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A Fruits Basket Exclusive!

This week we are partnering with Funimation to bring you a very special Fruits Basket edition of Out of Character! Starring voice actors Jerry Jewell, Tia Ballard, John Burgmeier, and Mikaela Krantz, each weekly episode will feature awesome fan art and behind-the-scenes stories about working on the show!


Out of Character is a video series where voice actors check out fan art of characters they’ve voiced. Stay tuned for two more weeks of episodes featuring the voice actors of Shigure Sohma and Momiji Sohma, premiering on our DeviantArt FanArt Instagram account!


Tell us who your favorite Fruits Basket character is in the comments below!

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minifreak88's avatar

Kyo!!! Kyo has always been, and will forever be, my favorite Fruits Basket character. The most well-written character I have ever seen. <3

JeanBean15's avatar

Momji is my fave he's a cute little bean!

BlueShadow074's avatar

my favourite is Momiji, he's so cute

MisterKyubiArt's avatar

I have out-of-character drawings, I don't know if making them humanoid women count

mirimag's avatar

A gift for the DA :deviantart: team

My version of Joker

joker-joaquin-phoenix-My version

original, from the movie


I hope you will like it.Have a great week 💓

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LocheNessie's avatar

Ayame is my favorite. He comes off as kinda creepy sometimes, but I love his dynamic with Yuki.

MinaSlita's avatar

momoji of course.

He is my boy all the way>v<

InnocentBunny101's avatar

kyo, 10000 percent

TheNeverEndingPit's avatar

Kyo or Haru for sure!

khaledNero's avatar

I love momiji

He's favourite character

chizurumashiro21's avatar

Kyo is my favorite soft boy~

katsuneyoshino's avatar

Momiji, Tohru, Yuki and Kyo are great! But all are awesome :love:

Alexa2011UwU's avatar
ELIMIU's avatar

Kyō Sōma <3

XleslieadoodlerX's avatar

I love Momiji, he's just so sweet and childish :heart:

galaxymoon120's avatar

I never watched but i think Momiji would be nice 😩

jonwii's avatar

My Favorite Character of Fruit Basket is Tohru Honda! 😊👍😍🥰

Noodles4Doodles's avatar

hard to say but kyo and momiji are great but all are good

MinaSlita's avatar

u got good taste lol

Mikare13officialsite's avatar

Hatsuharu, Isuzu and Hatori

Jezzer-J's avatar

because, Momiji !!!! wEEEeeeeeEEeeeeeeeeeee!

ArchaosTeryx's avatar

It's been a really long time since I've thought about Fruits Basket! My favorite is probably Momiji <3 I also like Hatsuharu!

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