Khush: A Breath of Fresh Art
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Published: April 1, 2019
Ogpreview by symonxMeet Khush, a revolutionary device from DeviantArt that will change how you experience art forever—with your eyes and your nose.

Experience art with all of your senses. DeviantArt has re-engineered the process of consuming art in a way that will change how you appreciate art forever—with your eyes and your nose. Proudly presenting the newest thing you've always wanted from DeviantArt: AR. Aroma Reality.

This is Khush, and it's about to revolutionize the way you process and consume art. Standing on the cutting edge of olfactory technology, Khush uses a set of complex algorithms and pattern-recognition features to craft a complex series of scents based on the art you're viewing. See the art in front of you, then experience it in multiple dimensions.

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pilobonerHobbyist Artist
prob the best april 1 event
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teuungHobbyist Photographer
I wnat to smellFlower 
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cekenaHobbyist Writer
Been here for 10+ years, time for some badges!
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videonastiezStudent General Artist
anyone in this tgread HHHHHHHHGF
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caseybatHobbyist Digital Artist
megidoladle's avatar
Probably smells like hugs and wet cat 

-because we share life- by fangedfem
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EXVUSHobbyist General Artist
Smells like my kitchen.
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SkitterskoodleNew Deviant

*sniff sniff*

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NephaleimHobbyist Digital Artist
I just want the badge.. Sry
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Drea-theHobbyist Digital Artist
Florist Caterpillow [MYO] by Drea-the
must smell like flowers & candy ^^ 
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FormenaireStudent Interface Designer
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ImShadowWifeHobbyist Digital Artist


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wii-little-sunflowerHobbyist General Artist
I wish I could smell some of these right now.

Sunkissed by kkart
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DavidSArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
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ClSCOStudent General Artist
Tini Planet by King-Lulu-Deer
I want to smel,,,, tini planet,,, it must smel like cotton candy 
SeaNekoGirl's avatar
SeaNekoGirlProfessional Digital Artist
idontevencareyet's avatar
idontevencareyetHobbyist General Artist
its as weird as i imagined 
iRetrala's avatar
iRetralaHobbyist General Artist
If only. :heart:
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JewelRose21Hobbyist General Artist


Fan art mashup challenge
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LongbowSRStudent Writer
Rotato Potato
Michael-arts's avatar
Michael-artsHobbyist Digital Artist
smells pretty good!
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