Original Character Challenge - Radical Racer
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Eclipse-header by symonxCalling all radical racers! Win one of nine wacom products and other prizes by designing an original character for DeviantArt’s “Radical Racer” #OriginalCharacterChallenge! #RadicalRacerOCC

DeviantArt and Wacom have teamed up to bring you a series of Original Character Challenges! These challenges are opportunities for you to design exciting original characters based on a prompt for the chance to win Wacom products!

Enter by July 22, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM PT

Create a Radical Racer!

When opportunity came knocking, the Radical Racer leapt at the chance to achieve fame and glory, even if it took embarking on a dangerous race around the globe. Transportation would be crucial to their success, so they worked hard to obtain the perfect way to ride to the finish line. While packing a bag, they came across an item that reminded them of the good times in their life and decided to use it as a lucky charm. Knowing this infamous race is a treacherous and hard-fought journey where every second counts, the racer made sure to have one special trick to gain an advantage over the competition, or even defend themselves if necessary.

Include These Three Original Elements

Though the objects may appear anywhere in your piece, you must be sure to have your artwork feature your original interpretation of your racer's Transportation, Lucky Charm, and Special Trick.

How to Enter

Ideate: What does your Radical Racer look like? We want to know what they ride or drive for this race, what special trick they have up their sleeve, and what item brings them luck on their journey! Don't be afraid to make bold and unique choices!

Make: Create an original, single image that best showcases your character design. It may be in any style or genre. Make sure to have your artwork feature your original interpretation of your racer's Transportation, Lucky Charm, and Special Trick.

Submit: Submit your design here to enter the challenge! Make sure your submission includes the hashtag RadicalRacerOCC.

Please read the Official Rules and FAQ for more details on how to enter.

Please read the Official Rules and FAQ for more details on how to enter.

Example Artwork

Radical Racer

Cesar is a third generation driver – more comfortable on a cycle than he is in a conversation. On the most dangerous track in the Titan League, the track that killed his father, Cesar races not to win... but to survive.


The Titan Class Cycle is the largest, most powerful, and hardest to pilot of all racing cycles. Built around a colossal engine to tackle the harshest terrain, piloting a Titan is like riding a bull that's strapped to a rocket.

Lucky Charm

Cesar wears the ring of his late father around his neck for good luck. His father wore the ring for every race of his career, except for his final race that killed him.

Special Trick

Titan League Racing only has one rule: no explosives. Cesar has experimented with several tricks to gain an advantage. His favorite is the gumball; a heavy ball with extremely sticky pads that brings a Titan's tires to a violent halt.


9 Winners Across 3 Categories Will Win Wacom Products!

Working from the prompt, draw your original Radical Racer character. Winners will be chosen in three different categories.

First Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Second Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Third Place (x3)

Total Prize Value

Semi-Finalists (x22)

1-Year Core Membership


Winners will be chosen in three categories.

Category 1:Overall Skill

25 Semi-Finalists selected by DeviantArt staff based on the below criteria. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place selected from the Semi-Finalists by DeviantArt Community Volunteer
TsaoShin based on the same criteria.

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Artistic Skill
  • Overall Execution
  • Originality

Category 2: Creative Execution

1st, 2nd, 3rd selected by DeviantArt staff based from the pool of all eligible entries (excluding Semi-Finalists):

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Outside-the-box Thinking
  • Creative Execution
  • Uniqueness

CATEGORY 3: Artist's Choice

1st, 2nd, 3rd selected by JakeParker based from the pool of all eligible entries (excluding Semi-Finalists):

  • Relevance to Concept and Prompt
  • Line Work
  • Dynamic Poses
  • Shape Language
  • Creative Clothing

Semi-Finalists will be announced on or about August 3, 2020. Entrants can only win in one category. Winners and Semi-Finalists from the Overall Skill category are not eligible for the Creative Execution and Artist's Choice categories.

Rules & FAQ

Contest Begins

June 24, 2020 at 12:00:00 PM PT


July 22, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM PT

Age Requirement

At least 13 years old as of June 24, 2020.

Please read the Official Rules for more details.

Official RulesView FAQ

Your Thoughts

Answer in the comments below:

1. What would inspire you to race around the world?

2. Where would you stop along the way?

3. What helps you most during your creative process?

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RavenQuiauri's avatar
RavenQuiauriProfessional Digital Artist

Can it be any type of vehicle?

(So like flying vehicles?)

gmlabartandsounds's avatar
gmlabartandsoundsHobbyist Digital Artist
HaveFaithHopeLoveArt's avatar
HaveFaithHopeLoveArtHobbyist Photographer

Can this contest not be rigged again? Stop making these contests rigged it is unfair to us. And can you follow the judging criteria for once and not following that is unfair to us too. I'm tired of these contests beibgbrugged with semi finalists not following the judging criteria. Enforce the rules please. Amd syop letting semi finalists break the judging rules.

