamrProfessional Digital Artist

I'm really sorry that's you feel that way! I have use in-camera settings called double exposure, it's like taking too many photos on top of each other and has 4 settings modes in Canon camera additive, average, bright, and dark. "old film cameras used to have the same double exposure mode" I have to use lightroom to retouch the color! I was so happy to win it! did not expect people to feel so sad about it!

mirandaadria's avatar
mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist
Respectfully, I know what double exposure is, and that does not look like double exposure. It looks like Photoshopping.
hotamr's avatar
hotamrProfessional Digital Artist

check out this video I have recreated the effect using double exposure. I have uploaded it to youtube please check it out! sorry I have done it so fast to just show it so the camera was shaky I did not find my camera remote.

mirandaadria's avatar
mirandaadriaProfessional Digital Artist

Apologies for believing it was Photoshopped, but I still do not see it as very fair, considering there was quite a bit of post-production for what was supposed to be a still life. Ultimately, my feelings do not matter.

withloveandheart's avatar
withloveandheartProfessional Digital Artist

The rules does allow some post-production

hotamr's avatar
hotamrProfessional Digital Artist

no problem I understand your frustration about it, I just have to clear it's not photoshopped because if it's was, I will never post it in the photography category back in 2016. it's was a challenge for me to do it using only the camera, check out more of my work!

Upside down (Making Of)
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withloveandheartProfessional Digital Artist

Congrats on your win. Well deserved!

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Indeed. It could be

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CapnDeek373Professional General Artist

Too bad cotta-molla's entry was blown up so much for the announcement feature here. It's all blurry and pixelated as compared to her original on her own page. :ahoy:

Also, please find a way to remove what is basically an advertisement for Fuji from all my pages. One of the reasons I pay for Core to have no ads on my page.

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Dat-Wulf Digital Artist

Agreed. I pay for no ads, yet get this “partnership” plastered everywhere, in my notifs and on my pages.

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WindinzStudent Artist

unsubscribe me too

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Unsubscribe me from these kinds of sendlists, thanks

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ajcreativeProNew Deviant

Great initiative!!

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Sonikku-ErizoHobbyist Traditional Artist

Al menos nos van a dar algún ícono o medalla por participar? o algo?

Sonikku-Erizo's avatar
Sonikku-ErizoHobbyist Traditional Artist

Un desastre.. una cagada..

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Unsubscribe me as well, thanks

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PainterlyphotobomerHobbyist General Artist

The last 2 in 3rd place are very different one which has a message and the next a photograph of the object displayed on the camera.

cosmicwind's avatar

Remove me from these kinds of sendlists

fotograafdonald's avatar
fotograafdonaldProfessional Photographer

I'm not criticizing the photos but since when became tabletop photography still live...

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kparks Photographer

Great choices for the top finishers!

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Why is there a lot of empty space around my small art here?



Sealed heart in a bottle



And why is there more dead space added on both sides?

And why can't I place this "- -" on each side to better show that dead space that does nothing good at all?

Can you fix this broken site please.

Even some submission text has been squeezed together on those that are too wide, making it look weird when it looked good before you forced this version upon us all.

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