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Eclipse-header by symonxThe winners of the newest Original Character Challenge are in! See which Radical Racers were the best Overall, showed excellent Creativity, or impressed our Featured Artist. Congratulations to all the winners on their new Wacom products! #RadicalRacerOCC
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DeviantArt and Wacom have teamed up to bring you a series of Original Character Challenges! These challenges are opportunities for you to design exciting original characters based on a prompt for the chance to win Wacom products!

Contest Closed

Featured Artwork

Example Artwork

Radical Racer

Cesar is a third generation driver – more comfortable on a cycle than he is in a conversation. On the most dangerous track in the Titan League, the track that killed his father, Cesar races not to win... but to survive.


The Titan Class Cycle is the largest, most powerful, and hardest to pilot of all racing cycles. Built around a colossal engine to tackle the harshest terrain, piloting a Titan is like riding a bull that's strapped to a rocket.

Lucky Charm

Cesar wears the ring of his late father around his neck for good luck. His father wore the ring for every race of his career, except for his final race that killed him.

Special Trick

Titan League Racing only has one rule: no explosives. Cesar has experimented with several tricks to gain an advantage. His favorite is the gumball; a heavy ball with extremely sticky pads that brings a Titan's tires to a violent halt.


9 Winners Across 3 Categories Will Win Wacom Products!

Working from the prompt, draw your original Radical Racer character. Winners will be chosen in three different categories.

First Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Second Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Third Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Semi-Finalists (x22)

1-Year Core Membership


Winners will be chosen in three categories.

Category 1:Overall Skill

25 Semi-Finalists selected by DeviantArt staff based on the below criteria. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place selected from the Semi-Finalists by DeviantArt Community Volunteer
TsaoShin based on the same criteria.

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Artistic Skill
  • Overall Execution
  • Originality

Category 2: Creative Execution

1st, 2nd, 3rd selected by DeviantArt staff based from the pool of all eligible entries (excluding Semi-Finalists):

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Outside-the-box Thinking
  • Creative Execution
  • Uniqueness

CATEGORY 3: Artist's Choice

1st, 2nd, 3rd selected by JakeParker based from the pool of all eligible entries (excluding Semi-Finalists):

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Line Work
  • Dynamic Poses
  • Shape Language
  • Creative Clothing

Congratulations to our first, second, and third place winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Original Character Challenge.

Rules & FAQ

Contest Begins

June 24, 2020 at 12:00:00 PM PT


July 22, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM PT

Age Requirement

At least 13 years old as of June 24, 2020.

Please read the Official Rules for more details.

Official RulesView FAQ

Your Thoughts

Answer in the comments below:

1. What would inspire you to race around the world?

2. Where would you stop along the way?

3. What helps you most during your creative process?

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RodEspinosa's avatar

Congratulations on all the winners! Man, look at all those cool designs! All of that is an animated show waiting to happen! Anyone remember the Great Space Race cartoon? Every episode, someone wins but it's like an animated Cannonball Run each episode with various things happening during the race reminiscent of The Great Race classic live action TV. There's much potential here.

CometTheMountainLion's avatar

I’m obviously late but thanks for introducing me to this new fandom.

MasterGojira's avatar

SHIT. Can’t believe I lost....

Well, I did my best even though my art wasn't really noticed but I'm sure if it was it would have. Congratulations to the winners, use your privilege mine will come another day.

GGRdraws's avatar

Are there any contests for medium-level artists?

BleachTomato's avatar

Welp, couldn't make it. Good for the winners. They deserve it. But next time, its Nemetz time!

Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar

Please take me off these sendlists

silverexpress's avatar

How do I get removed from all those sendlists about contests and other crap which I have NEVER subscribed to and which interests me ZERO , NADA, NULL, ZILCH, INGENTING!!!!

ChaiMooney's avatar

You can't lol, its part of the deviantart team. The challenges are part of what bring the art community on this platform together. :) I'm sure you can just ignore it if you don't want to participate.

Crudaka's avatar

yooooo all these entries came out really amazingly!! even though i didnt join this one i look forward to the next contest if there will be one <3 who knows maybe i keep these contests as challenges for whenever i feel like it :D

chtonich-quark's avatar

Remove me from future messages of this kind, thank you

retr0dude's avatar
yakunae's avatar

I think this was a nice and interesting concept for a contest. My only concern is that a person who is a beginner or traditional artist that shows originality or creativity would probably have a harder chance to win because they may not have the same technological advantages or experience as other creators. This contest was fun and created a concept for a story for artists to grow and think outside the box which was nice yet it was also an opportunity for some creators to win a prize that could possibly help them in their artist journey. I would kindly suggest that there should be categories for the beginners (or traditional artists) and the advanced, in order to help support those who eager to create but maybe don't have the technological means to do so. Overall, thank you Deviantart for hosting this contest and congrats to those who won.

