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Khush: A Breath of Fresh Art

Sun Mar 31, 2019, 6:43 PM
Ogpreview by symonxMeet Khush, a revolutionary device from DeviantArt that will change how you experience art forever—with your eyes and your nose.

Experience art with all of your senses. DeviantArt has re-engineered the process of consuming art in a way that will change how you appreciate art forever—with your eyes and your nose. Proudly presenting the newest thing you've always wanted from DeviantArt: AR. Aroma Reality.

This is Khush, and it's about to revolutionize the way you process and consume art. Standing on the cutting edge of olfactory technology, Khush uses a set of complex algorithms and pattern-recognition features to craft a complex series of scents based on the art you're viewing. See the art in front of you, then experience it in multiple dimensions.

Meet Khush, a revolutionary device from DeviantArt that will change how you experience art forever—with your eyes and your nose. Experience art with all of your senses. DeviantArt has re-engineered the process of consuming art in a way that will change how you appreciate art forever—with your eyes and your nose. Proudly presenting the newest thing you've always wanted from DeviantArt: AR. Aroma Reality. 
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ryon-art Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
This is nice :)
ChuJuxZuko Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Roses are red
Memes  are neat
I want to die
Lmao yeet
Just kidding
Seiran-Photography Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Professional Photographer
Wow! How did I miss this? Am I took late?
etheroiid Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
stinky. i would want a drawing of cake or something to be smelly 😍
UlfurHeimar Featured By Owner 1 day ago
patchima Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
GroundSpiritMinerva Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
love it!
Aubade924 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
badge spree.
FutureMist Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if this was real i would buy it just me?
CrepeThePancake Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
I absolutely would too, but there better be a quick off switch for when you accidentally stumble upon certain deviations
Kerorowong Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
GreenArtichoke Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
badge please! :) (Smile) 
MoozieBerry Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
I would love this badge! :happybounce: 
JisusPalace Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
wow this is la onda Jaja
InsaneBoudjema1829 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like having badges!
LovinaYavari Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Filmographer
i thought the badge was a tray of sushi. 
Mystic-Ervo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Oh, wow! I like!
Kandhoodie Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
boi I cant wait to draw weeds later on AH 
AlanMartinez69 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Now i want to know what memes smell like XD
What-A-Jay Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
give me the good khush
Randerloph Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
Do I scenta new more fragrant style of art ?
chrissix Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
birdio Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DemiTary Featured By Owner 4 days ago
GrauerWolf Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
shenxx Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Deeply inhales*
sgtkat69 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Did anyone say MONEY?  money by naterobinson
Probably would smell like cocaine, at least that is what I read somewhere!
MarizaThePirate Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
"Smell this deviation" I wonder what does it smell like hmmm
ZNK-Hana Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Charmander Evolution Smoke Day35 - Charmeleon 
TheaHesper Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
plaidkazoo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mmm, sounds diVINE!
RobsonG Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Say what?
nefoedd Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist

i wanna smell this
Azhurya Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sbruh Sbruh
LilyLoverGems4499YT Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
ParadiseFever Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Kedai Runcit by ParadiseFever  
MangleGen Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow
leparagon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
lmao nice one
Darkman-Zero Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, that'd open so much possibilites, lol
Possibilities one probably does not need XD
Kalyen Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
That would be fun!
faith-ramirez08 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
galkimera Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Interesting idea
Daniel-Skelton Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Smell your favourite deviations? Now how would that work :D
Skaiyawn Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
If only.
mateuszekal Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Student Photographer
Saaraa96 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Smoking destroys Lungs by Saaraa96

I wanna smell this. 
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:iconteam: More from team

