LGBTQ+ Art in History
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Art as a means of expression has always allowed for individuals to be true to themselves, and that is especially true of LGBTQ+ art throughout history. Though there are too many inspiring examples to include in a single journal, we wanted to share some notable LGBTQ+ artists from history.

A very recognizable early example would be the Archaic Greek lyric poet Sappho, whose works have been celebrated for their focus on love between women—so much so that the words “sapphic” (an adjective referring to women who love other women) and “lesbian” were derived from her and Lesbos, the island she was from.

An example of gender identity in historical art is Claude Cahun, a French photographer who expressed themselves as gender neutral, not finding that masculine or feminine traits suited them consistently. Though they created primarily for themself and didn’t have interest in fame, their works—and similarly, the works of their partner Marcel Moore—challenged the notion of gender and how it should be perceived.

More modern examples of LGBTQ+ artists include the likes of Andy Warhol, infamous for his impact on pop culture through the pop art movement, Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose street art and paintings served critiques of New York City and its social and racial culture, and Keith Haring, whose pop art and public murals have impacted pop culture in the decades since.

In addition to the impact LGBTQ+ artists have had on pop culture, many have also contributed to protests, especially in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis. Many artists, like Haring, contributed their works and their efforts to groups like ACT UP to draw awareness and attention to the LGBTQ+ community at a time of crisis. Though the concept of using art as a means of drawing attention to a cause or need wasn’t new, it was one of many ways in which the LGBTQ+ community voiced their need for justice.

The human experience has shaped art in many ways, and the impact that the LGBTQ+ community has had on art is unmistakable.

Your Thoughts

  • Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?
  • Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

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SkyMercy11New Deviant

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

I will go for EllenDenegres, Brendon Urie and... oh, I have a lot to remembe!

Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

Yes because you know, I am bisexual and it repairs on the art 😊

MagicMerci's avatar
MagicMerciNew Deviant
  • Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

I love the creator of Big Jo over on Webtoons! And the creators of Acception!

  • Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

It allows me to show off myself and express who I am, also allows me to give subtle hints to who I am.

Mage-of-the-Small's avatar
Mage-of-the-SmallHobbyist Digital Artist

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

I'm actually going to talk about my favorite LGBTQ+ subject, because I'm not strong on remembering artists for some reason. It's St. Sebastian, and I find what happened to him hilarious and awesome. His original story is one of martyrdom, but as time passed, the imagery associated with him became sexier and sexier. Rather than being covered with arrows, he would be pierced by just a few, so the artists could have an excuse to lovingly paint an idealized masculine form. It was a very covert way of expressing sexuality in an entirely church-approved manner.

Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

Most frequently I've made characters that reflect myself, but I've been trying to branch out more and more.

PadparadschaNephalem's avatar
PadparadschaNephalemHobbyist Traditional Artist

1) Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

I actually don’t know any, but there is my agender pal Ra1nb0w-Ph0en1x.

2) Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or other things?

As an ally, I’ve made some of my characters a part of the community, so I guess that counts. Other than that, I like to express myself through the entertainment I enjoy. I’m a HUUUUGE fanartist.

Shad0wF1ght's avatar
Shad0wF1ghtHobbyist General Artist

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

- To be entirely honest? I don't know a lot of queer artists, at least I can't think of any one who I know is queer. The first person who comes to mind would be Freddy Mercury, and though I do like some of his music, I wouldn't call him a favorite.

Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

- Most of my older pieces don't, but I intend to incorporate my queerness into more of my art and characters.

xxstrawbxrrye's avatar
xxstrawbxrryeNew Deviant

01.) im not sure tho but i guess me xD

02.)idk still but maybe on personal and sometimes for amino stuff

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errinsHobbyist Digital Artist

Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

Yes. For some years I have been attempting to write a YA novel based on my youth, and what I heve seen over the years, in my travels. As youngsters we were aware that certain activities took place among boys and teens but that they were definitely not acceptable between boys and adults. Education revealed that the ancient Greeks held slightly different views whilst the Roman, Catullus, laughed and wrote about various events whilst also deriding(?) those who flaunted their activities.

LGBTQ has been around for centuries and has been acceptable when not pushed to extremes and should continue to be so.

lilykittycat661's avatar
lilykittycat661Student Artist

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ artists, past and present?

-All of the LGBTQ+ artists that I love come from music to art to shows to videos. From Lady Gaga to Andy Warhol to Rebecca Sugar to Thomas Sanders, they inspired me to create characters that are part of the community. There are a lot of amazing LGBTQ+ artists out there and inspire people everyday.

Do you feel that your art primarily centers on your identity, or on other things?

-I think my art shows who I am. Even though I'm straight, I support the community a lot and not just watching and listening to artists, by creating new characters who takes part of the LGBTQ+ community. I show my love for the LGBTQ+ community and I support it everyday.

Pride Month 2020
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- Rick Martin!

- My art is a way of transformation in many ways!

Le-Noir-Chaton's avatar
Le-Noir-ChatonHobbyist Digital Artist

I like to read the things that include LGBTQ content it makes me feel that there's people out there brave enough to put there work online with the courage and strength to get criticized but not let society change them. There the ones that will one day change society

Red-Pengu's avatar
Red-PenguHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm not sure the people i follow are LGBTQ+ or not since i haven't been here a while... but i support any good artist no matter who they are, so hey, there might be some I do.

My art is what i like, so i suppose it is part of my identity.

Marikuishiyutaru's avatar
MarikuishiyutaruHobbyist Digital Artist

I tend to surround myself with lgbtq people and draw it also myself, but that is just because I want to consume and create what I think should be more out there

Elemantal-Wyvern's avatar
Elemantal-WyvernHobbyist Digital Artist

Same ^~^

outlire's avatar
outlireHobbyist General Artist

I don't do favorites on people and characters. I just like everyone with good personalities and hate everyone with bad personalities. I've met many good LGBTQ+ artists.

I think our identities will show in most of our art, such as in our styles or topics. However, my art tends to not really center on anything. It most depends on what I need to draw at the time.

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alexiy777Hobbyist Digital Artist

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IntuitiveMoth General Artist

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alexiy777Hobbyist Digital Artist

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alexiy777Hobbyist Digital Artist

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ikeaLesbianHobbyist Digital Artist

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ikeaLesbianHobbyist Digital Artist

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IntuitiveMoth General Artist

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alexiy777Hobbyist Digital Artist

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