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Throughout the month, we'll be sharing quick interviews with artists from the DeviantArt Collective; a group of streaming artists on DeviantArt who have been creating positive and creative spaces. Today we feature @stumpyfongo, whose fantasy art and love of gaming brings whole new worlds to your feed!

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What pulls you to create art?

I love the idea of creating something that doesn't exist. The idea of being able to breath life into an image with the use of value and color has always fascinated me.

Detective Doodle

Were you always creative growing up?

My mom taught oil painting growing up and always encouraged me to draw and paint with her. So from the beginning creativity was a big part of my life. I always knew I was going to be an artist in some way, but it's definitely been a journey to figure out exactly what that looks like!


What do you love about the art community?

Passion, hard work, and excitement are contagious! Working as an artist in a bubble without peers to cheer you on our bolster you up is very difficult. It's similar to going to the gym and working out. If you have a friend to go with it makes it so much more fun and you feel more accountable to show up. Being a member of the art community, there is a constant buzz of excitement. This helps to motivate me on days when I'm feeling more burnt out. The community has been a life changer for me in re-igniting my passion to create!

Ashleene Scamander

For those wanting to dive into art, what's one piece of advice you can give them?

Remember that being an artist is a journey and not a destination. Growth in art, just like with most disciplines, comes through our ability to continue to persevere through constant failure. If a toddler gave up the first time it fell down it would never learn to walk. Get used to failure. Embrace and celebrate it! And be prepared to work hard. As much as you can try to do something every day. If every day you strive to push yourself a little bit farther than what you were able to accomplish yesterday, you are on the right track!

Sylvanas Windrunner

When streaming what atmosphere do you aim to create?

From the beginning i've always been big on the streams being about community interaction. I personally like there to be more conversation and the overall vibe to be more upbeat. I don't take myself too seriously and we like to goof off and have a good time. My constant goal is to try to make the people watching feel like a part of what's going on. Sometimes I do better at it than others. I also try to foster an environment that is very welcoming to new/beginning artists. We have a pretty open door policy about sharing and self promoting because I feel very strongly about the fact that community is one of the most important pillars of being successful as an artist. There are so many times that people come in and share their work and it pumps me up and gets me excited to keep pushing myself!

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Check out more of @stumpyfongo's work on their DeviantArt page, and learn more about the DeviantArt Collective, here! And don't miss out on their #StumpyLostWoods challenge!

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What an honor! Thank you guys so much for this opportunity! This really is the best online art community!

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Big fan of the flow and narrative in your art!

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I'm new to this deviant art community i find exact that thing which i want to, thanks deviant community. :-)
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