Return of the DeviantMeet: Burbank, California!It’s been a while, but DeviantMeets are back in style! On April 18th, deviants gathered at Studio Buckman in Burbank, California for a fun, free DeviantMeet featuring art creation, a wall-sprawling timeline of DeviantArt history, a guided tour of DeviantArt Eclipse, delicious empanadas, and more.We arrived at Studio Buckman to get things set up before the fun was set to start, and in true DeviantMeet fashion, we had a few super deviants arrive early! It didn’t take long to get the ball rolling, though, and in no time a few of the early guests had sat down at a table and were creating!As more deviants arrived, people started to make friends with one another, some driving in from as far as Bakersfield just to hang out and meet like-minded artists! It was exciting to see so many people make it, especially for a Thursday night! We had some DeviantArt t-shirts, stress balls, and stickers for attendees to bring home with them, as well, as our thanks for them stopping by! It didn’t take long for the studio to fill with chatter and laughter as deviants started to break the ice with one another, drawing together or talking about mutual interests, or in some cases, hopping in front of the photo booth to create a gif with Fella! The DeviantArt timeline on the wall highlighted some of the special moments in DeviantArt’s history, and one of the reasons we put it up on the wall was so that deviants could put their username on a post-it note and put it up on the wall around the time they joined the community! By the end of the event, the timeline had a bunch of green post-it notes on it!A Team Effort While we were the ones hosting the DeviantMeet, we also had a really great time taking part, too! Here’s what a few team members had to say about the return of the DeviantMeet experience!“The first DeviantMeet in recent years was absolutely amazing. While I love chatting with Deviants on the platform, there was something so special being able to converse face to face. I really appreciated all the conversations that I was able to be a part of, and the art created throughout the night. Plus, I'm so honored that some deviants came from hours away. What dedication!” -@ggmattb “DeviantArt is such a special community made up of so many unique and creative people and DeviantMeets are a wonderful opportunity to meet some of them in person. I hope we can create these opportunities around the world for all Deviants to enjoy.” -@lollycavalier “I thought the DeviantMeet was a very unique opportunity to meet our local Deviants and connect with on a personal level. I was excited to hear everyone’s story of how they had gotten into DeviantArt and how it had been instrumental as a source of comfort for their formative years, embracing how this special online community really shaped them.” -@likasmyles “Everyone was so friendly and so quick to make friends with each other. Within a few minutes of walking in the door, people started introducing themselves to each other, drawing together, and exchanging usernames.” -@danlev “This was my first DeviantMeet, and after hearing so much about how they were in previous years, it was a wonderful experience to actually be part of one for the first time. It was fun to meet so many deviants, hang out with my favorite people, and just, well, chill!” -@akiestar “It was so cool to see first-hand how much DeviantArt and the Community mean to the artists. It makes me want to work harder for them.” -@heyheybuddy “DeviantMeets have always been one of my favorite community events, and it was exciting to be able to see everyone in person again! I especially loved the timeline on the wall, and seeing how it filled out as deviants added their usernames to it.” -@ikazon “I really enjoyed being able to meet with the artists using our platform face to face. It was cool to make human connections with them. It was energizing, I loved it!” -@heartsunlocked “This was my first DeviantMeet, and I’m so glad it won’t be my last. Getting a chance to meet with deviants in person, discuss their art and interests, and provide some insight on Eclipse was incomparable.” -@humblehills “The DeviantMeet was awesome for me as a relatively new staff member to meet members of our community and hear how the site we work on every day makes an impact on their lives. It also was insane how much talent was in that one room. The quality of the art on the wall when the night wrapped up blew me away.” -@mattinreallife "It’s always exciting to meet deviants and to learn about who is behind each avatar. I particularly enjoy hearing about everyone's hobbies, both artistic and otherwise." -@heidiAttendees! @thejr7744, @nightsmudge, @midnight-vixen, @tomboy-comics, @shadowdrawapp, @helluva-sketch, @korosenaikibo, @nhyra, @pixsoda, @inkydelight, @3holer, @pbdotman, @howardshum, @mayorlight, @kludges, @oc3an-li0ns, @virtual-sg, @neogs99, @fablepaint, @dragon-hobbit101, @sketchh22, @scepterdpinoy, @shon2, @gerarduht, @bobvance, @elko-photography, @spyed, @heidi, @ekud, @wannabby, @ggmattb, @lollycavalier, @danlev, @kietz, @heyheybuddy, @heartsunlocked, @humblehills, @ikazon, @likasmyles, @akiestar, @mattinreallife, @adrenalina518, @withloveandheart