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Throughout the month, we'll be sharing quick interviews with artists from the DeviantArt Collective; a group of streaming artists on DeviantArt who have been creating positive and creative spaces. Today's featured artist is @ccayco! A master of freehand inking, watching Ccayco's streams is always impressive.

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How do you set goals for your art?

I work backwards from macro goals, breaking those down into micro goals. Then I do my best to time everything out, and just keep crossing things off the list until I'm done. Stagnation is the worst fate for any artist, so my study livestreams keep me on my toes, with my community always pointing out the things I need work on.

Sketchbook 0024

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to dive into art?

Be ready for a long, slow, repetitive grind. Lack of patience will burn you out of the art game. And never ever equate how many Likes your art gets online to your value as an artist or the level of your skill.

Pokemon Draw Em All (Gen 1-6)

Has there been a piece that marked a turning point in your art?

In 2016, I created a piece of Pokemon fan art, which contained every Pokemon at the time and took over 130 hours to complete. Back then, I was barely making any money as an artist. But prints of this single piece carried my ability to become a full time convention artist, which led to me building the business I have now. Everything I have is because I accomplished that piece.


What is your favorite theme to create around?

My favorite subject is regular life, or "slice-of-life". There's so much insanely beautiful and creative work out there, that I mostly prefer to find ways to take normal life, but present it in a visually appealing way.

Live Ink Demo from Bakersfield Anime 2018

Who are three artists that you think are awesome and people should watch?

@Artgerm is who made me realize how important sharing your art IMMEDIATELY is. It takes a lifetime to grow a following, and he makes it clear there is no "line" one must cross before you start building it.

@yuumei has incredible skill, both technical and ability to create ideas. I've met her at conventions on many occasions, and the way people look at her art is something to strive for.

@Sa-Dui is an artist I have loved (I'm using the word "loved") since I started drawing. That rendering style is incredibly visually appealing. And their colors are always so striking.

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Discover more of @ccayco's work on their DeviantArt page, and learn more about the DeviantArt Collective, here!

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his art is so lit!

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That's a lot of awesome black and white work! Loving the details, and the interview is very insightful. :D

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Very nice art 👀💜