Inspirelirium's avatar
InspireliriumHobbyist Digital Artist

If you feel that strongly about the contests, don't enter them and don't focus on them. Focus on your OWN art instead.

jmtacda's avatar
jmtacdaStudent General Artist

eclipse is still not complete, very clear in this post: the pop-up on transportation is blocked by the two text boxes below, and those two are too close to each other, the official rules text goes out from the box

Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
Eric-S-HuffmanProfessional Traditional Artist
HaveFaithHopeLoveArt's avatar
HaveFaithHopeLoveArtHobbyist Photographer

That us not original artwork. You can't qualify.

Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
Eric-S-HuffmanProfessional Traditional Artist

Sure it is. I made it so that means it's original.

Besides it is so very fitting for "The Team".

HaveFaithHopeLoveArt's avatar
HaveFaithHopeLoveArtHobbyist Photographer

It is not original when you took models from the Internet.

Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
Eric-S-HuffmanProfessional Traditional Artist

This is DeviantArt.

It's called creating a photomaniupulation. That is a genre artform here at DeviantArt.

It was manipulated , edited and made into a poignant meme. There is the creation aspect.

Where I got it originally is immaterial and irrelevant and not germane to the posted work.

Please keep up with the program when it comes to art and art styles here on DeviantArt.

Animeteor's avatar
AnimeteorStudent General Artist

*goes to draw right away*

Dumpster-Fire-Comics's avatar
Dumpster-Fire-ComicsHobbyist Digital Artist

You can only kill yourself once.

KupoGames's avatar
KupoGamesProfessional Digital Artist

Lol, no one wants DA points or a core subscription.

Give out some more of those Cintiqs, yo. Quit being so cheap.

The idea does seem kinda fun though.

Brettforsyth's avatar
BrettforsythHobbyist General Artist

Can the transportation be an animal, or does it have to be a machine?

MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

I did animal and I think it’s fine

goldenavatar's avatar

Thanks for the invitation, but I'll pass. It doesn't matter how many submit to this contest, there will ultimately only be thirty-one (31) prize winners in total.

In future, when offering contests like this consider offering up discount coupon codes to all who participate. A discount applicable to either core membership and/or discounted wacom products might get more people to follow through and participate.

SpyxedDemon's avatar
SpyxedDemonHobbyist Digital Artist

I am sad to see so much hate over deviantart these days. Back in the day when I started around 2006, EVERYONE had deviantart. it was THE place the upload art...just to see it has become like this. It's trying to compete with the higher places such like Artstation where professional artists upload their golded portfolios, or even things like social media as Twitter, Instagram, etc.... I just don't see how Deviantart can become like it, as it has built up its history with artworks from entirely terrible crap to high quality AAA-game tier artwork. It's *too* mixed with different people with different artworks to become an actual respected portfolio website...

And you can't blame it because that's how it has become so popular over the years since there was such easy access to it and everyone wanted it even if they couldn't draw/were not even interested in art to begin with.

I dislike the new interface. but I DO appreciate they try and I know they try to change and stay clean and sharp to compete with other art websites, to look more professional...but it just doesn't work. It pains me because I've built up such a community here back then having over 2k watchers...just to FEEL like I want to move all these watchers somewhere else like Twitter/Instagram because those places are more popular nowadays for art recognition, even if they're not even ART WEBSITES.

All the groups I am in are dying, and I don't feel like monitoring my own.

Last year was the first time in 10 years that I stopped with my subscription. I just feel like there's no point in it anymore.

I dont want this happening, I really don't. I wish something could be done to respark this place. A complete renovation if they must.

Howler-The-Ordriey's avatar
Howler-The-OrdrieyStudent General Artist

Dang, I didn't know this was actually a thing, I thought it was just simply an ad so I ignored it. And now that I actually found out what this is, I don't know if I have the time to do the artwork and stuff for this o-o. And that, I just sometimes delete notifs I get cause they're usually not my thing. If there was a way to choose and decide if I want to have event notifs, I would be using it. Otherwise I've been kinda ignoring notifs more and more often and I've been missing the things that I deemed more important. I feel there's been far more notifs that aren't things I'm looking too than I like lately. It's just that, when I get a notification, I expect it to be something important or a fave or comment on my things, not random events I wasn't looking for? When things get to that point for me, I deem it spammy... Sorry. I mean, this just happens to be a cool event but, I didn't look cause I was so used to ads which I don't usually look to them.

huckandlil's avatar
huckandlil Artisan Crafter
Yo Yogi Huckleberry Hound Happy Meal Mc Card

here my

HaveFaithHopeLoveArt's avatar
HaveFaithHopeLoveArtHobbyist Photographer

That can't be qualified to win because it is not original.

Dumpster-Fire-Comics's avatar
Dumpster-Fire-ComicsHobbyist Digital Artist

I’m gonna turn the other direction when I see that thing.

Looks like a total threat to Racekind.

huckandlil's avatar
huckandlil Artisan Crafter

you like it

KaizenKitty's avatar
KaizenKittyProfessional Writer

im feeling inspired :love: (this is a Work In Progress concept art)

Reiger Try4

fun prompt =P i like the challenge!

GeroVort's avatar
GeroVortHobbyist Digital Artist

Are Russian artists eligible to participate?

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