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The future of notifications on DeviantArt has arrived! Here’s why you should be excited:

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to organize and manage all your notifications

  • Notifications are now intuitively grouped together

  • See and reply to comment threads directly from your Notification Center

  • Group notifications and individual notifications are separated so you can easily sort through one or the other with no confusion

  • Promotes engagement within the community

Note: Notifications is currently in the quality assurance phase. If you opt-in to early testing, keep in mind that you might run into bugs as we continue to develop it.

Screenshot 2021-11-22 121450

We are excited to launch this to the rest of the community soon, but first we would love your feedback and suggestions.

Early Access to the New Notification Center

You have the option to opt-in to gain early access to the new Notification Center and test out the new feature, however, opt-in is permanent. Once you switch to the new Notification Center, you can not switch back (more on this below).

To opt-in, favourite this journal and you’ll be added to the waitlist to get the new Notifications. We’ll be rolling out to deviants on the waitlist over the coming weeks.

Opt-In Is Permanent

Notifications has been completely rebuilt, which means that when you opt-in, each individual notification is converted into a new format. Because of this, you will not be able to go back to the old Notifications.

Test and Give Us Feedback

The new Notification Center is in a quality assurance phase. You will most likely encounter bugs while testing it, which is where your feedback comes in.

We would love all of your feedback once you opt-in and test it out. Please leave any and all of your comments, questions, and concerns on the feedback form. We have a #feedback-notifications channel on our Discord as well.

As always, thank you for your help! We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback about this new product.

© 2021 team
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Molfar-Spirit's avatar

Please, return back old format of journals

fireanubis's avatar

Does it really matter what we say about it?

I mean, you are just going to force it out regardless.

Why bother letting us "test" it for you?

drachenmagier's avatar

There are things we won't be able to influence, of course. One can always demand those and then be angry that the wish was not noted and acted upon.

Or we can influence the part that can be influenced.

Eclipse is not going to go away, but such testings like the one here give you the chance to make it more to your liking. :)

It is of course your choice to take this chance.

fireanubis's avatar

it wouldbe one thing if they actually took feedback and listened to it.

The Team just makes the Users feel voiceless.

drachenmagier's avatar

You know, that one thing that astonishes me sometimes is how people just... overlook anything that could contradict their believes.

It's not just that they don't accept it, they completely overlook its existence to a point where they seem - at least on the outside - convinced it never existed in the first place.

Please do not see this as an attack. But are you sure what you're doing is helping you? I got some personal experience how hard it can get to see the good things once you start focusing on only what you hate.

fireanubis's avatar

Enlighten me then.

Where is the proof that the Staff actually listens to the Users and not just the cherry picked favorites.

I have tickets a year old that have yet to be responded to. The Staff has yet to actually fix any of the tickets I've submitted over the years.

The Staff has ignored me, pranked me, make me feel unwelcome. The Staff won't so much as respond to a comment I make. I am treated like a troll whenever I ask for help.

The Staff and the community at large has been toxic and unwelcoming towards me from the moment I joined here all those years ago.

But sure, I'm overlooking all the wonderful and caring things the Staff does for the Users.

Though, judging by your little icon by your name, you are one of their "special" people and would only be treating kindly by them.

The rest of us lowly Users don't get such respect.

drachenmagier's avatar

I saw the answers you got over the years. There is NOTHING I could say that was not already said.

And I saw dozens of people who wanted to help you, figure out why dA does not work for you, try to figure out how to make it better. It's quite the slap in the face of all those people who tried to help, to claim staff and community are just toxic and unwelcoming.

If you really want to be like that, enjoy, I guess. Just maybe, sometimes, stop and take a look at the people who did extend a hand. Just because you want to ignore them does not mean they don't exist.

fireanubis's avatar

So, no proof then?

I didn't think so.

Also. I tried the things suggested to me and none of them worked.

But sure, it is all my fault, I ignore the help given to me and I deserve to not be able to access basic functions of the site.

I have had a handful of people help me and treat me with a shred of respect, but in the end, nothing could be done.

But those lovely people treated me kindly and didn't just write me off as a troll because what they suggested didn't work.

drachenmagier's avatar

I rest my case.

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Noiramoss's avatar

"if you opt-in to early testing keep in mind that you might run into bugs as we continue to develop it"

"opt-in is permanent"

"once you switch to the new notification center you can't switch back"

ok then i'll just... let others be your lab rats first 😂

EvieMcQuivey's avatar

Opting in, so excited for this! :D

Doodeedoodah's avatar

So when you say that you can't go back to old notifications, does that mean that any notifications you had before switching will be deleted? Or will they be converted to the new format too?

zilla774's avatar

all your previous (current) messages will be migrated :)

Doodeedoodah's avatar

Okay great, thanks!

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

they're talking of the layout^^

TIDAL is a global music streaming platform tidal.com/browse/track/129395729

ThessianCG's avatar

Sure, why not.

I love to live dangerously (j/k), that's why I'm using DA. :giggle:

It seems that Notification icon has been moved to the left so that's a good improvement right there. It was so annoying to click Notification icon instead of Profile icon.

drachenmagier's avatar

Welp, count me in. :D

dinorocker12's avatar

Will this tested feature eventually roll out to all users?

ChimeraDragonfang's avatar

Was a beta tester in Classic dA, so let's continue that here. Will it make Eclipse suck less? Will it make Eclipse suck more? Let's find out!

DraakeT's avatar

I love risk so im in the waitlist :pat:

We are always waiting the 2 holy grail: drag n drop able to organize and also select // click n drag when we "zoom in" huge images //

Anyway the regular notification has a new recent bug: when we click https://www.deviantart.com/notifications/watch with "Group by Artist" Flagged and we select 1 group relative an artist to be deleted, the system doesn't select it but enter directly into the gallery of the artist! A torture!

Good work!

RensKnight's avatar

Sure, I'll test it out.

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