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Check out your performance by seeing your activity alongside peers in order to help better optimize your engagements.

Benchmark Yourself

In November, we launched Stats & Insights for your art, your audience, and your activity on DeviantArt. From the ability to see which deviations were the most popular in the past week, month, or year, to finding out where in the world your Profile is being viewed, Stats & Insights give you an advanced perspective on your audience.

We’ve now added the ability for you to benchmark your performance next to other deviants, including the amount of favourites or Profile views you receive. Discover your current standing in order to see how to grow your reach!

Get More with Core

This advanced stat is only available to Core Members. Core Members can also unlock additional metrics, such as Profile traffic. Upgrade to Core Membership today for more benefits!

Check Out Stats

Visit your Profile and click the “Stats” tab to start exploring.

(Not on Eclipse? Switch To Eclipse to view your Stats)

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StettafireZeroHobbyist Artisan Crafter

Why does this not work with all users? I'm core, but I can only compare myself against certain users? What exactly are the requirements for you to use a particular user? That is unclear.

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rotaneProfessional Interface Designer

BUG REPORT: On smaller screens, like a 13" MacBook Pro, the line "BENCHMARK YOURSELF" in the left sidebar hangs over the content of the main area:

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 11.58.44
Shade-the-AshClad's avatar
Shade-the-AshClad General Artist
  Wow!  This is just what we needed.  An easier way to judge ourselves and others based on comparison of each-other's superficial qualities such as pageviews and faves.  :facepalm: :no:
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OnimimiHobbyist Digital Artist

Social media considers hiding likes and dA goes and lets you compare your statistics to other artist.. what?

Not only it seems like a really trivial thing to put effort into, with a lot of things Eclipse needs to fix (I still can't type/search the group I want to add my deviation to!) , but it doesn't help with the environment of the site. Isn't the site about ART instead of statistics? (and no, good statistics doesn't always equal jobs in the art world) While it seems like a small thing, team its putting a bit too much effort into making the users care about stats and profile traffic...

Getting a good look of your statistics its one thing, creating a whole system that allows you to compete with them is... a weird choice. I'm concerned of the direction this site will take.

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nettahcSschreiberinHobbyist General Artist

Is or will there be a setting where I can keep people from adding me to their list?

I don't want to be compared to others and I agree with a lot of the other comments that this Feature could do more harm than good but you most likely won't remove it again so... I at least want to keep my stats to myself. All of them.

Thank you

(Also commenting on mobile still sometimes doubles the words. Could someone look into that?)

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WyzzelHobbyist General Artist

I don´t want that someone can see my stats like this!!! What can I do to block this infos for others, that I can NOT put into such a list???

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humblehillsHobbyist Artist

Hi Wyzzel

Your Stats page is only visible to you, and the activity you'd be seeing of other deviants is publicly available (Profile visits, deviation views, watchers, and favourites). Other deviants would not be able to see any other private information such as your Profile traffic.

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hi humblehills

is there any way to turn the benchmark thing off?? i am really not comfortable with other people knowing my stats, and being the exact type of person to needlessly obsess over statistics and beat themselves up over not being good enough i would really like to disable it
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Uluri Digital Artist

I would still rather not promote this type of Comparison/Competing Behavior in the art community. I have art friends who really have a problem getting out of the mindset ditch that is "I'm not good enough/You are better than me" based around comparing stats and this will really not help. Knowing those numbers already cause some hefty rifts between artists. Less comparisons between one another would be more appreciated.

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WyzzelHobbyist General Artist

Is it a basic all over number or will it be running activity infos? With old DA we only saw the basic numbers and we could hide any statistics, and I would wish I could hide this here too. What if I don´t have core and can not see my own stats ... but others can see it if they put my stats in their list? This is really strange!

Just PLEASE give a setting back that I can hide my activity (live notifications too) and stats that these will NOT SHOWN to others. It is a setting we got all the time with old DA and I want it back.

I only can set the live notification if I want to see others ... but not to hide myself! Why?

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As humblehills already said it's only comparing public stats that anyone can see (pageviews, watchers, favourites, etc... you can check by going on any user profile).
Only you can see more detailed statistics that are strictly linked to your own account (such as how many favourites you got today, this week, this month...)

