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Throughout the month, we'll be sharing quick interviews with artists from the DeviantArt Collective; a group of streaming artists on DeviantArt who have been creating positive and creative spaces. Today we feature @sylessae, an artist whose beautiful characters invite you to explore fantastical worlds! Join in Sylessae's #SpringRedraw Challenge here:

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What are your thoughts on an artist's style?

I love to think of style as not as something to be achieved but instead something we already have within us. It evolves over time and is often a mix of things we enjoy seeing in other artworks, the things we've studied, and flaws that we've embraced and transformed into something beautiful. Style may become a bit more recognizable over time but that's something that tends to unfold on its own with some hard work, time, and patience.

Lumia - Jellyfish

How has art changed your life?

I've found so much confidence through creating art. A lot of that confidence has definitely come from stepping up to creative challenges that seem impossible and yet still coming out the other side. When a creative endeavor seems impossible, or anything in life, sometimes it's simply a matter of trusting yourself and the process.

Nascha - Horned Owl

Has there been a piece that marked a turning point in your art?

Nascha was definitely a turning point for me. Not only was she the very first illustration in my first original series (Daemon Animauras), she was the first "personal" piece I created with my community. It was then that I realized I could paint what I loved and ALSO create things they wanted to see.

Lothar OC Sketch [Ko-Fi Commission #104]

What's the first memory you have from being on DeviantArt?

Deviantart was the very first place I was brave enough to share my work back in 2016. I remember the community being incredibly welcoming, no matter your skill level, and it was easy to find a home among all the other artists who were also just trying to find their way. Art is an adventure and I think it's one that's best embarked on with others - I still have great friends who I met back then on the site.

Delen - Orchid Mantis

For those wanting to create art, what advice can you offer?

If you're new to art, first and foremost remember to create from the heart. Passion and happiness are far better drivers of your creativity than perceived skill or attention. Through that excitement for what you do, you'll find that curiosity often leads you to improvement and attention comes from other people resonating with you and the passion that bleeds into your work. Create for YOU, first.

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Check out more of @sylessae's work on their DeviantArt page, and learn more about the DeviantArt Collective, here!

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Nice work that's pretty good.

maskiliz's avatar

I'm speechless, your art is so magically stunning! Keep up the good work. :clap:

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It's my first artwork in my life. I am asking for your opinions.

V1su4lB4s1c's avatar

Oh my God, I added the photo wrongly🤦‍♀️ Sorry and thank you 😉

JJjatiers's avatar

create from the heart... and also with a super drawing tablet. Anyway, one of the things that fuels creativity is having limits and I'm talking about big limits.

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I love all this so much!! You are and always will be one powerful and inspiring woman!! Keep being you, sister!! You’re amazing ❤️❤️

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Thanks for the hype!! <3

DestinieKirby's avatar

Absolutely wonderful and inspiring interview <3

sylessae's avatar

Thank you very much DestinieKirby! <3

DestinieKirby's avatar

You're welcome! :D

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Thank you again for absolutely amazing interview with such a brilliant artist! And yes! I really agree with the whole sylessae's wise advice: create for you, from the heart ...

sylessae's avatar

Thank you for your kind words!! So happy you agree! <3

wotawota's avatar

My pleasure indeed!! :hug: You are really fabulous!!

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