Check out what others had to say about the DeviantMeet!DEVIANTMEET - Los-Angeles by @ggmattb So I checked out that DeviantMeet thing yesterday by @kludges DeviantMeet: The Aftermath by @nightsmudge Video from @thejr7744 Photos by @scepterdpinoy T-shirt Photo by @tomboy-comics Photo with Fella by @korosenaikibo It may have been a few years since our last official DeviantMeet, but the spirit of the community was as bright as ever, and we can’t wait to do more events like this! Where do you think we should go next? We’ve held DeviantMeets across the globe in places like London, Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw, and more! Should we go back to some of these places? Should head somewhere new? Let us know! If you’d be interested in hosting a DeviantMeet in your hometown, let us know that too!It was wonderful to see you all, and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!...
Express Yourself in Your New DeviantArt ProfileWelcome to your DeviantArt profile. This is your dedicated home page, where you tell the world who you are and what you do. Discover all the new profile features, tabs, and ways you can showcase your art and connect with other deviants in the community.Bring on the BoldGrab all the attention and show off your best work with fresh Cover Image at the top of your profile. Feature your most recent deviations, or the artwork you’re most proud of, in a Carousel Gallery. Add Grid Galleries to showcase specific collections, or use Spotlight to put a particular image, video, or literature front and center. Explore Your Profile TabsManage your DeviantArt presence from one place. Your profile now includes separate tabs for your personal info, deviations, Favourites, Posts, and Shop. Each tab is customizable, with even more new features being added every few weeks.About: Add your bio, website, and social links, watchers, groups, badges, comments, and view all your profile stats in one go.Gallery: Showcase your complete portfolio with beautiful galleries. Easily add, edit, and present the artwork you want.Favourites: Curate the art you love and support fellow deviants in the community.Posts: Share your ideas, point of view, and ask questions with Journals, Status Updates, and Polls.Shop: Promote and sell your artwork—from Commissions to Prints and Downloads.What's Next?Go to your profileAdd your cover art, bio and moreComment below to show off your new profile!LET'S GO!Get inspired by these deviant profiles:Kate-FoXQueen-KittyTokyoMoonlightTsaoShinwlop
Devious Visions: Eclipse video reviewsDeviantArt is preparing to release Eclipse—a brand-new, completely redesigned version of DeviantArt, featuring a modern style that showcases artists and their art better than ever before. Eclipse is in the process of being released to everyone, and early explorers of Eclipse have shared their reactions and feedback in tons of video reviews.As you try Eclipse, we encourage you to create and share your own video review of your thoughts and experiences. If you create a review video, upload it to YouTube with the tags #DeviantArt and #Eclipse, then comment on this journal with a link to the video to receive a special Eclipse badge!See What Deviants Have to Say@TsaoShin:I think it looks really great. I think it looks really sleek and modern, and I think that really does a lot for looking professional.@Zombie-Kawakami:I uploaded a cover image obviously so that is a new thing that I also like ‘cause let’s be honest, old DeviantArt pages kinda looked really bad.@mynameistran: I like it. It's very me... You know, like really just a simple, minimal design.@Firefly-Path: Oh wow. I like how dark it is... It's kind of dark and mysterious.@YellowNinja123: Hey, that’s pretty good.@TaitRochelle: I like it. I think it will be positive for DeviantArt. I think it will help DeviantArt grow as a website.@arvalis: Videos can play right in the comment! I don’t have to open anything. It’s great. I really like these updates to comments.Create Your Own Video ReviewWhile Eclipse isn’t available to everyone just yet, we encourage those of you who do have access to Eclipse to create your own video review letting us know what you like and/or dislike about the new interface, and how it feels for you to use. If you decide to make a video review, upload it to YouTube with the tags #DeviantArt and #Eclipse, then comment on this journal with the URL to your video. Once we’ve confirmed your video is an authentic review, we’ll manually award you a Deviant Visions badge for your profile! We’ll grant the badge until August 31, 2019, so you have time to create and share your review.We want to stress that we value authentic reviews. Regardless of whether your sentiments in the review are positive or negative, as long as your review is authentic, you’ll receive the badge.Don’t have access to Eclipse? Request access here!