She already answered your question, so please calm down
Wyzzel's avatar
WyzzelHobbyist General Artist

It is not answered and I would have no problem if it is like with old DA, but not like it is shown here! That´s why I want a setting to block my stats for others. Stats! Not a fix number! Sorry but no, it is not the same and I don´t want that someone can see my stats per week/month/year. A current fix number - ok, this is what we have with old DA all the time, but not changing week/month/year stats!

And if I do not have core, I can not see this changing stats for myselfe, but others will see my stats! THIS is stupid! So this whole stats system should be free for ALL members!

ScalyFlower's avatar
You. can. see. your. own. week/month/year stats. without CORE.
Core or not. These are viewable by you.

Watchers/Pageviews/etc are viewable by anyone. These are public stats anyone can see. THESE are what "benchmark yourself" use. Going to someone else's profile and comparing like this can already be done in Classic without going any further than there. 
Screenshot 20200229-023527 by FeatheredRainbow  

The other stats are strictly viewable by only you. 

See, you don't need Core to see those, even as they are by week/month/year.
Stats Eclipse by FeatheredRainbow

It uses public stats, so please, don't make me repeat it.
If you wish to opt out from this feature, suggest it in the form, but know it, you can already compare your stats with other people's by going on their profile; since it uses public stats, without this feature (whether you use Classic or Eclipse doesn't matter).
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3eepProfessional General Artist

It's cool to have this in Deaviantart, my only complain could be the paywall, Facebook pages has this same widget for free, the only thing they limit with a paywall is the amount of people you can add to the list.

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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
They've previously announced that much of this information will be available to all. 

But otherwise, Core membership should have SOME advantages to justify the $50+ / year price tag. Most of the benefits that Core once had under the old DA will be going away then the switch is finally thrown on Eclipse.
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Uluri Digital Artist

Off Topic SUggestion.

So, I would like to urge folks to suggest the Tag Blacklisting feature to be Extended to Gallery/Notification instead of just Search/Browse. Got a nice journal with some reasons, but the main thing is so I can watch artists who might draw maybe one topic not to interest but I still like their art, while also others can still watch me for my cute stuff even though I draw gore too. Its a big issue for me and my watchers.

drachenmagier's avatar
drachenmagierProfessional Traditional Artist

That is a good idea. :D

Uluri's avatar
Uluri Digital Artist

I DON'T LIKE THIS. A Big problem in the art community, especially for new and budding artists, is them comparing themselves to other more well established artists. Spiraling into the Mindset of "I'm not good enough" and "I'll never be like that".

Remove this. Art isn't a competition, and this will have a really big impact on younger artists. And I don't mean the good kind. Self esteem is fragile in the artist community. It takes people forever to discover their own path of growth away from the mindset of "competing".

Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

I see your point, but why should they remove it?

The feature can be useful for others, and more insecure artists don't have to use it. You have to add people manually, so it should be easy enough to ignore. If they're already fallen into a mindset of comparing themselves, enough so to use the feature despite the negative impact, they might need .. well, different kinda help.

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist
Sorry for intruding but isn't this an invasion of privacy to type someone's username and pull up their stats without their knowledge? What if they don't want that person or anyone to know? Personally, I'm not comfortable with this. I know some want this feature and that's fine but I think this feature needs some work. 
Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

Fair point, though the stats visible are just engagement. I don't think that's a privacy breach, since it tells nothing of what you do. And since those stats are public anyway, this feature really just makes it easier to compare them.

whovianmiss's avatar
whovianmiss Digital Artist
Well, I still would like an opt out option (and I did request it in feedback) but if it's just public stats then that's fine.

Probably still won't use it but it's good to know, anyway. :) (Smile) 
Daemon-Illusionum's avatar
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm all for more options, if they can help even a hand full of people feel more comfortable. ^^

Though I can imagine it be very frustrating when you wanna see how you're doing compared to your fav artist, and then you can't, cuz they opted out. :o Since the stats are public either way - as in, you could just go to their profile and see em - I think it should be possible to add anyone, even if they opted out. But if you wanna remove the section from your stats page, that'd be a good option.

I'd also like stats not to be displayed there at the top right with my username. When people see my profile, I don't want them to be influenced by how many watchers I have or something. If they really wanna know, they should go to about or something. Maybe have an option to have those stats displayed in the about section, if someone really wants them on their front page.

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