Yeah exactly mine wasn't even noticed, like you said some have more technological advantages.

KingNanamine87's avatar

I'm happy there's someone here following my thought line.

Not that i'm asking favours, but there are plenty of people who began or still posts beautiful art made with just a paper and some pencils.

I'm a traditional artist for choice, because i'm not interested in digital art, i'm not good in doing it and IRL i have important reasons i can't do it.

Realizing something with so poor and simple stuff and doing excellence... it's called "traditional art". u_u)d

dogman0's avatar

Congrats on the contest

Iku-Aldena's avatar

Congrats to the Winners ♥ Really loved their concepts and Arts

DeviantGiantFreakz's avatar

This was an actual cool & fantastic contest here at DA. Congratz WINNERS! Yay Dance Jhope

None of the "losers" are LOSERS because I saw SO many amazing & awesome entries!

This is a CONTEST. Many will enter, few will WIN. Like all contests usually are. Simon (Negan) - Icon

Until they add a feature to disable notifications for contests & DA Events, you can't

Unsubscribe, Opt-OUT, or choose to NEVER see these things until they do. Click "X"

in the Notifications then just ignore or stay a million miles away from these if possible.

MysticD wishes people would stop complaining 24/7, have ALOT of patience, and start focusing more on their life and their joy..........WELL there is ALOT to complain ABOUT!

Many are frustrated & upset because they can't FOCUS on JOY when Eclipse is a MESS!

Everyone stop making ART, stop what you're doing, BE CALM & submit errors to the

site admin or wherever you submit it & you won't be ignored & ALL problems are solved!

Be patient & wait for errors & bugs to be wiped out eventually within 1-2 years. Maybe

Why are millions of people attacking DA staff members daily in their journals, profile shoutbox? Members finally calmed down & accepted Eclipse with all theirHeart Love ? :happybounce:

Put away your Devil and Pitchfork Emote & :kiwf: & let's ALL happy dance holding hands :bonklers: Jim Carrey he is Crazy :happy:

Get used to it and learn that Old DA will never come back nor is the complaining doing anything good, otherwise we'll end up depressed, drained, and feeling like crap even

more than the very thing(MysticD!) that's making us feel like crap. We're NOT ALL

happy, content, calm & satisfied with reality like you MysticD who blocks many others, spams the same message to comments MANY times & tells us we're stupid & wrong.

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed with the number of bitter and self absorbed comments

from complainers about the "complainers" at this site. So basically shutup & be Happy !!!!!

This was one of the best contests. I:love:every entry. Everyone's a WINNER! Yeah :yay:

M0thwi5h5728's avatar
Finally somebody logical here.
I wasn't here long enough to see Eclipse taking over, but the fact that it happened long ago and there are people STILL complaining about it frustrates me, acting like whiny children. And some if them are really toxic about it. And yes, either click X or ignore it. To all those drama queens/kings out there announcing like,"oh da is so bad here there blah blah blah I wanna leave", leave cause no one cares there are people willing to adjust and new deviants. Either adjust, or leave.
They aren't going to change the site, just get it. I'm not forcing this down your throats, but I thought it was logical they wouldn't change ut because they were literally they creators here: they can do anything they want.
And please, atop complaining about it in the comments sections cos it ruins the mood. Jeez
DeviantGiantFreakz's avatar

LOL. Me logical??? A little bit. Other members would tell ya I'm an idiot that needs

to close my account asap & go live under a rock. I WAS here May 20th 2020 when

the site was Classic DA then changed to Eclipse. I complained until September or so.

The changes are forever. Classic will never return. You're right. Accept it or leave. :roll:

I've seen many come & go since last year, changes only happen by contacting support.

Eclipse is slowly improving & getting updates but :angry won't help. We can only wait. :faint:

Karanda's avatar

What do I have to do to not getting these messages in the future?

I see no unsubscribe button and I've asked both here and helpdesk to be removed without success.

Squizzly's avatar

deviantArt has had these system issues ever since, there is no way to escape it sadly

Karanda's avatar

Time for them to fix it then

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