Featured in Collections

journals by humblehills

Eclipse Change Log: April 3, 2019In this week’s change log, we've reduced thumbnail sizes as well as addressed a number of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Thumbnail Sizes Have Been Reduced!A top community concern was that thumbnails were too big across the site. Based on your feedback, we’ve reduced thumbnails 75% of their original size. We’re also working on improvements to Feedback — an area where many deviants feel that everything is too big — and exploring how we can reduce the layout here as well.Change LogFixed issue where the feedback dropdown would appear really tall.Added anchor links on Profile, so that clicking "Show All" on the Watchers and Groups section would bring you to the proper section on the About page. Fixed issue where, after removing comments from your profile, you would not be able to add them back. Fixed issue where “edit” button no longer appeared on your comments.Fixed issue where last decimal place of price was cut off ($12.34 would show $12.3) until you clicked through to see the full price.Performance improvements to browse, search, and gallery pages.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
Eclipse Change Log: March 27, 2019In this week’s change log, we’re excited to announce a series of updates and improvements, including many bug fixes! Change LogBy popular demand, the comments section on your Profile can now be removed!Fixed issue where deviants could no longer add new profile sections if they’ve removed all of them from the left column of their profile. (Thanks to everyone who reported this!)Error (404 and 504) pages now have a brand new design!Every section of Watch and Feedback now has its own URL.Fixed issue where clicking the back button on your browser during or immediately after browsing Feedback would not bring you to the correct page. On notifications dropdown, the “See All” button is loaded instantly so you can quickly access the Feedback page before your notifications even load.The “Select All” button to mass remove Feedback and Watch messages is now clearer and easier to access. Removed Google+ from social media buttonsFixed issue where buy button on deviation pages would not work in Firefox.Added text to submit page to clarify that additional details (tags, categories, descriptions, etc.) are optional.Fixed issue where a bio could not be saved if you completely removed everything. Improved the look of Watch and Feedback when any of your sections are empty.Profiles now show a prompt to add header art when you haven’t added one yet.Improved performance of browse and search pages.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Share Your FeedbackFollow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseHover over your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formJoin the Waiting List!Haven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
Eclipse Change Log: April 11, 2019In this week’s change log, we've added custom titles for custom sections, added five spotlights for all deviants and addressed a number of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Custom Titles for Your Custom SectionsYou can now add a custom title for your Custom Section!

Known issue: Upon backspacing the last character of your title, it replaces the field with “Custom”. If you experience this issue, a workaround is to simply highlight the text and type your desired text.More Spotlights!All deviants can now add up to five spotlight sections on their profile!Change LogNew keyboard shortcuts: You can now use CTRL/CMD+Enter or TAB+Enter when writing a comment to immediately submit it.Fixed issue where comment field in Feedback would be too small on journals, status updates, and polls, causing some elements to overlap. Galleries with zero deviations in them did not show when editing your galleries.Fixed issue where save button would not work after editing your bio.Fixed issues where Commissions on the shop tab on profiles would overlap and not be sized correctly.When editing a section on your profile, the dropdown that allows you to select collections and galleries was capped at 26Fixed issue where some mentions in comments did not appear to be linksImplemented and improved more error pages (in addition to our 404 and 503 error pages)Donation Pools are now hidden to viewers until a goal and title have been added.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!

dA News by SlytherclawPadawan

Eclipse Change Log: March 6, 2019As of this morning, Eclipse has been rolled out to more members of the community, including many of those who have joined the waitlist. In this week’s change log, we’re excited to announce lots of updates that have been highly requested by the community!WHAT'S NEWCustom SectionsCustom sections are now live! You can now add a Custom section to your Profile – add your own background, images, text, and more! (Note: Core Members will be able to add multiple Custom sections, but during this first release Custom sections are limited to one for all deviants.)Watch and Feedback ImprovementsOne of Eclipse's most popular requests is finally here! You can now remove and archive notifications in one click on both the Watch and Feedback pages.Add GIFs!When words or an image might not express what you want to say – you can now gif it! Add gifs to journals, status updates, comments – you name it! Spotlight a Single Deviation on Your ProfileShine a spotlight one of your own, or maybe another deviant you admire. All users can have a Spotlight section on their profile, and Core Members can have up to 5!Delete CommentsA highly requested feature! You can now remove comments posted on your Profile or deviation pages, as well as delete any comments you have personally left.CHANGE LOGWhen switching between Eclipse and the old site, you’re now kept on the page you were originally on.Hot Topic notifications are now part of Eclipse! Upon editing your bio in Eclipse for the first time, you will see a confirmation message before importing your old bio into the new bio editorFixed issue where emoticons could not be deleted using backspace. Upon uploading a vertical image as your profile cover art, you can now crop and reposition the imageFixed issue where comment sort order was not preserved after leaving the pageWhen returning to browse (or search) from a deviation page, you are now brought to a more accurate position in the browse results.Fixed issue where some GIFs could not be uploaded as an avatar.Fixed issue where emoticons and other formatting in bios would display as markup on the Home tab of your Profile.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Stay tuned for more, and follow these steps to leave feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official form
Eclipse Change Log: January 30, 2019In this week's change log, we have a small handful of bug fixes and improvements as we continue with the larger features that are in development. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Change LogThe "add to favorites" panel on deviation pages now allows you to select multiple collections. (Popular request, suggested by @kage-niji, @sa6044, @tanyasimpson, and many others)Bios are now editable!Literature thumbnails now include four lines of preview text. (Suggested by @wynbird, @battlefairies, and many others)On the Daily Deviations page, literature now includes preview text. Various other smaller bug fixes and stability improvementsThe new "add to favorites" panel lets you easily add a deviation to many Collections. (Artwork: hidden view by @umbatman)Literature thumbs — including on the Daily Deviations page — now include preview text.Using the New Bio EditorTry the new Eclipse bio editor! When adding a bio to your Eclipse profile, we'll start you off with your bio from the old site. Please keep in mind that some elements, such as thumbnails, were not able to be transitioned to the new editor, however you can still add them to your bio. We recommend trying the new image and gallery features to share your favorite artwork in your bio.Also note that due to migration issues, bios of deviants who are not on Eclipse are static, meaning if they update them on the old site, the changes will not be reflected on Eclipse until that deviant switches to Eclipse and edits their bio using the new editor. Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

Notices + Journals by Blood-Huntress

More from DeviantArt

What's Next for Eclipse: Custom SectionsLast week, we showed you some ways you can personalize your Profiles in Eclipse. Another high priority of our product roadmap has been customization, an ability many in the DeviantArt community feel is integral to the DNA of the site. That’s why we're excited to show you a preview of Custom sections in Eclipse!Want to feature your favourite deviation? Showcase a funny GIF? Link to some thought-provoking journals? The possibilities are endless, and now you’ve got the perfect customizable space to share what you want to share, without having to know any coding! Choose a colorful background or upload one of your own, easily format text, add emotes, and curate a Profile that personifies YOU!Custom sections let any deviant customize their Profile easily and seamlessly, whether you've joined us 3 weeks ago or been around since Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man (that was in 2002, in case you didn't know). We can’t wait to see how you all personalize your Profiles. Share with us in the comments the different ways you plan to use Custom sections!Got something else on your mind? Let us know:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatar Select “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formSpecial shoutout to the DeviantArt staff involved with these major customization updates:@tomergr @heidi @roihim @yury-n @noaron @zilla774 @mariiasv @nishnushtlv @chenarbel @thesquidarrives @artbitMention them if you have a question, or just wanna show 'em some love!...
Eclipse Change Log: May 8, 2019In this week’s change log, we've brought two features from the classic site to Eclipse: Gallery search and comment edit history. We’ve also implemented a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Gallery Search is Now in Eclipse!One of the most requested features has been re-implemented in Eclipse! We’re excited to announce that you can now search Galleries to easily locate the deviations you want to see!We are still working on search in Favorites and will have more updates soon.Comment Edit History is Now in Eclipse!Another popular request – you can now view a complete log of your edit comment history. Change LogBy popular demand, Instagram has been added to the list of social media links to display on your profile.You can now right click (or middle click) on deviation stacks, polls, and status updates to open them in a new tab or copy the link.The “New Deviant” label that shows on comments from new deviants now appears next to their username in comments.Fixed issues where an error would appear when you edit a gallery widget and only switch the order.Fixed issue where text in Notes would wrap to the next line in the middle of a word rather than wrapping between words.When adding images to a comment, journal, or status update, a newly uploaded image would not appear unless you left and returned to the screen.Spotlight sections on profiles would display “Deviation is Unavailable” if the deviation is mature content and the viewer has mature content hiddenKeep Sharing Your Feedback!In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Follow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseHover over your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formHaven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
Thank You for Your Feedback on Eclipse!

Last week, we announced the Beta launch of DeviantArt Eclipse — a completely redesigned version of DeviantArt that puts more emphasis on artists and their art. As a Beta release, Eclipse is still under development and only available to a small portion of the DeviantArt community. We use the Beta release to gather feedback that allows us to closely analyze deviant engagement and sentiment.

Over 4,000 deviants have already tried Eclipse and many have shared their invaluable and much-appreciated feedback. We’ve received nearly 1,700 individual Eclipse feedback reports — including 407 bug reports, 532 feature requests, and 748 pieces of general commentary. Our team has read through and triaged over 60% of these reports and has a goal of completing all of them in the coming week. Thank you to every deviant who has taken the time to share feedback. Whether you’re someone who provided a few words or several paragraphs of candid response, we appreciate the passion you have for helping us ensure Eclipse will meet the needs of our diverse community.

This Is Just the Beginning of Eclipse

As with most Beta releases, we launched Eclipse knowing there were bugs and highlighted a handful of the most obvious in our release journal. We wanted to release sooner than later so we can begin this journey together – gathering feedback and insights and applying it into our development, fixes, and improvements. Plus, as Beta Testers, this is what you signed up for! We need your deviant-expertise to help identify bugs everything from baby bugs to elusive, exotic bugs.

Based on feedback, it’s clear there are certain areas of Eclipse that are leaps and bounds ahead of the “green site.” It’s also clear there are some things that need to be improved. We expected this and continue to welcome your feedback — the good and the bad. We’re in this together and want to hear from deviants every step of the way.

We're Exploring More Ways To Customize Your Profile

Eclipse provides new ways to personalize your Profile, including the ability to select Header Art for your page, linking to your social media platforms, and stating your commission status. However, with the removal of Custom Box, we heard, loud and clear, that deviants want more options to display content.We’re also in the process of exploring other ways you can customize your Profile.We’ll be sharing tips and varied examples of ways you can really customize Profiles. In the meantime, here’s one example of how @katy-l-wood is testing Eclipse’s current abilities to enhance her Profile.
Many deviants asked for the ability to showcase a single deviation on your profile. This is something we are already working on. We’d also like to clarify that, for the foreseeable future, Custom Boxes within Groups will remain as they are. Groups will eventually be redesigned with Eclipse in mind, but that process won’t be complete for many months. We’ll provide advance notice about any removal of Custom Boxes in Groups.

Addressing Your Other Top Concerns

The new Feedback allows easy viewability of your most recent and unread notifications; however, we’ve seen concerns about Feedback needing improvement as a whole. For example, deviants report it’s cumbersome to remove notifications and it’s hard to remove notifications in bulk. We’ll be making the “remove” button more accessible so that you can one-click remove (or one-click save) just as you could on the “green site.” We’re still reviewing the experience of mass removing feedback and hope to have updates soon.We are currently working on issues regarding Header Art and avatars – specifically, their size and quality. Icon codes and plz accounts will be coming soon to Eclipse. :iconlaplz:The new text editor makes it easy to write Literature, with the option to add formatting and illustrations to your work. That said, the Literature experience in Eclipse is still a work in progress. As we mentioned in the Beta journal, using Literature and journal thumbnails is not yet finished. Literature thumbnails in the sidebar (under “More Like This”) are also not yet finished.Improving the display of Literature thumbnails is something our Product and UX teams are already actively working on improving.Having a “Show More” link on deviation descriptions and comments allows for a cleaner viewing experience; however, based on feedback, we've removed "Show More" from deviation descriptions and comments.While search in Gallery, Favourites, and Journals didn’t make it into the Beta version of Eclipse, it’s our aim to bring this functionality to Eclipse.Several deviants brought up that the ability to include thumbs by pasting a URL (or thumb code) is not currently possible. We mentioned this in the original announcement, but we want to reiterate this is not working as intended and will be implemented in the future.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list. It represents our first step at addressing some of your top concerns and we’ll be sharing more responses and updates — including bug fixes — in the weeks ahead.

Keep it Coming!

In the release process, things are constantly evolving as we gain insights and implement updates. Please keep in mind these updates can take time to get used to. As you continue to explore Eclipse, share your thoughts and concerns through the Eclipse overall feedback or bug report/feature request forms. While we encourage general discussion in the journal comments, using the official form allows us to triage and act on feedback in a quicker, more manageable way.

We also want to give a shout-out to the amazing deviants who’ve produced really thorough Eclipse reviews:

Re: Eclipse by @rotane Eclipse by @katy-l-wood Review of Eclipse + Suggestions @nominee84 @senshistock’s video and documentEclipse Glimpse and Thoughts by @lexidus @taitrochelle’s videoMy Deviation Submission Journey in Eclipse PLUS by @ilantiis My Thoughts on the New Watch/Feedback System by @iingo Eclipse: WhatIsRight, WhatIsNot, HowToFixIt @ashclad-shade

Again, thank you to everyone! With your feedback, we’ve filed numerous bugs and our developers are working on them continually.

Eclipse Change Log: February 20, 2019In this week's change log, we've updated literature pages — a popular request from the community — as well as a handful of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Improved Literature Deviation Page DesignAnother popular request from the community was to improve the design of literature deviation pages and put the actual writing front and center. Thanks to @battlefairies, @jcoolarts, @thebigeasy66, @queen-kitty, and the many others who shared their feedback on literature!Try it out: Memories, Light the Corners of our Minds by @srsmithChange LogAbility to submit a Journal to a Group has been added! Click the “New Journal” button on a Group’s Journal tab to submit directly to that Group.You can now edit older literature deviations in Eclipse. (Thanks for pointing out, @dc-26 and @littlekhajiit!)The Daily Deviation page now includes three days by default (instead of two), with a "show more" button at the bottom.While using browse or search, your previously selected sort mode will be preserved when you switch back and forth between Status Updates, Polls, and Commissions.After clicking a deviation from browse or search then clicking the back button, you'll now return to the correct position in the results rather than the beginning.When a deviant gives you Points, the notifications dropdown would display "[deviant] gave you..." without including the amount of Points given.Eclipse journals would be cut off on smaller screens on the old site.Clicking “View Log” on a Group admin notification would link to an error page.On Feedback, the timestamp on comments and replies now links to the comment’s permalink page so you can see the full context of a conversation. When italicizing, bolding, or underlining a heading, the headline would break onto multiple linesTimestamps on Feedback notifications are now clearer. (A notification from 3 months ago now displays as the actual date rather than “3m” which could also be confused as 3 minutes ago.)Daily Deviations page now includes a “Back to Top” button.The account reactivation page (restoring your account after deactivating it) has been moved to Settings rather than your profile page. This fixes an issue were deviants would need to switch back to the old site to reactivate if they deactivated while in Eclipse. This change is now live on the old site as well.Deviation descriptions that were made from the old site now properly preserve formatting on Eclipse.Fixed issue where mature content would be visible in Polls, Status Updates, Drafts and a few other places, even if your mature content filter was on.Fixed issues where font sizes would sometimes be smaller in some comments.Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse
Devious Dreams: The winners!The Devious Dreams campaign launched in March 2019 as a chance for DeviantArt to grant artists the tools they need to make their creative evolution a reality. With over $20,000 in prizing available to make dreams come true, thousands of deviants shared a wide range of creative and heartfelt dreams for their artistic future. We particularly enjoyed seeing the support everyone put forward for each others’ creative goals. Now that the campaign has come to a close, it is our honor to announce the recipients of Devious Dreams grants—a collective of artists from all walks of life with a broad spectrum of creative ideas. Some of these deviants requested drawing tablets so they can create every day. Others asked for traditional art supplies, or photography tools to more efficiently create and share their art. Some asked for crafting supplies like sculpting or sewing materials. The projects each artist put forward were varied and inspired, and it’s our pleasure to help bring these dreams to life.Dream Recipients! "Cyberpunk 7 Deadly Sins" by Araiel"ORCHARD ORGANISS Animated Trailer" by G-flux"Traditional & Digital media join forces!" by LadyYomi"Superhero Summer Camp" by Upgraderath"trauma doll shop" by lukedraws101"The G.O.A.T that Pain Produced" by AresAkatsuki"Undertaker" by Yuudraws"Aria Gloria - Sanctus Dirge" by xMelonDrop"For my comics and art" by PaperSalamander"Perspective Practice" by Scissoria"Pixel Pool" by chiruruzuhenu"Survival" by InsomniacSharky"Comic artist and commissioner" by alcoholicmeower"I'm with you" by Catziiia"The cosplay of my dreams" by Nyima-chan"Landscapes of the World" by Crisssis"One-man-Cosplay-Photography" by DreamyArtCosplay"Anatomy for concept art" by NitaoART"Stylus Away" by RumbyFishy"Speak Out Through Art" by alpacaalltheway"Animals!" by KATG14"Poppin!" by Shy-Steamer "Getting into technology" by CYWlL"After the Bloodbath" by IcePoemix"Ruby Slippers" by PrincessFaeron"Game Changer" by Rivynfleur"Innovative Applique" by One-Violet-Rose"Don't forget" by redxroundsxart"Business... With character!" by Remiaro"Musical - Rain, Rain" by KawaiiShootingStar"Clay Animal Sculptures!" by ceIine"Batik" by LaurieLauriense"Ink" by meAUrp"Footprints into Unknown Realms" by TheSpaceHeart"AZAR" by xXFairy-CakeXx"Switching media" by Lemniskate"Emmy’s At-Home Metalsmithing Studio" by Emylian"Birds and Bugs" by Loisa"Neon Girls" by XernonaEcho"Look outside the box!" by ne-ONblue "Royal Inequity" by healerneka"The Body in Stitches" by lasarahjoy"Fail Gracefully" by sarcasmismyweapon"Traditional Tools of the Trade" by Ladycrysanthemum"The Rainbow Bridge" by Bordowa"New Friend Portraits" by JollyMutt"Abstract Organisms" by SynchronisedRaid"The journey to 3D modelling" by kawaiikitty98"Love Day by Day" by cyndragons"Think outside the Blocks" by BlackWeb--SpiderGirl"Improving my coloring skills with markers" by ivyjv"A Lasting Passion" by Crystalcreaturesss"The Art of Storytelling" by amylaser-void-star"Traditional Art Dreams and Resources" by Rezon23"Lynarid" by Epplejeck"Forever" by AuthorBaby"Wear your heART on your sleeve" by Hawst-r"Whimsical WaterLily Creations" by WaterLily-Gems"Flame Fursuit" by Flame-Expression"Allitilan Author and Artist" by QAoA"Tough as leather...craft" by Miss-Friskies"Tiny Worlds" by zabrina101"Giving Hope" by GeekyCalligrapher"Misadventures in the Land of Kilgami" by sceneanimemanga"Incverse" by Chimichan54"Journey" by mintstarsc"My First Short Film" by KylaR-lapidotshipper"Tundra Tarot" by BlauesSternWolf "Wheel Away Sweet Sister" by MajorasMasks"Full-Length Comic" by digitaldesignation"Forever Blooming" by awkwaard"Anatomy on Self-learning" by Manese55"Dice!" by Allviran-Art"Comic - Fear The Water" by dingo-paws"Capture the city- Plein air" by Livia-Anna"Learning sculpture, as a beginner" by BronzeHalo"OIL!" by MrBonecracker "Enchancing eleventh round" by Akaszik"My Lumia" by celestialsunberry "Giving Back To ThoseWhoWentMissing" by JeiDoll Making Dreams a Reality! A DeviantArt staff member individually replied via comment to each dream recipient on April 3rd or 4th to inform the respective deviants they were selected, and the reactions of the recipients alone made the campaign well worth undertaking! Some of our favorite reactions include this excited comment from @LadyYomiThis heartfelt reaction from @xMelonDrop This enthusiastic retelling from @NitaoART This sweet response from @ne-ONblue This eager reaction from @JollyMutt And even this reaction from @DreamyArtCosplay We also awarded an additional $2,000 in prizing to deserving deviants as part of the Devious Dreams livestream! Performer and voice actress Erika Ishii hosted the festivities, featuring voice actor Gary Anthony Williams doing readings of literature submitted to DeviantArt, clay sculpting games with @humblehills @ekud @HeartsUnchained and much more! If you didn’t get a chance to see the stream when it was happening live, have no fear! You can still watch the full video!Share Your Thoughts! This campaign has been a labor of love for everyone at DeviantArt, and we’re truly looking forward to seeing these artists achieve their creative evolution in the future. If you enjoyed this campaign and would like to see more events like these in the future, let us know in the comments!...
What's Next for Eclipse: Profile PersonalizationAs we continue to navigate the development and beta testing processes of DeviantArt Eclipse, we want to keep you all in the loop of some exciting upcoming updates! Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to spruce up your Profile: Spotlight SectionA highly requested feature based on your direct feedback! Promote your favorite deviations, whether it’s an image or Literature you’re especially proud of. Put the focus on your Spotlight so that deviants get a more immediate impression of your art and style. All deviants can include up to 5 Spotlight sections on their Profiles!Profile BiosAny text from your Deviant IDs on the old site can now be edited in Eclipse! What are you waiting for? Click on the edit pencil to add some words, sprinkle in some emotes, and embed images as you enter the new phase of Eclipse! Please note: only text has been migrated. Deviations or emotes will need to be added. HTML is currently not supported. Final design has not been implemented yet, so UI may change.(Cameo appearance of Nyan Cat by @agraffkowa)Custom BoxesAs mentioned in @danlev's previous change log, we will be introducing Custom Boxes to Eclipse and sharing updates very soon! We can't wait to see the ways you showcase your individuality and unique traits. Share with us in the comments how you’ve added personal touches to your Profile in Eclipse! Got something else on your mind? Let us know:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect "Give Your Feedback" to access our official formSpecial shoutout to the DeviantArt staff involved with these major Feedback updates: @tomergr @heidi @roihim @yury-n @noaron @zilla774 @mariiasv @nishnushtlv @chenarbel @thesquidarrives @artbitSend ‘em a thank you, a what’s up, or a cool emote!...


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